Monday, 18 February 2013

You decide. :P

                Obsession? Sometimes it’s true that it can make your heart palpitates most of the time, your mind went a little crazy, most of the time, but that’s what you say, reality as well.
                On my case, an obsession with Sho Sakurai and Masaki Aiba, most of the time, people asked me, “Who do you really like?”, or even, “Who is the number one in your heart?”
                My brain would get a little confused wondering about it,
                Who do I really love?
                Who do I really care for?

But as I promise you, I want to settle everything right here, right now.
                Every time I think about Masaki Aiba, my heart started to get a little giddy, over joyly, excited, just like I can’t wait to be with him. Wow, what will happen if both of us went out for a movie? I’m sure that he would go crazy.
                Pretty sweet, but just crazy.
                You know how his head works right?
                But I really, really, really, love to see him smile. It’s like it’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. His smile can change my feeling. His smile is just everything.
                ( please don’t mention about him being sexy okie? :P )
                I like that guy. ;)

                But every time I think of Sho, how I wish that he’s always be by my side, how I wish that he would never go away or disappear, ( though I know, sometimes fantasies can control almost everything in your life, but who cares anyway?)
                I just don’t want him not to be there. How I wish I can hold his hand, feeling his touch, him breathing down my neck, chilling down my spine, over come my fear, I know he can make me smile.
                Looking at him most of the time, always make me thought about too many things, but, how can I live not looking at him AT ALL for one day? Muahaha…
                I can’t live. :P

                It’s true that you obviously see that I can’t decide who do I really love the most, but with Masaki, I do enjoy ‘thinking’ about something apart of him being sweet, and delicious too… ( ahem3.. :P ) but with ‘him’, everything seemed to be perfect.
                Dreams might just be dreams, but… J
                I really love, Sakurai Sho.

* So now why don’t you tell me what you think? XP



  1. Lolz, you sound just like me when I become a fan of more than one character at a time (which btw, is a given with me). ^-^

    It's just so HARD to pick a side!

    I say enjoy the both. Cause they both have different things to offer.

    Like, one you wanna see smile and make happy in whatever way. And the other, you want by your side because he's always making YOU smile.

    I guess it's all a matter of what you're into at the moment. There's no need to make a choice, just enjoy your feelings for each of them and be happy you've got something to give your heart that extra boost during the day.

    *insert cheeky grin* Hope that helped. ^_~

    1. Heehee.. true. :D Thats why I love the two of them. but, I know I love the second one the most.. ;) Like how u say if its in real life, that's how a best friend do to you, and thats how the love one give you right? :)

    2. ^-^ If we're talking reality, then yes, I say go with the one who's like your best friend.

      'Cause at the end of the day, looks and charm only get you so far. You need somebody who's gonna be there through thick and thin who you can really count on whenever the going gets rough.

      Of course charm is good! But for the long term, friendship is even BETTER!

      Besides, your friends can be devastatingly sweet and charming at the right moments, so really, that's the whole package right there!

      (Lolz, btw...I think Sho is the cutest anyways, so good pick. ^_~)

    3. Heehee.. :) True4.. ;) But sadly, the one I think as a friend is Masaki.. :') that's why most of what I write, is like I'm hiding behind my own mask, hiding who do I really like? Or love? Uhh, poetry is hard to understand sometimes.. :')