Friday, 29 March 2013

Beast with a True Love Preface.


            It was a frightful night. It seemed like she was just all alone in a very quiet, just too grim night. She peddled her way up peddled her way up Maruyama Lane, Shibuya, and stopped outside the heavy oak door of a place she never been before.  The deadly silence and the eerie surrounding frightened her,
            She turned around, leaning back towards the wall, relieved when she realized that it was just her own imagination, her own thought, messing up her own intensity, she had a short sigh, “It was just my,” but before she could finish what she wanted to say, the wind blew gruesomely.
            She opened her eyes wide, “What was that,” she turned around, searching if there was somebody close enough to give her a hand, but there was no sound of any living human, nor creature there,
            when suddenly, she hear what sounds like footsteps nearby her side. Her pulse picks up speed, she closed her eyes,
            It’s nothing, she told herself, gasping intensely for some air to breathe, she decided to open her eyes again,
            I’m just imagining things,
 She repeated that line for quite sometimes, gripping her fist, trying to give herself strength to do it,
            but then the old steel board nearby her creaked once,
            and again for the third time,
            her heart stopped beating for a moment as time passed by.
            She opened her eyes wide, biting her lips, but without any notice, it started to bleeds.
            She felt her pulse skips a beat. She was not on her own.
            Who could be there with her? She knew that she was all alone from the very beginning, she tried to give herself strength to be strong, and somehow, the only thing that was running through her mind was only,
            fear, she thought.
            She was buried alive in her own frightful imagination.

            She heard it again.
            And again.
            She eased onto her feet, straining to hear, but her heart pounded too loudly in her ears and she was not sure if she was breathing or gasping for air.
            She tried to kneel down, but accidently ran her arm on a sharp corner of a wooden plank, and it started to bleed,

            Her eyes jerked to the gilded Oak doors when a gust of wind hurled them wide open.
            She was in a complete terror, as she fell down onto the ground, she heard the footsteps walking out from the building she was leaning against few moments ago.
            The footsteps are getting closer.

            She felt that her heart started to pumped up, swiftly. Even if it was such a cold night, she felt her sweats lingered down her neck.
            She looked straight at the open door;
            she couldn't hold it back any longer, when her tears ran down her cheeks. She shut her eyes tight.

            The strong wind blew passed by her again, she still felt the blood from her previous scar still falling down, wiping it away.
            She tried to wipe the blood stain from her hand on her faded blue jeans, but suddenly,
            she felt a touch, gripping her hand away,
            What was that? She thought when her eyes was still sealed shut, she have to know what was going on,
            she took a deep breath in, as she opened her eyes a little.
            It was nothing, she said on her own.

            She let out a small sigh again, relieved that she was there on her own, "I'm safe," she mumble herself, but without any further notice, she felt someone was caressing her palm her palm that was stained with her blood,

            She looked what was there, but it seemed like it was in a distance sight, she saw a pair of frightening, solemn red eyes, looking straight into her eyes.
            She fell silent, she didn't even blink an eye, she felt her heart shrieked down. How her heart urged to move away, but she couldn't even move a muscle, her weight turned too heavy for ever to even scream.
            "It hurts," she whined, but did he even hear her? "Let me go!" she screamed again, but still no sound was heard
            The hand that was gripping her palm a moment ago, moved in a distance flash when it wrapped both of his arms behind her back,
            At that second, she felt that she couldn't even breathe anymore,
            "Please, I'm begging you," she cries, but was ignored,
            "Please let me go," she said again, pleading to be sympathize, but what was she even thinking about??

            She felt his breathing was heavy for a moment, as if like his lust has turned where about, he hold her closer in his arms,
            "Where are you going, my love?" he said, but her brain went totally blank on what should she even say to him, she touched his hand,
            But before she could even think, he...

            “NO!!!!” she shrieked unexpectedly, clenching her fist tighter, she opened her eyes wide, breathing uncontrollably, but with the sound of birds twitching outside her room, she looked towards her side, when she only saw her picture with her friends from college, she blinked her eyes for a few times, slowly inhailing some air, she let out a long sigh when she realized, it was just a,
            “Dream,” she said softly, closing her eyes for a few moment, she looked in front of her sight.
            How beautiful the moon was glowing that night, it was a pity when she had that kind of disturbance on such a dazzling sight.
            She pulled her blanket up, covering her face, while holding herself close to herself, “Who is he?” she wondered, thinking back those eyes that was looking at her just now, it seemed like she had seen it somewhere, but why was she not even sure?
            She opened her eyes for a few moment, “It was just a dream,” she mumbled, holding her pillow close, she closed her eyes once again,
            Though she had fallen asleep, but that image was still there in her mind, what was that, who he was, it is still a question.

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