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Beast with a true Love : Chapter 5


             Mr. Takizawa looked at everyone with a smile accross his face as he clapped his hands together, “Now everyone,” he said, raising one side of his hands up, “Everyone,” he said again, trying to get some attention, everyone else turned their gaze towards him, their face expression changed within time passed, but he only smiled to everyone,
            “Now, I would like to present you someone who will be taking the lead role of Romeo,” he told everyone, as some got excited with the news and part of them just act like they don’t really bother, he looked towards the side, “Please welcome,” he said, as Miyuki looked at the man who walked in behind the shadows of curtains, with his broad shoulders, perfect height, se tries so hard to get a glimpse of his face, but how it seemed to be impossible,
            Chill, Yuki, she told herself,
            Mr. Takizawa walked towards the side, revealing the man behind him, but Miyuki fell silent,
            "Mr. Sunohara Sho," he told everyone with the man himself standing there beside him, only wearing a grey v-neck t-shirt, revealing his absolute to die for neck, and collar bone, a faded deep blue jeans, underneath the shadows of the dim light inside the hall radiated against him, it seemed like he glimmer in the dark light without anyone seemed to understand.
            Miyuki looked to the side, with her heart started to be not at it's settled situation like how everything used to be, it seemed like its hard for her to even find its accurate serene it usually is, she tries so hard to avoid the complexion through her own life existence.
            She had a short sigh, knowing that how much her heart not at its restful time everytime she saw him, but she don't want to be in any languid moment in between a relationship for that time.
            She don't want it to happen again,
            but how can she able to lie to herself.

            He looked inside from outside the door, he tried to acknowledge with what he just heard, he got confused, though how his heart suddenly boils up, how the resentment overflow the limit he wondered if he was just dreaming, he took a few steps towards the side, in hope that no one inside notice his attendance there without any invitation,
            Sunohara Sho,
            he said alone in his heart, he turned to the side as the sun light from outside reflects directly into his eyes, he looked away.
            He laughed a little,
            “Sunohara Sho,” he said again,
            He wiped the sweats that ran down at the side of his forehead, he grumbled alone,
            Why would I bother wasting my energy to get here anyway? He asked himself, thinking on how he ran, full of velocity to get there,
            but he guess it wasn’t his day anyway.
            He had a long sigh,


            It was in June, year 1898. Summers day has been skipping time, as minutes fades as seconds goes away. The warm breeze blew equally, with no level of blustery gale, a man, who was around 6 feet height, with a thick, frizzy brown hair, he ran his fingers against it, messing the tidiness a little bit, walked at the side of a bright, open air path way of Fukaya around three fifteen in the evening, he stopped at the sideway, he folded his badge colored long sleeve shirts up a little, he looked at the side of where he was standing for a moment.
            He took a deep breath as he felt the wild gently blew against his pale brown skin, he felt a little shivers goes down his spine for a few moment.
             The weather doesn’t seem to be in a severe condition, he hoped that he can cope with the elements what will change with no doubt, or any awareness, who could ever complain with anything that is going on in the world anyway?
            Even though it wasn’t cold it usually was, how the sun was beaming vividly across the clear blue sky, but the scent of pass Spring was still there, even only a little. He closed his eyes for a little second, treasuring every second that pass through his life, he had a small smile across his face, appreciating everything that has been written for him this way, and still being alive until today, even though the incident happened really isn't in a very short time ago.
            He crossed his hands on his chest, he took a deep breath in as after a while, he let out a sigh of relief,
            “Thank you,” he whispered to himself, thinking back on what has happened to his life before, he was grateful for it, still breathing until today even though he was there on his own, he hoped that he can survive all alone, he suddenly recalled back the previous time,


            He looked at the photo in his hand, the man who was in a terrible messed, he couldn't even bare to be thinking of anything logically enough for what was happening, just gave them a most gruesome smile across his lips and with a big laughter, he turned around to look at those pitiful prisoners he had held inside their big, once were bright, but now only just a dull mansion,
            “Who should I take next?” that man asked the wounded men and few women of the house, he looked at each of those women lustfully, he grabbed the woman who was wearing her pink torn dress, he hold her close in his arms, while she was screaming her heart out trying to pushed him away, he just bit his lips,
            he took a deep breath, sensing her beautiful body odour, he kissed her neckm just full of lust, how he wanted to ripped off everything she was wearing, but before he could even do that,
            “No!” she shrieked, with her hand automatically slapping his face, he rubs his burned up jaw for a few second, as he felt like his arrogance was graze only from a useless creature, as he thought, a woman with dignity only in a second, he heart turned worse than furious, she looked to the side feeling just terrified with what he might do to her, she felt her tears started to falls down again, somehow became inferior, he pulled her closer to his body, gripping her torn upper level of her dress, he was about to pulled it away, she screamed, her frightfulness overwhelm everything else that was about to happen, she closed her eyes shut, but before he could even do anything, the man who was half dead, half alive on the ground braved himself to stands up once again, he ran towards her, hastily,
            “Sakura!” he screamed for one of the person he loved that was still alive, he pushed that man to the side, but he wasn’t strong enough to fight him back even though he had given all of hisstrengh, he was still not able to duel against a man who was still strong enough for him, he pushed him towards the side as he fell down on the ground once again.
            She looked at him,
            “Sho!” she screamed so hard, before he could even make his move, that pushed her down on the ground, somehow was too hard, she looked at her brother’s face before she breathe her last air down her lungs, he tried to reached out for her, but the man kicked him brutally at his stomach, he groaned, holding back a lot of pain he felt in side out of himself, he looked at the sight of his sister’s body,
            Forgive me, Sakura, the only thing he could think of before those men continues to tortured him with no sympathy or even mercy.

            He closed his eyes for a short time, remembering the smile she always given to him, even though it wasn’t that long time ago, it still felt like it was yesterday.
            Everything seemed like to be the ecext same day,
            he had a short sigh,
            “Sakura,” he whispered, as he felt the soft wind blew against him, he looked down the empty valley below him, adjusting the bag that was hold on his shoulder, he turned around, walking away from what was still today, he really need to find a next day.


            He greeted everyone as they began to cheer for his attendance among them, they gave him a friendly smile,
            “Glad to have you here, man,” Takuya said to him, Sho smiled, accepting the handshake he offered, he nodded his head, “Pleasure to be here,” he told them.
            Mia blinks her eyes for a couple of times, as she took a deep breath and smiled to him, "Welcome," she told him, when he just smiled to her, "Thank you," he replied her.
            She looked at him walked right passed by her side, feeling all giddy in her heart, how she wishes she could smile, but she hides her emotion away, but someone else looked at him from the other sidem
            Just one answer, Miyuki thought on her own, she took a deep breath, she closed her eyes for a moment, her head started to questioned herself thousands of things, but she only manage to understand only one.
            She put her hand on the script that was on her lap, she tried to smile, but her lips didn't even curved, her lips didn't even bother to move not even a little, she clenched her teeth close together, pressing both side of her palm close to each other, her heart began to beat, darting a thousand miles of journey, she raised her hands up , somehow, with her action, the script on her lap has fallen down, but,
            she had a sudden rush when she felt a gentle breeze softly ran agiants herself in a place like this. She looked at her side,
            "You dropped this," someone hand over her the script that was with her a moment ago, but she didn't hear any sound of it fallen to the ground. She was a little startled at first, but she looked at him, feeling that her heart giddies up a little, she moves her hand to reach out for the thing she was giving her,
            Why can't I take it!! She asked herself, shivering down her spine, she tries to breathe, but how was that even possible when she can't even feel her own her beat any longer?
            He smiled to her, "Here you go," he told her, touching her hand, as it opens up unwillingly, he puts it on her semi cold palm.
            Miyuki looked at him,
            Sunohara Sho,
she repeat his name on her head, she shakes her head once, trying to get back in the reality world, she gave him a small smile,
            "Thank you," she told him, grabbing hold of the script of the play, he nodded his head to her, as he walked to the other side that have an empty seat, how she wishes that it was just her dream, why does she keep on feeling like this every time she sees him? How can she even bare with him being the man with her even though only for a short time but still close enough to even feel anything that was going on?
            She closed her eyes for a moment, Don't get too agitated, Yuki, she told her self, as she took a deep breath, trying to give her a little zest to move on her day, if only she could make it today, she opened her eyes slowly as she turned her gaze towards him for a moment, in hoping that he didn't see what she was doing, she tries to get a glimpse of him even though from far, but how her heart shrinked as he was looking her at the same time she was looking at him.
            He smiled to her, as though he was saying Hello to her far from sight, but closer to her heart, she fell silent for a few,
            Hi, she said in her heart returning his smile for a few second, she opened the script she was holding in her hand, looking at it blankly, she wasn't even sure if she wanted to read any of it, she tries so hard to put herself together, she looked ahead towards Mr. Takizawa.
            Even though he was saying something to the rest of them in the class, but she wasn't sure where was she at that time.
            Sho looked at her a smiled,
            Don't be afraid my love. Just smile and I'll forever be there with you,
he said on his own, trying to understand the complexity in her heart, he knows that he felt the same thing too.
            "And class, let's begin our story," Mr Takizawa said.
            Miyuki just smiled.
            You can do this, Yuki, she told herself, as she gave them a smile that isn't real, she nodded her head, "Let's do this!" she said gently, giving herself a little trust in her own self.


            He stopped there for a moment, couldn't barely breathe, he tries so hard to gasp for some air before he started thinking once again, he touched his chest,  trying his hard to calm himself down at it's proper tranquil order once again, he closed his eyes for a few. How he hope that he could still be standing there on his own, even though he know that it was impossible for him to hold it together any longer, he took a deep breath as he leaned back againts the wall behind him, slowly slides down in despair,
            "Why would she even bother," he grumbled on his own, with a tempo couldn't be heard,  he ran his slender, clean, long fingers through his hair.
            He breathes in once again, thinking about what he had just heard, he whined to himself inside his heart.
            Why would his own ego could created such a big mess in his own life. He knows how much he wanted to be with her, but why does he have to hide everything that is obvious to himself to the reality, of his own world?
            He sighed a long depressed sigh, reversed his fingers that tidied up his hair a moment ago, somehow messed it up again, he covered his own face with it, feeling shame enough to even look at himself, how he wished that he could even be brave enough to cry his own feeling, but how can he do so when his ego is still over ruling everything?
            Miyuki, he whispers her name in his heart, knowing how uneasy he was feeling at that time, he wasn't sure if he was afraid to loose someone he cares for or maybe just because of his own jealousy that he can never over come with anything else he could ever think of.
            He wants her more than anything he could ever wish for, but how is it even possible for him to win a heart that he don't even gets a hold any longer?
            He looked at the bright light outside,
            Sunohara Sho, he said his name.
            He had a short sigh, thinking of the other man's personality that has taken her heart, he thought that why can't he be like him? Why can't he better than he originally is?
            He stood up slowly,
            "Don't give up, MJ," he said, when he walked away from there, he looked down the white marble ground,
            “You won’t give up,” he told himself.



            "Hey, Jun!" he heard someone called for his name while he was walking towards his car, it was around two forty in the evening, it seemed like he doesn't have anymore classes in the evening so why not just go back home first anyway before he come back here to pick someone up later.
            He turns around,
            "Oh, hey Keiko," he said, greeting the past lover that he don't seemed to care anymore, but he was just being friendly,
            she smiled to him, holding his hand as if they were still together, but come to the reality world, they did broke up months ago anyway, but he just returned back her smile, somehow not so sincerely,
            "Yeah," he said, being his regular self, he lifted his shoulder up, he felt her leaned closer on his shoulder as they were walking together, but Jun closed his eyes for a few second,
            What the hell am I doing? I don't love this girl anymore. I don't even like her,
he remind himself, as he felt her getting much cosy with him there.
            Shouldn't he tell her to get off his back? To get away from him and stop disturbing his life once again?
            He took a deep breath, but in a sudden, he grabbed a hold of her palm,
            "Come on," he told her, pulling her towards his car.
            She smiled, nodding her head as she followed him whereever he was taking her.
            Her short pink ruffle skirts bounce as she was following his fast speed, she chewed the chewing gum in her mouth,
            You're mine once again, Jun, she said, when he unlocks his car door and left her in front of passenger's door, he walked towards his side.
            She straighten her skirts before she went inside. She looked at him from the side, feeling that their love somehow had bloomed once again, she touched his thigh with her warm palm,
            "I love you, Jun," she told him,  leans her head down his shoulder, showing him some love that she felt inside her heart, somehow, he still don't feel a anything that sparkles in his emotion,
            he pulled his hands away and continue to drives his car,
            I don't love you, Keiko, he thought alone, as he made a turned towards the direction of her house, he looked at the empty street at that time of the hour,
            I never do,
            He told himself over and over again.

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