Monday, 18 February 2013

Equation 33 : Shadow

As time goes by, Without noticing any
Revealing only, somehow was still
Unanswered, the question kept on asking
Wonder what might, things that were
Praise, though still hidden,
Thoughts of love, sacrifices
That still portrays, an innocence of thee,
The soul, an only love that can only be,
Seen or heard, though still can’t
See, not even one,
Shadows that keep on missing,
Fading away, without any reflection
Won’t ever be,
Able to find, understanding a heart,
You will never, ever be,
Near, with a desire,
A love for you, would still
Stand, but how can I,
Last without you being there,
Your shadow fades,
No questions answered,
Stumble upon, tears,
It would never,
 Desiccated, once again,
Wish still weren’t able ,
To execute, a destiny,
Left out,

Sho, Masaki.