Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Beast with a true Love : Chapter 4

            He looked directly into her beautiful eyes, with so many questions he wanted to asked but why only one keep on playing in mind? Why can’t he overwhelm his own wits to face the ingenuous fact about what was going on? It was already in the end of September, how the Autumn breeze was still fresh every day passed by, with those leafs floating around the air without any gravity, shouldn’t it be a beautiful memories within two heart together but why isn’t he even close to satisfied with what was going on?
            He grasps his fist,
            “Why, Tami?” he asked her, who was standing there in front of his eyes wearing a beautiful silky sky blue and white Kimono, with the sparks of the beautiful moon light was shimmering against it, the flare brings out her body curve, he holds her hands, when she pulled it away, “Why did you do that, Masaki?” she asked him, wasn’t sure of what was going on, she looked at those dead bodies laying around her in her own living room.
            She looked towards the side, with her own emotion was just frightened to even looked into his eyes anymore, she felt tears started to falls down from her open eyes,
            “But I thought you want us to be together?” he said, with his heart aching, he thought that with whatever had happened, both of them would be happier together. It seemed like it was all wrong. But he only hear her sobbing next to him, he was sure that she tries to run away, but how could he even let that happen? She’s going to be with him forever.
            Does she still even want him?
            “I don’t love you, Akiyama Masaki,” she said, he bit his finger spontaneously, feeling his heart that wasn’t supposed to be beating anymore race impulsively, he closed his eyes for sometimes, trying to bad to control his anger, the fierce emotion that started to erupt worse than the vicious volcano that explodes within distance times, pouring out the unduly, without any boundary of fervid scalding misery, he turned his sight towards her.
            His eyes somehow changed from brown to gruesomely red in its furriness, he bit his lips as if he was aching his unliving soul for another disaster.
            “You don’t want me, huh?” he asked her, she falls down on the couch behind her, holding her body close to herself, he walked closer to her, missing for a few second, leaving her blank for a short time, she shrieked as he hold her so close from behind,
            “MASAKI!!” she screamed. He adores her frightful fear to be in his arms, she tried to pushed him hard, but how was that even possible? His strength were much greater than five men all together, his hunger are worse than men who were covetous for one night dinner, he looked around the mess that he had done,
            “What’s wrong, baby?” he whispers, pleasing himself with her body odor, he sniffed her insightful neck,
            His undoubtedly know that his anger couldn’t decline anymore.
            “I want you, baby,” he told her, repeating the same thing over and over again, she kept on refusing him,
            “Please, Masaki,” she cries for a little sympathy, but why would even he care about it? He doesn’t have a true heart or any emotion anymore. He is a heartless creature exist in this world. He decided to give her a longer life, but with what she has done, he don’t even need her anymore in his life,
            He took a deep breath, “Masaki,” she called for him, holding his arms that was wrapped around her neck, trying to pulled it away, he turned her around,
            “I love you, Tamiko,” he whispered to her.
            “I did this because I only want you,” he told her again.
            She couldn’t even stand still anymore. She doesn’t know what else to do other than taking the deepest breath, “I love you too, Masaki,” she told him, in hoping to escape. He laughed at her a little bit, gripping her shoulder, looking deeply into her eyes, “Why, Tami,” he asked her, caressing her cheek, “I swear that I love you, Masaki,” she told him again.
            He let her go, holding her close in his arms, caressing her back gently, he felt her holding him back, but he just looked at those fresh bodies that was soaking with their blood, he licked his lips, “Why do you have to lie to me?”
            I need to survive,
            she thought on her own.
            Tamiko fell silent, he looked at her once again, it’s just that his glare turned from a man he once were before to someone who don’t even care about anyone anymore,
            “I am not,” she said, but he held her close in his arms once again, “You are the biggest liar, Tamiko,” he said, with a smile across his face.
            She closed her eyes, “Please, Masaki,” she plead for his mercy, she didn’t even feel anything else apart from him breathing, caressing her hair, she closed her eyes,
            “Please,” she cries again.
            He opens his eyes wide,


            He put on his newly bought Ralph Lauren Alligator Equestrian belt, nicely put on the belt buckle and centered its position, he touched his own neck for a few second before he walked towards the closet inside his room, he open one side of the door,
            “This one looks perfect,” he said, taking out the navy blue white dotted stripe shirt, putting it on his bare skin. He ran his fingers through his hair, messing it up a little for a nice time out in a while, he slowly moved his thumb down at the side of his jaw, biting it a little.
            He took the Dolce & Gabbana’s fragrance, and puts it on a little bit on himself. With his  odor that’s just hot enough, he was sure that he surely will torment hearts and souls of women as he plan to spend his whole night not being in this house.
            “Now this is more like it,” he said, slowly buttoning his shirt down, one by one, leaving an open air at the top of it, revealing his bare neck. He looked at his reflection in the mirror, adjusting the position of his Azure Amethyst pendant chain necklace.
            He walked towards the bedroom door, “It’s your night, Masaki,” he told himself, touching the door knob, with the most devious smile carved on his lips, he closed his eyes, taking a deep breath, he took his BMW 750i Sedan car key at the side table of his bed,
            “It’s your night,” he opens the door, but somehow fades out from sight to the other side of the house.         

            He walked towards the front door, but was surprised when a shadow suddenly appears in front of his eyes, he looked at that person, irritatingly,
            “Hello, Sunohara,” he said, with the most unpleasant smile on his face, he turns around walking away from the path he was thinking of taking, but Sho looked at him, disgustedly, with a shudder running through his veins, he followed where Masaki was going, Masaki smiled on his own,
            This guy really can’t get over me, he smirked a little, but stopped at the small bar to get something to get him a little high before he want to spend his time outside tonight, but Sho grabbed his hand before he could take a sip of that vodka bottle in his hand, Masaki turned around and looked at him,
            “You miss me that much, eh Brother?” he asked him, feeling how irritate Sho was, he pulled his hand away from his grasp, taking a long sip of it, wiping his lips with his fist once he was done, Sho had a long sigh, “Who are you calling your brother?” Sho asked him suddenly, when Masaki had a big laugh, “You never change, Sho,” he said, licking his lips a little bit, he walked passed by him. Sho turned around and looked at him, “Where are you going, Masaki?” he asked him somehow made him had a big sarcastic laughter, he looked at him, taking another sip, he smiled, tauntingly,
            “And what are you?” he raised his eyebrow, but Sho only gave him a long glare, but like he ever care.
            “My mother?” he asked him, putting the bottle back at the counter, walking away from there, Sho just looked at from far sighted since he knows how fast Masaki can be, how clean he would escape his crime that was done without any sympathy. He knows that man like him won’t ever change.
            He looked at him, and smiled, “I’m going out,” he told him, Sho moved towards him, but he disappear from there but reappear somewhere else inside that room, “Great catch,” he teased him..
            Sho looked at him with thousands of hatred boiled up his inner core, “Stop doing all of this, Masa,” he told him, but Masaki turned around, not facing him, he lifted his hands up, “You know I don’t like to be late,” he said, Sho took a deep breath, as he run to get him,
            “Chao,” he told him, and disappear before he even reach the front door. Sho felt his urge to kill him gets worse each second he saw his face walking around in this house, “Relax, Sunohara,” he told himself, looking at the wooden stick on the wall, but how could he even have a heart to do that since he knows that Masaki is the only one person that is from his,
            He looked down,
            “Please don’t go it anymore, Masaki,” he said on his own, walking towards the staircases, and walked up stairs.
            He turned off the light.

3rd May 2012

Dear Diary,
It was only a quarter to to next day, and I still can't close my eyes even though I have  a rehearsal for the upcoming stage play, I still can't fall asleep.
I heard that they are opening for the lead character possition since there's something wrong with Shigeru's ( the main actor, duh ) condition after he got into an accident and broke his right hand.
I wonder who's going to go in??
Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.
That's not the biggest problem anyway.
I'd make J as my parter in crime but I know he won't ever be delighted to be in the play anyway.
Here's another issue that I can't get off my mind,
most of the time.
Almost every time..

After the first time I ever talked to him on that day, i felt a little different with my life.
Well, not literally, but...
People might not notice any changes since i'm living my life like a normal human being as usual, it's just that every time I saw him, I would feel my heart ...

Urgh!! How can I explain this...

I can't even think when I see him there, how worse it could be when he smiled to me...
My heart flip from side to side each time I see him.
Butterflies in my belly, I couldn't even barely breathe.
But when I think back logially, he's just a man that I will meet everyday until the day I graduate.

Get a grip, Yuki.
He's only a man.

.....But I'm a woman....

I don’t understand why, why does it always feels different when it’s with him?
Is it something wrong with me?
I just know that guy.
I’m sure that it’s nothing more than that.
I swear that I never feel like that when I'm with J.
I never feel like that with some other guys I know.

But when it’s with him...
I felt….
Poles apart from what I actually am…
Miyuki Takeda…

Why him?
Why Sunohara Sho?


            He closed his eyes for a moment and feel like glamourous time outside tonight, Ah, this is what you call heaven, he told himself, walking around inside the 5 star club in Saitama-shi, suddenly a few semi drunk girls walked towards him, "Baby," the girl in emerald green blouse and a mini skirt called for him, with her hand on his chest, he looked at her, sensing that they are just some freshies that he could get within one smile, he felt another one wrapped her arms around his waist,
            "Come and dance with us," she said, as he felt her teasing him a little by caressing her thigh againts his. He smiled, wrapping both arms around them, he gave each one of them a kiss on their lips for a second.
            Those girls felt like they were in paradise,
            "Be with us," the girl in pink said, but Masaki just smiled, caressing their cheek, moving down their neck, how he knows he would be enoying himself if he would have them in his hand, "Oh ladies," he said, making those two girls looking at him like a puppy in search for it's own mommie, he felt both of them started to leaned so much closer to him, but he patted their cheek a little bit,
            "Would you mind waiting for me?" he asked them, when both of them nodded their head instantly, the emerald girl took a deep breath, sniffing for his body odour, caressing his build up chest, that somehow tickles him a little, she kissed it for a short time, "We'll wait for you even forever," she said, but somehow in hoping that he would pay them, he just smiled, "Good girls," he said, giving them a kiss once again, as he pushed the two of them aside, somehow had as if both of them were hypnotism by his smile, he gave them a short kissed before letting both of them off his grasps, he smiled to them before he walked towards the bar counter with the most charming smile across his face.
            He turned around and looked at those two cute girls, "I'll be back," he said, winking his eyes. It seemed like everyone there was giving him a pleasent smile. Surely eneough who would even resist the existance of him there tonight, he sat in front of bar counter, giving the young age bartender woman a smile,
            "Can you give me a Martini?" he asked her.
            She looked at him with a smile across her face, "Sure," she said, taking the glass, she did what she always do for the drink he asked for, she gave him a short peek, she raised her eyebrow a little bit,
            I never seen him around,
            He looked at her,
            “Is there any problem, miss?” he asked her, with a gorgeous smile flashes across his lips, she felt her heart gives a little knocked out. She was startled for a few second seeing him like that in front of her.
            A man who’s wearing just a pair of jeans, half way opened shirt, isn’t it just casual, or normal enough for a men to go on a ladies night like this, but why does she felt a little different with this guy?
            She gave him a smile, "Now, who wouldn't assist a charming man like you anyway," she said, putting the drink down in front of him, but he touched her hand spontaneously, looking at her deep through her beautiful brown eyes, it seemed like she was lost in a sudden.
            Her heart pound instantly,
            Why? She bit her lips,
            Even though how hard she was trying to avoid looking into his eyes, but how can she ever refuse him? The eager to know him more made her can’t even stand on her feet anymore.
            Their eyes locked for a few, even if the music was playing to loud, but she can still hear how hoarsely his breath changed within time that passed, she was captured in his eyes.
            He kissed her hand, "Be with me tonight?" he asked her as she felt his warm breath touched against her bare cold skin,
            He really wants me…
            She closed d her eyes, but then gave him a little smile, "I'll finish my work at four," she told him, while she looked to the other side for a moment, taking an order from a man that seemed to want her as sell, he grabbed a hold of her hand close against his.
            She gave him a peek into his eyes,
            "Unless you don't mind waiting," she said, Masaki gave her the most guileful smile, as that’s how he naturally is. He licked his lips after taking a sip from the drink she had made especially for him,
            "I'd be glad," he told her, giving her a kiss on her cheek, just so close enough to her lips, somehow that made her want him more,
            “I’ll be waiting,” she told him.


            It was on a Friday afternoon, dated 5th of May, where everything outside seemed to be quite hot enough for a regular day, but the temperature wasn't as fierce as it could be, he took a deep breath and looked at the empty hall way,
            I'm late once again, he grumbled, looking at his watch as the time ticks from twelve fifteen to another minute it has changed, he sighed as he closed his locker’s door, and walked towards the entrence of the students paradise. The library.
            But he stopped for a moment when he saw a sign at the side of the notice board as he enters that quietest place, he raised his eyebrow, reading the colorful notice there.
            “Main actor for the Romeo and Juliet Stage Play. Role offered as Romeo. Main cast, for the Theater of A day before Summer 2012,” he reads it, looking at unintrested as he can be, he tried his best to hide away his laughter,  but he only gave a small smirk, teasing whoever who would be interested to even be part of that play,
            Who would want to be in that play anyway? I’m not that desperate to be in the centre of attention to be laughed at. Or even bother to think to be the main role of this kind of play. Who would wants to act a scene from that century anyway? he thought, leaning closer on his arm that was already on the board, he played around with the paper that was almost thorn on that old, full of historic board.
            He bit his lips for a little white,
            She hath forsworn to love and in that vow, he read one of the line that he remembered of the play on his own tone, imitating how would the actual character would even spoke, grinning just so wide, letting out a slight laughter, not even know if it was the correct sentence or what so ever, the girl who was in charge of the library gave him a glare, putting her point finger on her lips, telling him to keep it quiet,.
            Ah, there's Kazuko Fujiwara. The quietest person he ever known, but she can be strange most of the time, but why would I care about that? He thought own his own and just give her a smile, telling her sorry but without any voice came out from his mouth, Kazuko nodded her head as he grabbed a piece of paper regarding the play, he winked his eyes to her, but she only looked at him as if it was nothing, he lifted his shoulder up, he just smiled and walked towards the empty table at the side of the window that he usually sat down, if he was lucky to even get that seat anyway.
            “Now, let’s do some reading,” he murmured, sharpening the word that he must, but it seemed like he don't even bother, as he place the notes that he had brought in a moment ago down on the table, he opened the pages where he had stop, quite a long time ago but he changed his gaze towards the side for a few moment, putting both of his bare palm on the pages, he had a long sigh,
            If only the class after this canceled, he whined, leaning down on his palm that was on the table, he looked at the semi empty room, with all the books nicely arranged in the cupboards from side to side, he rubs his nose with one of his finger, not hoping if someone who would understand his boredom being there, he closed his eyes I would surely go back home, he whined on his own again, leaning closer with his face down on the notes, he exchanged a little position, covering his face with the book, while putting his other palm on the notes he got just took about that lousy play, but somehow, he fallen asleep without anyone even know what he was doing there.


            it was a calm weather a moment ago, where the unruffled breeze gently blew againts his skin that was standing at the side of the hall way, in his white shirt, part way unbutton, a black jeans, and a brown boots, he took a deep breath as he suddenly felt everything changed in an instant as he heard footsteps walked in towards his direction.
            The place that were once warm, turned quite hot and discomfort humid in a sudden, he took a deep breath as he scents the gorgeous perfume that he always loved, he turned around and saw her standing there, hiding behind his own shadow, he took a deep breath, giving her the most generous smile he could possibly have given.
            He saw her once again.
            A beautiful, pale skinned woman, with the most radiant odour he ever felt close to his heart, he looked into her eyes,
            "Juliet," he calls for her name,
            but she just smiled to him. Wearing a beautiful pink laced, white dress, and a pair of heels that isn't so high, he tried to reach out for her, but it seemed like her shadow keep on shading away each second he gets nearer to her,
            "Romeo," she calls for him, even though her voice was still heard, her shadow was getting thinner than the air that was flowing gently againts two of them.
            He tries to get closer, but she still just smile to him, "Romeo," she calls for his name once again, as he ran closer to her, her shadows just,
            "JULIET!!!" he screamed so hard, wishing that someone would hear his cries for his only love,  when he suddenly felt someone touching him, over and over again, but as he turned around, he still he nothing.


            "Juliet," he mumbled on his own, "Oh, Juliet, don't go away from me," he whispers in a very gentle voice when he still feel someone touching his back,
            "Don't leave me on my own, Juliet," he continues,
            "Don't leave me astray!" he said, feeling terrified to be left the only one that he love, he felt his heart breaks down to thousands of pieces,
            "Where are you, my love," he mumbled on his own again,

            Manami looked at Jun strangely, she shakes his shoulder couple of times, "Oi! MatsuJun!" she calls for his name, poking his face with her finger, but he stiill didn't bother,
            "Juliet..." he continues mumbling again.
            She shakes her head, when she saw the Theater pamphlet underneath his fingers, she took it away, "In search for Romeo's actor," she read the line that seemed to be s scribble with his hand writing, she had a long smile, she leaned closer and whispers to his ear,
            "Hey Romeo," she said, touching the tip of his ear, when she felt his sudden gesture changes, she had a tiny laugh, she blew some air to his ear, "Juliet," he called for her, Manami bit her lips trying to hold back her laughter,
            "Wake up, my dearest Romeo," she called for him, teasing him so bad during his fantasy dream, she cover her lips with her palm, "Why did you go from me, Juliet," he asked her, she messed up his hair,
            "MatsuJuN!!!" she screamed lightly at his hear when he opened his eyes in an instant,
            "What? What?" he asked, looking around just like he just saw a ghost, Manami had a laugh, she patted his back, remembering at first when she saw him talking on his own for the past five minutes ago, she thought that he might gone crazy, but who would know what's really wrong with his brain at that time anyway.
            She smiled to him, "Are you not feeling well, my dear prince?" she asked him, teasing him a little, but he frowned to her,
            "And what are you saying?" he asked her, feeling completely confused with everything that was going on, Manami gave him a smile when she took out the book that she wanted to read,he pulled her closer him him, "Come on," he said, but she just act like she don't bother anything, she took out her Ipad, but he took it away from her.
            She turned to him, "What?" she asked him, raising one side of her eyebrow's up, he touched her hand, 'Come on, girl," he said to her again, looking at her so innocently to convince her that he would do anything for her to tell him what was going on, Manami nodded her head, "Okay, you're being too cute, Jun," she told him, patting his should, she picks up the book to continue reading, but he took it away from her,
            "Oh come on, Manami," he said, starting to get not indulgent enough to really know everything, he moves his fingers closer to her hips, knowing that how sensitive she could be if anyone would ever touch her there, not to worry if she might do something out of limit without even being aware of anything, she gave him the most sharpest glare,
            "Matsuda," she said his name, when his fingers moves closer towards her hips, she looked deeply into his eyes, warning him about the consiquences that might happen if he ever think about doing that to her, but he didn't even blink his eyes, "And should I even be scared?" he asked her, she blinks he reyes for a few times, but she took a deep breath at the end, "You seriously want to know?" she asked him, with him nodding his head, pleading for some sympathy, she smiled looking at him like that, she scrunches his head,
            “You want to join in the play?” she asked him, holding the pamphlet that she saw on the desk, he shakes his head for a couple of times,
            “And tell me why should I?” he asked her, but she just smile to him, "Well, I don't know but it seemed like you can't get Juliet off your head," she told him, taking the book back from his hand, she continues to read it, Jun scratches his head,
            I can't get Juliet off my head? He looked at her,
            "What do you mean?" he asked her, she just smiled a little behind the book she was holding, she had a short peek to him, "Seriously, I think you should try to be Romeo," she told him again, but she shocked his head, "I told you, Mana," he said, grumbled a little, he frowned looking at her, "I won't be in that Play even though I'm going to be the Prince of England of the...," but Manami cuts in,
            "Even though the lead is Miyuki?" she said, giving him a smile, she continues what she was doing a moment ago.
            Jun fell silent for a few moment,
            What is she saying?


            "Ay me! what news? why dost thou wring thy hands?" she said, looking towards the nurse who was telling her the greatest news of disillusion, the nurse looked at her, trying to pleased her heart, but how can that ever be done so,  "Ah, well-a-day! he's dead, he's dead, he's dead!" she told her lady 'Juliet', looking at face expression that was down in despair,  "We are undone, lady, we are undone!," she said again, when Juliet turns around and walked to the other side of the hall, but the nurse bows down, "Alack the day! he's gone, he's kill'd, he's dead!" she gave her the news,
            Juliet looked away, feeling her heart was collapse, shattered thousands of precious love, how could she thought about loosing the man that she ever loved, she took a deep breath,
            "Can heaven be so envious?" she said, feeling tears started to gather behind her eyes, she tries her hard to control her urge to bawl, but how can she ever do if she hoped that was untrue?
            The nurse looked at her, though only from a distance, she tries to understand but how can she ever disobey,
            "Romeo can," she said. "Though heaven cannot: O Romeo, Romeo!" she told her, feeling vicious enough on a man who would have hurt the beautiful lady, who wouldn't care how fregile a heart could be, how delicate a women can be, she closed her eyes, "Who ever would have thought it? Romeo!" she said to Juliet who fell down on the couch behind her, she covers her face with her palm that was covered with a soft white mitt,
            "What devil art thou, that dost torment me thus? This torture should be roar'd in dismal hell," she said, feeling so woeful with his loss, she hold her hands closer to each other, "Hath Romeo slain himself? say thou but 'I,'," she closed her eyes, without noticing any, her tears fallen one drop on her soft, pink cheek, "And that bare vowel 'I' shall poison more, Than the death-darting eye of cockatrice," he stood up, walking towards the opened air balcony, she took a deep breath, "I am not I, if there be such an I, Or those eyes shut, that make thee answer 'I.'," she said, feeling that she can't breathe no more, she wonder if her heart still palpitates in this sorrowful desire she felt,
            "If he be slain, say 'I'; or if not, no,"
            "Brief sounds determine of my weal or woe," she finished her sentence, when the light turns down, and suddenly heard people giving them an applause,

            Miyuki smiled though was still hidden behind the darkness, she walked towards the shadow of light, when it was turned on once again. She looked at Fumiko Tatsuya,
            "That was great," she said, touching her shoulder with a little smile, she returned it back to her, "Hey, you're not bad yourself," she said, taking off the the white nurse cap on her head, she put it aside, "If only we can find your Romeo as soon as we can, you know that we'll be practicing the final scene already," she told her but Miyuki only had a small laugh,
            "Hey, you can't blame Shigeru when that kind of thing happen, you know," she told Fumiko, when she just nodded her head, "Yeah, I guess you are right," she said, looking at the watch she was wearing on her hand, she turned her gaze to the other side,
            she bit her lips, "Hey, Yuki. I think I better go back home now because it started raining," she told Miyuki,
            "Yeah, I think you better get going before the rain falls on you," she told her,when Fumiko smiled to her, taking her bag and walked outside,
            "I hope your Romeo will be here soon!" she said, with a last smile and wave, she walked out from the backstage.
            Miyuki closed her eyes for a short time,
            Yeah, me too.
She took the script that was laying on the make up take in front of her, flipping the pages even though without any intention to read, she sighed a long sigh, gripping her fist for a moment, putting the book down as she walked towards the other side of the room.
            If only I can really find my Romeo,
            she thought, with a short sigh, she smiled on her own, when sudden;y she heard Mr Takizawa called for all of them to gather upfront,
            she blinks her eyes,
            "Coming!" she said in a semi loud tone, rushing outside the room.


            He sat all by himself after Manami had left for her class ten minutes ago,. He leaned back on the chair and started to think on his own, recalling back the conversation he had with her a moment ago,

             Manami looked at him, "You don't know what she's in that play?" she asked him, when he just shocked his head a couple of times, running his fingers againts his jaw, he bit his lips a little, "Oh... And how would I know that?" he asked her, she lifted her shoulder up,
            "I don't know," she response, "I thought the two of you are like more than a friend but less than a lover?" she said. Jun nodded his head,
            Back to the current time,, Jun rubs his eyes with his fingers,
            That's quite true,
he thought on his own, he bit his lower lips a little, recalling back what she had told him a moment ago, though how he don't want to believe whatever she had told him, but he guess it was true.
            How come he did not know?
            He closed his eyes once again for a few second, Why do I feel like this suddenly? He wondered alone, when he opens his eyes a little bit.
            Even though how he don’t want to be apart of any drama anymore since whatever had happened to him in the last one he was in, but this time, his heart was crying, eager to be on stage once again.
            I’m doing this for myself?
           He questioned himself, was just puzzled with what was going on, he suddenly remembered her smile,
            Or do I just want to be closer to you?
            He grasps his fist tigher than before, smacking it on the desk he was at, he nodded his head, “I’ll do it for myself,” he said, lying to himself, he knows that wasn’t the actual reason. He knows it was just a conspiration for him to deny whatever that was true in his heart, he was afraid if the person he care for the most would go away from his sight if he ever confess.
            Pleading for her love to be in his, he release his fist slowly, but stood up instantaneously,
            “I’ll do it,” he said, grabbing his bag on the couch, taking the phamplet he took a moment ago with him, he walked towards the exit of the place where he was at, he closed his eyes as he felt his feet was moving in twice speed than how he regularly move, he took a deep breath, releasing it out slowly, he knows even if he wasn’t sure, but he have to do it.
            It was obvious that he wasn't interested to be in that  play, but if that’s the only chance he’ll ever get to be close to her, her being in his arms only for a time being, he was already glad if that ever happen even though only an act.
            He would take any risk just to be with her.
            He looked at the empty hall way as almost everyone who don’t have any more classes after a moment ago had gone back home, but he was still there.
            He looked ahead, "I got to try this," he said, taking clenching his fist together, giving him faith to be doing whatever he had left for almost a year, he adjust the bag position on his shoulder before he ran as fast as he could towards the direction he was heading for,
            The drama class,
            and he surely don't want to waste anymore time before someone else took the position that he wanted,
            to be in her arms once again.
            He closed his eyes for a short time,
            “Yuki,” he whispers.

            Mr. Takizawa walked in the center stage, clapping his hands together to get attention from his casts for the play, he clear his throat since no one seemed to be playing attention to him, :CLASSES!” he called for us in a semi high tone voice, Miyuki who was having a conversation with her friends turned around to look at that tall, mid age guy, who is just handsome enough to be every girl’s dream, she touched the girlnext to her’s hand, “Nini,” she called for her, when she turned to look at her,
            “What?” she asked her, when Miyuki had a small laughter, pointing towards the man who’s wearing a nicely tucked in shirt, with a tie, and a black pants, she smiled,
            “He’s calling for us,” Miyuki told her, when Nini looked at him, “Oh!! I want to get close to him!” she said, with a smile across her face, she grabbed Miyuki’s hand and ran towards the center stage,
            “Ehh!!” Miyuki opened her eyes, grabbing her script on the desk she was sitting at, she looked at Nini.
            Even though she knows how the situation is with Mr. Takizawa, but she always said that she can changed him to be the man of her dream. Even if obviously, she can’t.
            "Come here, everybody," Mr Takizawa said, calling everyone closer to the center stage. Miyuki nodded her head, moving along with the others, she smiled when Nini really did sat in front of his eyes, and Miyukiwonder what does he wanted to tell all of us in a sudden.
            Nini looked , and called for her, “Yuki!” she said, pointing to the seat that she already saved for her, Miyuki nodded her head, “I’ll be right there,” she said, even though she knows that she can’t hear a thing.
            She sat at the chair that was empty chair Nini had saved for her, “You got excited,” she teased her, but Nino only smiled, dreamingly looking at his face, Miyuki took out a note, as she was holding back her laughter.
            Maybe it’s something important
            she mumbled, opening the note, she took out a pen and started to scribbled down the date today,
            "Now, now, boys and girls," he said, putting his hands together  with a friendly smile across her face, Miyuki turned her gaze towards Nini who was already melted in his remedy, she smile a little,
            Girls can be crazy when they want to be,
            Mr Takizawa took a deep breath before he continue want he wanted to tell all of them,
            "I know after the incident that happened to Shigeru Nakada, it seemed like all of us isn’t really happy to be practicing without our dearest Romeo,” he told everyone, putting one side of his hand on his chest, it seemed like he was in his blue for the forfeit from one of his best cast, but how can you undofate anyway?
            “Maybe he would be smiling to see how all of you will be acting without him in the set, but,” he took a deep breath and gave all of them a little smile,
            Subaru lifted his hands up, “Yes, Subaru?” he asked him, when he raised his eyebrow, “And what does this have to do with everything?” he asked, but Miyuki had a little laugh.
            Tama Subaru, a tall, tanned man with broad shoulders, perfect image and always have the guts to be doing anything he feel like doing, but sadly, almost clueless with everything that was going on, Mr Takizawa looked at him with a smile across his face,
            “I already have someone who wanted to replace Shigeru’s position in the play!” he told everyone, looking just excited.
            Miyuki opened her eyes,
            Heh, lucky for your wish Miko,
            she said, remembering when the nurse’s best wishes on a new Romeo.
            Everyone there clapped their hands, “And I’m so excited to introduce to you who is he!” he said again, when Miyuki smiled,
            Maybe this is only an act, at least it will give her a small experience on how to love and cherish a man, even though only for a short time.
            Mr. Takizawa clapped hir hand, “Now everyone, please welcome,” he said, as Miyuki looked at who enters the center stage with them.
            She fell silent,
            Who am I kidding?
            She thought on her own. Her head went empty, she didn’t even hear what everyone was saying around her anymore, feeling her pulse started to skipped, she blinked her eyes for a few times to wonder if she was dreaming,
            Why would he be here anyway?

            “Now everyone give an applause to Mr,” but before she could even finish listening to what Mr. Takizawa was saying, she touched herself to make sure that she wasn’t sleeping,
            Sunohara Sho…


  1. Oh, dun mind her.. she's just one of Miyuki's drama class friends.. she's not important anyway. ;)