Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Equation 34 : History.

Dear love,
Why can’t I see
Or even hear your voice
Just once again, that was
Previously often heard, why
Couldn’t even find it, now
Again, should it be,
Won’t ever be, even just a little
Sigh wasn’t able be, 
Your shadows somehow fades,
Why would this be, won’t ever
Last even if, just time
Only a second, passed by,
Knowing, though how I
Realize, things that never were 
A wish, a dream that never portrays
Exist in our love intensity,
But memories won’t ever be,
Erase, but still how can,
I believe in, fate might be true,
Cruel even, how can I deny,
For our love to end,
In this history,
Date was never, forgotten,
It happened, just in,
This is our previous, love story.


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