Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Equation 44 : Missing Me?

Even though I could sacrifice
Love won't stay for me, not now
Though I'd cry to be loved again
Still can’t be seen
Unconscious, I’m still breathing
Is it a life I’m missing
Why in the world, I’m calling you

Even if I bleed deep down inside
You won’t be with me, my love
Even if I die, will I see you there
No words remain,
Is it something missing,
Is it love I’m searching for,

Heart was torn once, but again
Scars, won’t dry out one day
Pain, never less, felt inside,
Wounded, inside my heart
Is it someone missing me?

Even though I could sacrifice
Tears won’t dry, without you near
Day changed again, 
But no, you’re still not there
I’m all alone,
Is it something missing
Am I missing your only love…


(I really miss you, my <3)

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