Thursday, 28 February 2013

Equation 36 : Dismissing Time

From then, time exchanged,
Each minutes, clocks keep on,
Ticking, a heart won’t ever,
Skipped a beat, though how
It always, ache thinking,
But keep on asking, wherefore
I, should even bother,
Somehow, I still do,
Remember, likely said,
How can I not, Recognize,
Words that once, were said,
Still could be, heard,
But where was it, why was it,
Still, frozen,
Not breathing even,
Everything that I’ve been,
Searching for, was
Not found, a touch that was,
So warm, a smile that won’t ever,
Shattered, it still portrays,
Even though eyes, dismissing periods,
Yet, we still never,
Never  met for another time,
Day changed to another,
Years passed decades,
It’s still here,
Love, it will never, ever,
Won’t ever, fades away,
Though skins crumpled, but
Your smile,
Won’t shade away,
Will never turned,
To a darkest day.


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