Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Candy Girl

               Somewhere in a small town, there was a young lady, name Scarlett, who has always been on her own since the past few years because her family members has passed away in a car crash a few years back. Somehow, she will always know that she would never give up with her hope in life. She still has to continue it with a smile on her face, even if deep down inside, she knows how lonely she was feeling without anybody right by her side.

                On her free time, she always sat outside the balcony of her house. She always thought back about her family some years ago. Before, her family owns a small candy shop. Knowing at that moment, she was the happiest girl alive, because she always told everyone that she have a family that makes candy that everyone loved. Scarlett was a very happy girl when she was younger, but living a life on her own, isn’t really what she had in mind,  but after several of years coping everything on her own, it seemed like she can lived with it.

                After the lost of her most beloved family, she had decided not to continue with the candy shop business anymore. Sometimes she kept on wondering why her life was written this way, even if almost every moment she felt her tears fell down, she knows that, only herself can understand how she felt inside. Each day, around 5 in the evening, she will always look from her room to the field in front of her house. Watching kids playing football and such, it keep her entertain.

                People keep on question her why, didn’t she continues running the candy shop, but she keep on giving out excuses so that they would just stop asking her anymore. “Why can’t they understand that I don’t want to sell candy anymore,” she said to herself, while pouring the candy mixture into the candy mold, and put it inside the fridge, letting it cold down, hardens itself.

                After her candy is ready, she will always go to the field, meeting one of her best friend, a 6 years old boy name Kaede, because she knows how much he loves her candy, “Every kids does,” she smiled when she stopped in front of the field, waving her hand, “Kaede!” she called for him with a smile on her face, “Sis!” as he looked at his friends, asking for an excuse to run to her beloved, so call, sister.  He hugs her closes, “Sister,” he smiled. Scarlett was so happy to see a smile on his face. “How are you today dear?” she asked him. He looked at her, “I’m okay, but I fell down,” he told her, showing a little scar on his right knee. She smiled, touching it gently, “It’s okay,” she looked at him, “The pain will go away,” she smiled, softly blew the pain away. “Yay!” he smiled, hugging her again. “Oh!” she said, digging inside her back, “I got something for you,” she smiled to him. He looked at her with a full of excitement face, “Really?” he smiled. She took out a small transparent plastic box of candy she made this morning, “For you,” she told him. He was so happy, he hug her close, “Thank you sis,” he said, kissing his cheek, holding the box that she gave him, “Go and share with your friends,” she smile, touching his cheek.

                He smiled, when Scarlett looked at her watch, “Well, dear,” she holds his hand, “I need to go now,” she told him, while he just nodded his head, “Okay,” he told her, as she stood up after a moment of sitting down, “Will you be back?” he asked her. She had a small laugh, “Of course, I will,” she touched his hair, “I see you later okay?” she smiled to him. “Okay,” he waved, “Bye bye,” he smiled. “Bye,” as she turned around, walking to the bus stand, waiting for a bus heading to Shibuya town.

                From the side, there was a guy, who always looked at her. How she was so nice with the kids, how she have a smile on her face, how joyfull she was every time she was around that small boy. He went out from his car, walking to Kaede, “Hello,” he told him, with a smile on his face. Kaede looked at him, “Hi!” he smiled, “Want some candy?” he offered him the candy. That guy just smiled, “If you don’t mind,” he took one small cube of candy and put it inside his mouth, tasting the pleasure of it, the sweetness, the taste just make him smile, “It tasted so good,” he smiled. “Where did you buy this?” he asked the little boy, “No,” he looked at him, “My sister gave it to me,” he told him. “Oh,” he smiled, “Your sister?” he asked him, while the boy just nodded, “Alright,” he smiled. “So, what’s your name?” he asked him.

                ---Kaede just looked at him, “You are asking for my name?” he looked at him again, wondering why is this guy s interested in him, “Yes, your name,” he said. “My name is Kaede,” and the little boy smiled again, “What about you?” he asked him as well. “Oh,” he said, “I am Sho,” he said, offering his hand for a hand shake, and that boy just high 5 him. “So,” he feel like asking that little boy but it seems like he’s just a little embarrassed, “Your sister was the one who came over a moment ago?” he asked Kaede. He looked at him one more time, “How did you know?” he asked Sho. He just had a little laugh, “I saw her a moment ago,” he told him, while Kaede just scratches his head, “Oh!” suddenly he scream, with a laughter, “You like my sister don’t you?” he asked Sho. He just had a small gulp, “Well,” but before Sho could finish his line, “If you like my sister,” Kaede said, putting both of his hand on his hips, “Never broke her heart,” he told Sho.

                Sho widen his eyes, “Why?” he looked at Kaede. As Kaede started tell him the story from A to Z, Kaede waved his hand goodbye when Sho was going back home, “I’ll see you later,” he smiled to the little boy. “Bye bye!” he waved his hands and turned around, running back to his friends. Inside the car, Sho turned on the engine, and looked to the front, putting in gear, “Scarlett huh?” as he drove away, “You are really interesting,” he told himself, putting the candy that little boy gave him a moment ago inside his mouth.

                After a few days has passed, Scarlett was at her work place, when suddenly came three fame and glam girls to the café she was working at. She looked at them, “Looks like the princess are here,” Takeda, the guy who’s mixing all the water told her, with a smile on his face. Scarlett just smiled, “Stop talking bad about them,” she told him. “Waiter!!” those girls lifted up their hands, calling for someone to take the orders, “Coming,” Scarlett replied, looking back at Takeda, “Zip it,” she told him, taking the menu and walked to those girls. The place she was working at isn’t really a 5 stars but the most enjoyable hand out place in town. She walked to the ladies table, “Here’s your menu,” she gave it to them, smiling, preparing for the order, “Ew,” Melly scream in disguist when she saw a little smudge of chocolate on the menu, “I want a different menu!” she told Scarlett, not really in a pleasing way. Scarlett just nodded her head, walked back to the counter with the menu that Melly threw back in front of her. Takeda just looked at her, “Can we just banned her from your shop?” he asked her, while Scarlett just smile, “No,” she took a brand new menu and take it to the ladies, “Here you go,” she smiled.  Melly, Aimi and Kaori, looked at the menu, “I want this,” Aimi told her, with a little smile, of annoyance, of too proud to be in the Diva’s, “Alright,” Scarlett jotted it down, “Give us two of these,” she pointed at the picture shown in the menu, as if it’s just too disgusting to be touch by a diva like them. “Gotcha,” Scarlett smiled, looking at them that just seemed too arrogantly sitting there. She took the menu and walked back to the counter.

                Takeda looked at her, “I wonder why Fumiko took a leave on Saturday,” he smiled, passing the order to the kitchen, while Scarlett just laughed, “Maybe she don’t want to see these Diva’s I guess,” she smiled to him. After sometime, when suddenly those three girls fell silent, “Wonder why,” Takeda was about to say when he looked to the Café door, walked in a man, quite tall, looking a little too hot, hard to resist, inside the Café, “No wonder everything felt silent,” Takeda smiled, “Don’t bother about that,” Scarlett said, taking the food that was ordered by those three ladies, talking it to their table. It seemed like all three of them are trying to flirt with that guy. Scarlett just smiled, putting the meals down the table, “Oh Sho!” Kaori said, calling for him, trying to touch him. “Hey ladies,” he smiled to them but when he looked up and saw Scarlett in front of the table, he fell silent for a moment, “She is the girl,” he looked at her, when suddenly Aimi holds his hand, “Honey, honey,” she looked at him, with a little bit of naughty smirk on her face, “I’m right here,” she waved at him.
                He looked at her, “Excuse me,” he went away from the girls and ran for Scarlett, trying not to make it tat obvious, but then he just stopped there for a moment, “No,” he said, sighing a little, “Not here,” he told himself, and decided to take a seat on his own at the personal table near the corner.

                After a while, Scarlett walked towards him, who is sitting on his own over there, “I wonder why isn’t he with those three ladies?” she thought to herself, as she stopped in front of him, “Hello,” she said to him, with a smile on her face, putting down the menu. He looked up at her, “Hi,” he smiled, as he took the menu. When he flipped inside, he saw a lot of desert with the candy he had from Kaede at the field the other day, “What is this?” he asked her, looking at what he’s pointing at, she just smiled, “Oh,” she still doesn’t lose the smile across her face. “She’s just so beautiful,” he thought, “This is our Deli Candy Jelly,” she told him, “Oh, I want that” he smiled to her. “What flavor do you want?” she asked him again, “What flavor do you have?” he asked her, “We have the flavor list here,” she pointed at the side of the menu. He just smiled, “Sweet,” he told himself. She might be the one he is searching for. After a moment, “Here’s your D.C.J,” she putted down the small bowl in front of him, smiling. “Thank you,” he told her, tasting the food as soon as he can, “Do you have anything else to order, Mr,” she paused for a moment, “Just call me Sho,” he looked at her, “Mr. Sho,” she smiled. He smiled, tasting the sweetness, the beautiful scent and the lovely taste, he looked at her, “This jelly is very tasty,” he told her. “Oh, thank you,” she smiled. “Just as sweet as you,” he told her, with a smile on his face, leaving her a little clueless for a moment but somehow she’s blushing, “Thank you, Mr. Sho,” she smiled, “Just call me Sho,” he told her, digging inside his wallet, taking out his business card, giving it to her, “Here’s my card,” he looked at her, with the most gorgeous smile on his face. She went a little puzzled for a moment, taking the card, “Thank you,” she smiled. “I guess if you want to order anything else, just give me a call, okay?” she told him as she walked away, “Excuse me,” she smiled, turning around and walked to Takeda. He looked at her, “Why are you suddenly blushing?” he asked her. She touched her own cheek, “I’m not blushing!” she told Takeda, when he just had a small laugh, “In love with him eh?” he asked her. She just bit her lips, shaking her head, turning around, looking at him enjoying the jelly that she made, “Would that even happen?” she question herself.

                Back at home, today, Kaede’s orphan’s house keeper did gave Scarlett a call earlier, telling her that he wanted to stay over at her house. She agreed since Kaede lives at the Orphan Society nearby her house, so, he always has permission to stay over at her place but only if she picked him up. She told Takeda that she has to be home early today. Takeda always have the other key for her shop, so he agree to closed the shop for her. Inside the house, Kaede always sit outside the balcony, “Sis,” he called for her, as Scarlett just smiled and walked to the balcony, standing right next to him, “What is it Kaede?” she touched his shoulder, “I got a question,” he asked her.
                Scarlett kneel down, looking at him, “What is it?” she asked him, eagerly to know what was playing on his mind at that time.
                He looked at her, blinking his eyes for a few times. Taking a deep breath, “If you found someone you love,” feeling tears hiding behind his eyes, “Will you leave me?” he asked her, while she just smiled, “No, Kaede,” she touched his neck, “I would never leave you,” she holds him closer when she saw he started to dropped a tear down.
                She looked at him, and wiped away the tears from his face, “Don’t cry, Kaede,” she told him, “I would never ever,” she said, with a smile on her face, when he just looked at her, “I won’t leave you behind,” she touched his face, and leaned a little closer for a kiss on his cheek, “I love you, little boy,” she smiled.
                “Really?” he asked her back. She smiled, wiping away his tears from the other side of his face with her finger, “Yes,” she smiled, “Promise you that,” she holds him for a moment once again. From a gloomy face, suddenly turns bright once again, “I love you, sister!” he hugged her back.
Scarlett had a small laugh. “And I wonder why you suddenly asked me this question, Kaede,” she smiled. He just had a small smirk on his face, “Because, this evening,” he said, while rubbing his eyes, “Someone name, Sho,” he holds a name card that he found inside the house, “Asked me about you,” he told her.
                Scarlett looked at him, a little surprise, but then she just had a small laugh, and took the card from his hand, “Sho huh?” she looked at him, “You have met him?” she asked him, when he just nodded, “Yes,” he looked at her, holding her of her fingers, with his small hand and pulled her inside the house, while Scarlett just stood up and walked inside with him, “What do you think about him?” she asked little Kaede, at the same time Kaede is trying to get on the couch, she just smiled and lifted him up, putting him on the couch, “He seems like a very nice guy,” he smiled, eating the candy that was in a box on the couch. “A nice guy eh?” she looked at him, while he just nodded his head. “I don’t know,” she thought on her own, “We’ll see about that,” she smiled, looking at the card in her hand.

                After a few weeks has passed, and it seemed like Sho and Scarlett were getting pretty close to each other, as one day, Sho decided to go to the field where Kaede always plays around with his friends, “Kaede!” Sho called for him from outside of his BMW 5 series car, Kaede looked at him, waved his hand and ran towards him, “Brother Sho!” he smiled to Sho, standing right in front of his car. Sho walked next to him, “Do you want to go somewhere?” he asked him. Kaede looked a little clueless, “Where?” he asked him. After talking to the orphan house, and got the agreement, Sho took Kaede to Shibuya town, “Wow!” he got a little excited, “This is beautiful!” he looked at Sho, “Where are you taking me?” he asked  him again, with a smile on his face. Sho just looked at him, “You’ll be surprise,” he smiled.

                After they reach in front of the Sweet Honey Café, he parked his car in front of the shop, went out from his car, opening the other side’s door, he looked at Kaede, “Come on,” he smiled, holding his hand, “Beautiful shop!” he smiled, feeling so happy. Sho opens the door, and the first thing Kaede saw was Scarlett, near by the counter, “Sis!” he scream, letting go of Sho’s hand and ran towards Scarlett.

                She was a little surprise seeing him there, “Kaede!” she smiled, as she kneel down, hugging Kaede who seemed to be really happy to see her at her café, “How did you get here?” she smiled, asking him. He whispers, “The guy you like take me here,” he smiled.
                Scarlett just looked at him, making faces, “The guy I like?” she asked him, without realizing, Kaede just laughed and when she turned around, Sho was right behind her, “I took him here,” he smiled. Looking at the most gorgeous eyes gazing her, she knows if she didn’t control herself, she might just faint, “Oh!” she looked at him, feeling her cheek has started to turned a little warm. Blush moment again. Kaede just laughed, “Someone’s cheek is red!” Kaede told Sho, just by pointing at Scarlett and touching his cheek, Sho just smiled, nodding, understanding with the situation, “Hey Kaede,” Takeda greet him from inside the counter, “Brother Takeda!” he smiled, trying to get up on the stool, when Sho picked him up and put him on the red chair, “Don’t move too much,” he smiled. Kaede high 5 Sho, “Okay!” he smiled and started talking to Takeda.

                Scarlett looked at Sho with a smile on her face, “Want some breakfast?” she asked him, “Yeah,” he touched his neck, making her just feel like running inside and just hide, “Why not?” he smiled. Scarlett had a small laugh, “What do you want to eat?” she asked him. He just looked at her, “Anything that you feel like eating,” he smiled.
                She looked at him and pointed to herself, “Me?” while he just smiles, “You got to eat breakfast with me and Kaede,” he smiled. “Seriously?” she asked him, while he just nodded. It seemed like Kaede are having fun with Takeda and the counter, she just closed her eyes, “Hold on,” she walked to the counter, “Kaede,” she called for him, “Yes?” he looked at her with a smile on his face. “Go and eat with Sho?” she told him, while Kaede just laugh, “No,” he smiled, looking at Takeda, “Sis eats with Brother Sho and Kaede eat with Brother Takeda,” he smiled. She looked at him, raising his eyebrow, feeling a little shock, “Why?” she asked him, looking at Takeda, “Make two waffle alright?” she smiled, looking back at Kaede with a pitiful face, “Why?” she asked him again. Kaede just smiled, “Because you two look so cute together,” he smiled. “What?” she looked at both Kaede and Takeda who’s just smiling to her. She went to Sho with a cup of Hot Coffee and a cup of Hot Milk to Sho’s table, “Here’s your drink,” she smiled, “Thank you,” he told her. She looked at him, “Hold on for a moment,” she smiled, walking back to the counter, “Here you go,” Takeda smiled, giving her the waffles, “Thank you,” she smiled, walking back to his table, “They look so happy together,” Kaede told Takeda, when he just smiled, “I’m glad,” as both of them eat their pancakes.

                After their meal, suddenly Sho holds her hand, “Scarlett,” he looked at her, she changed her glance from the side, directly to her face, “Yes?” she answered him, looking directly into his beautiful, truthful, brown eyes. “Since the first time I saw you,” he told her, holding her hand a little tighter, but he smiled, with a little laugh, he looked away for a moment, “I know that this is a little funny,” he smiled to her, gazing back into her eyes, “But it seemed like I can’t get over you,” he told her. Scarlett looked away for a second, wondering is this for real? Because she knows that, he might be one of the richest person in their hometown, but why her? Looking at him, “Yeah, right,” she smiled to him, still thinking that it is only a joke. “I’m sure you can find someone better than me,” she looked at him, truthfully, he knows that she is deeply in love with him somewhere deep inside her heart. He holds her hand, “I know you think that this is all just a joke,” he kissed it, “But seriously,” he looked at her, “I am not,” as he stood up for a moment, kissing her cheek. “Seriously?” she looked at him, while he just smile, “I really do,” as he kissed her lips for a moment, when suddenly Melly and the other two was about to enter the café but stood silent outside the shop for a moment, “Did,” Melly said, but couldn’t finished her line, “Sho just,” Aimi added in to her line, looking as shocked as they can be, “KISSED HER?!” Kaori finished the line. “This can’t be happening!” Melly said, feeling totally unacceptable, “We got to kill her!” Aimi told them, tragically, “Yes!” Kaori replied, agreeing with whatever Aimi was saying. “No wait guys,” Melly holds her hand, “I’ve got some better plans,” she turns around, “Let’s go!” she called for them as the other two nodded and followed her, leaving the place.

                After a few weeks has passed, Kaede seemed to be very happy with the arrival of a new man in Scarlett’s life, “I am glad you are happy sis,” he smiled, hugging her close.
                She kissed his forehead, “Thank you, Kaede,” she touched his face, “For what?” he asked her, when she just smiled, “For always sticking up for me,” she put her hand up, waiting for him to give her a high 5, as he did, “It’s okay,” he touched her nose, “Family always sticks together right?” he had a small laughter, full of happiness thinking that someone that he cares so much has finally found someone she really love. It is a little pity that he is still a young boy, because he knows, if nobody wants her, he would want her for himself. But he always laughs at his own small thought. “I better go now,” she smiled to Kaede, while he just nodded, “Okay!” he holds two of her fingers, “Take care!” he smiled. “Alright Kaede,” she kissed his cheek, “I’ll pick you up when I return home okay?” she smiled. “I will be waiting for you,” he told her, waving her goodbye. He knows, and always do, that Scarlett is the nicest person he ever met in his entire life.

                At the small garden, somewhere near by Scarlett’s house, Sho was waiting for her arrival, but somehow, Melly was somewhere there, smiling to herself, looking at Sho, standing nearby his car, “There he is,” she smiled, “And here I go,” she smiled, as she walked out, as if she’s just pathetically drunk, walking like nobody’s business, she suddenly ran on Sho’s back, “Oh,” she looked at him, “I’m sorry,” she smiled, dozily. Sho looked at her, “Melly,” trying to pushed her away, but it seemed like she’s forcing herself to fell down on him, touching him everywhere around his chest, “I’m really sorry,” she smiled to him, strangely, “Melly,” he tried pushing her back, but it seemed like she won’t budge not even a little bit, “Get off me,” he told her gently still, but suddenly he saw Scarlett behind there and right on that moment Melly placed her lips on his, making it looked like it was a passionate kiss.
                She was broken hearted when she saw whatever that has happened, and she ran away. Sho started to feel really angry, using all of his strength, pushing Melly behind, as she falls down on the ground, “Scarlett!” he called for her, running for her, but somehow, she has disappear. Sho leaned back to the building, kneeling down, “What have I done,” as he started to feel tears falling down from his eyes.

                She closed her eyes tightly, “What’s all this?” she wondered, feeling tears that was dropping down from her eyes, while hiding somewhere nearby.
                But there he was, kneeling down all by himself, regretting whatever thing that had happened a moment ago, “Forgive me, Scarlett,” he whispered.
                Closing her eyes again, she took deep breath, “I can’t take this anymore,” she said softly, as she ran away home as fast as she could, trying to forget what she saw a moment ago.
                She opens the front door, closing it, she started to kneel down, crying on her own, when Kaede suddenly walks towards her, “Sister?” he called for her, touching her shoulder. She looked up, seeing his face, wondering what is happening to her, she holds Kaede close, “Kaede,” she cries on his shoulder. He hugged her back, “Why, sis?” he asked her, but she just looked at him, trying to smile, “Oh, it’s nothing dear,” she looked at him, wiping away her tears, “You shouldn’t cry,” he looked at her.
                “If nobody wants, sis,” he hugged her again, “I am always here,” he kissed her cheek. She just looked at him, “Thank you, Kaede,” she said, holding him closer in her arms.
                Somehow, with Kaede there, it makes her feel a much more better, a lot more happier, “I love you Kaede,” she smiled.
                Looking at her smiling face like that, it surely made his world much more happier, brighter, “I love you too,” he said, when she just took out a small box of candy from her bag pack and opens it, “Want some?”she asked him, offering him one.
                 Kaede smiled, while taking one, “Thank you,” he smiled. She touched his neck with her thumbs on his cheek, “Thank you, Kaede,” she hold him closer, and closed her eyes, thinking, I don’t know if I ever wanted to see you again, as she felt tears dropped down from her eyes, Sho, as both of them cuddle one another, just like a sister and a little brother.

                It has been a few days, but Scarlett still didn’t go to the café, leaving Takeda taking care of the cafe on his own. “You really don’t know where she is?” Sho asked Takeda who’s doing the work behind the counter, he just looked at Sho, “I told you,” he continue to mixed his drinks, “I don’t know where she is right now,” he told him again, somehow, feeling a little guilty making his own men kind is standing right in front of him, begging for his help, asking for whatever things he knows, but somehow he had promised Scarlett, not to open his mouth to whoever is asking about where she is right now. Putting two of the glass on the table, “Look man,” he stood there, looking at Sho, “If I can help you,” he wiped his sweat with a clean tissue paper he just took from the drawer, “I would,” throwing the paper inside the dustbin, “But the thing is,” he shakes his head, “I can’t do anything to help you,” he turned around, “But I don’t know anything,” he turned around, with two glasses of orange juice in his hand, putting one on Sho’s side, and another side to his. Sho had a few gulp of drinks before Melly touched his shoulder. Looking around, he only saw two couple sitting outside of the shop, he pushed Melly away, “What do you want?” he asked her, in two tone, with a little bit of not caring anything but with too much of anger flowing inside his veins at that moment. She held his arms, “Sho!” as if begging for mercy, “I thought we had a moment last night,” pulling herself closer to his shoulder, as he turned around, looking at her, and pushed her behind again, but a little harshly, “What the hell?” Sho looked away, but before Melly was about to do her next moved, Sho turned around and pushed her really hard, until she leaned back to the table behind her, “WHAT THE HELL?!” he looked at her, when she seemed to be crying, acting like she’s in so much pain, Sho pointed his finger up, “What are you trying to do, huh woman?” he asked her, while Melly tried to stood up straight, “We were meant for each other,” she told him when Sho just has his biggest laugh for the day, “You and I?” he pointed his finger back and forth in between she and him, “We were never even made to know one another,” as he looked behind, when Takeda holds up his phone, “Sho,” he said, showing him the phone, “Kaede wants to talk to you,” passing him the phone.

                Sho’s world seemed to be turning around, “Hello?” he talked to the person on the other side, “Brother!” Kaede called for him, as if he was worried about something, making him much more worrier, “What is it Kaede?” he asked him, “Sister,” he speaks, while gasping for air, “What’s wrong with her?” Sho asked again, “She’s leaving US!” Kaede started to cry, when Sho widen his eyes, “Where is she?” as he asked him, and Kaede telling him every details that he could give, “I hope you can save us,” and that was the last word he told Sho before he hung up. Kaede closed his eyes, “I really hope you can get back together with sister, brother,” he thought to himself. “Kaede!” Scarlett called for him from the kitchen, “Yes?” as he ran towards the kitchen, “Come,” she smiled, calling him for lunch, “It’s lunch time,” as she pulled the chair to the back, but Kaede looked at the food, “But sis,” he looked at her with a pitiful face, “I really wanted to eat Pizza,” he frown a little. She had a small laugh, “Awww, come here,” she holds him closer, “You want to go there now?” she asked him, because she only cooked some rice and fried eggs, and she knows how choosy can a boy be, “Yes,” he blinked his eyes a few times to her, while Scarlett  went to her room, taking her bag, “Come on,” she smiled to Kaede, putting out her hand, as he held it, “Let’s go,” he smiled, feeling too happy. “I hope this is working,” he thought on his own, “I really hope they can get back with each other,” he thought again when she closed the door.

                When they reach at the shopping mall, they looked around the placed, looking at things to buy, when Kaede remembered back the time he promised to Sho, “Sister,” he called for her, pulling her hand. She looked at him, “Yes, Kaede?” she smiled, “I need to go to the toilet,” he looked at her, “Oh, alright,” she smiled. After she takes him to the toilet, he told her to wait for him at the Teddy Palace house, because he said he wanted to do his boy thing inside the toilet.
                Scarlett started to wonder what is it but he’s not telling her, “Alright,” she smiled, “I’ll wait for you there,” she turned around, walking to the shop.
                After a while, she has begun to felt a little worried that, why Kaede is still isn’t out from the toilet still. She was sure that it was like fifteen minutes ago. She walked out from the shop when she accidently ran on somebody, “Oh, sorry,” she told him, but when she looked up the person’s face, she couldn’t believe her eyes.
                It was him. Sho. Who was standing right in front of her face, looking deep into her eyes. “I’m sorry,” she said, turning around and tried to run away from him, but he hold her hand, “Let me go, Sho,” she tried to pushed him away, “Please,” she looked at him, “Let me go,” she started to feel tears coming out from her eyes, but Sho just hold her close. Scarlett tried to push him away, again and again, but she couldn’t afford to. He’s just much stronger than her.
                “Why did you go?” Sho asked her, feeling just frustrated thinking about what had happened between the two of them. One misunderstanding surely did cost a lot of things.

                “I don’t like you anymore!” she screamed to him, breaking his heart, shattered it away just like that. He closed his eyes. He was sure that the only person that belong, owned his heart is only her, no one else but her, but that incident that night, surely torn her heart.
                But after sometimes trying her hard, she finally succeeded to push him to the side, “I’m really sorry,” she said as she turned around, ran towards outside of the mall, and felt her tears fell down once again.
                She sat on the bench nearby an electronic shop, covering her face with both of her hand, crying just so hard, “Why did he come back,” she mumbled alone when suddenly, she felt that someone sat right next to her,
                That person took a deep breath, “You know,” he said, when she just listen to it, “When you started to cherish someone you love,” he continues his line, when she had a small peek at her side.
                “Sometimes,” he still continue talking to her, “You don’t even want that special person to go away from you,” he looked aside, facing the other way round.
                She took a deep breath, “What do you mean by that?” she asked him, still doesn’t know who was actually talking to her there, but why would she cares?
                He just smiled, “Because when another human that was just too cruel and full of jealously towards a couple who was just so madly in love,” he sighed a little, “They would just do anything to make that person hers,” he closed his eyes, “To tear a beautiful relationship apart,” he said, as he leaned a little lower, facing the ground.
                “But you know,” he said again, “I really love that someone special,” he looked at her, “I can’t live my life without her,” he told her, touching her hand, making her a little shaken, she gulped a little.
                “I really love you, Scarlett,” he told her. She opened her eyes, feeling that somehow her heart stopped beating for a while, as she looked up towards his face, and saw him right there, looking deep into her eyes, she turned away.
                I don’t want to drown into your lies anymore, Sho, she thought on her own, as she tried to run away again, but he grabs her hand, “Don’t leave me,” he told her again, hoping that she would understand what was going on there.
                She just looked at him, “But what happened that night between you and,” before she could finished her line, he cuts in, “Melly and her friends was just betting that one of them will get me,” Sho told her, while closing his eyes, “But I don’t want them, Scar,” he told her, holding both of her hand,
                She tried to look away, but how is that possible? Feeling his touch on her face, she just closed her eyes when he moved her towards him, “The only person I love,” he said, “Really, really love,” he took a deep breath, and went closer to her face, “Is just,” he kissed her cheek when she tries to let his hand go, just too afraid to know what he might tell her then, she felt him touching her lips, “Just you” he looked at her truthfully.
                Scarlett went speechless for a moment, she looked at him, “Really?” she asked, when he smiled a little, “Yes,” he nodded, “Just you,” he told her and suddenly kneels down, in public, in front of everybody there, he kissed her hand, “Scarlett,” he called for her name.
                “Yes?” she answered him, really wondering what was he thinking or planning to do there and then. He smiled to her and took out something from his back jeans pocket.
                He took out one small pink box, as he opens it and held out a very beautiful diamond ring, “Scarlett Yumiko,” he said her name, when she blinked her eyes once, “Yes?” as she answered him.
                He smiled to her, “Will you be my one and only truthful loving wife?” he proposed to her, when at that second she felt that her heart exploded, just too happy, she smiled to him, when everyone else somewhere near by just looked at them, talking with a smile on their faces.

                Scarlett felt her cheek turned warm a little, “Are you proposing to me?” she asked him, as if she was doubtful with what he was doing there, “Spend your entire life right by my side,” he told her again.
                She looked at him for quite sometimes, thinking just so hard, but then, she just smiled, “I do,” she pulled him up and kissed him right there.
                He warped his arms around her waist, when the whole crowd who was looking at them giving them their applause. Their kissed lasted for sometime there, and they looked at each other, with a smile on their face.
                “I love you so much, Scarlett,” Sho smiled, looking at her beautiful deep brown eyes, “I love you too,” she told him when they kissed each  other again.
                An old lady suddenly walked towards them, with two chocolate apples in her hands, “Such a sweet couple,” she told them, giving the apple to them, with a smile on her face, “Congratulation,” she looked at them, when both of them just smiled, “Thank you,” when she touched Scarlett ‘s hand, “May your love last forever,” she said, as she walked away.
                Scarlett looked at Sho, “And what was that all about?” she asked him, when he smirk a little, “I proposed to you and you said I do?” he replied when she just smiled and kissed Sho’s lips, “I love you,” she told him when he held her closer.
                Suddenly, a young boy touched both of their hands, “Excuse me?” Kaede just stand there, looking a little confused. Sho looked at him, kneeling down, and picked him up his shoulder, “Yes Kaede?” he asked the small boy, when Kaede just frowned a little, “I got one question,” he asked them.
                Scarlett  looked at him, “What is it, Kaede-kun?” she asked him, when he looked at Scarlett, “Sis,” he called for her when she just smiled, “Yes?” she replied him, but then, he just rubbed his eyes,
                He looked at her, feeling just so sad, as if his heart had crushed to tiny bits, but he still needed to know something from her. He took a deep breath, “If you marry him,” he pointed to Sho, when both of them looked at him, “Yeah?” she replied him again, “Who will take care of me then?” he  asked them, looking deeply into both of their eyes. Scarlett and Sho looked at each other and smiled.

                After a few months of their marriage, it seemed like both of them are living happy with each other, when suddenly, “MAMA!” a small boy ran towards Scarlett. Eh? Isn’t it too soon for them to have a boy that big as a son?
                Scarlett looked at him, “Yes, Kaede?” she smiled. After their marrage, both Scarlett  and Sho went to the orphan house and talked to the Mother about adopting Kaede, because she had been living with him for quite sometimes, so if she ever got married anyway, it doesn’t mean that both of them have to parted ways.
                “Where is Papa hiding?” he asked her, while Scarlett just looked at Sho’s who was hiding under the blanket on the bed. Scarlett  smiled and whispered to her son, “I don’t know, dear,” she touched his hair, kissing his cheek, “Why don’t you go up on the bed,” she pointed to the bed she was sitting on, “and sit on that big thing over there?” she pointed out and smiled.
                “Why?” Kaede asked her, when she touched the end of his nose, “Because you are the hero of my life, who will to save me from a beast under the blanket,” Scarlett made a really terrifying and scared  face, when Kaede just looked at the bed, “No one disturb my mama!” when he scream so hard and jump on the bed.
                Sho laughed, holding him close. Kaede scream, “I GOT YOU NOW!!” he said, acting like he wanted to bite his ear, Kaede pushed him away, “DON’T YOU TOUCH MY MAMA!!” he screamed when Scarlett just smiled looking at both of them there.
                She was surely felt just too happy being with both of them, “PAPA!!” he screamed when Scarlett walked towards both of them. She felt a little back ache and touched her tummy, when suddenly Kaede looked at her, “Mama,” he called for her, when she just looked at him, “Yes dear?” she asked him, felt like this is the greatest gift that she ever received, two important person in her life.
                Kaede smiled to her, “When will I get my brother?” he asked her when she just smiled, looking at Sho, “Five more months,” Sho replied him, when he just smiled to wide, “Really?” Kaede looked at both of them, when she nodded her head, “Yes,” Scarlett replied him and sat right next to both of them.
                He looked at her, “If I get a brother,” he looked up for a moment, “Does that mean mama will love him more than me?” he asked Scarlett  when she just smiled, kissing his head, “I will love both of you,” she told him when suddenly Sho sniffed, “No one loves me,” he said when Kaede laughed, “But I love you!” he told Sho when all of them just smiled to each other.
                Scarlett  never thought that this was her life written to be. Now, she has a loyal husband, a sweet little kiw, and one more to come in a few more months. She touched her belly again, “I love both of you,”  as she kissed both the papa and her son.

                Sho and Kaede looked at each other, and grinned to one another. She frowned a little bit, “What?” she asked them, when suddenly both of them said it at once, “We love you too!” as all of them hugged one another.
                After a while of their joyfulness, Kaede opened a box of candy that were made by his mama, “Who want candy?!” he asked, smiling, when Sho already took one from the other side.
                Kaede frowned a little, “Mama!” he called for her, when she turned her gaze towards him, “Yes, Kaede?” she asked, when he felt a little upset, “Someone stole my candy!” he screamed.
                Scarlett held him closer to her, “It’s okay,” she smiled, “I’ll make you more,” as all of them laughs. “I love you Mama,” Kaede kissed his mother, but Sho looked at both of them, “What about me?” he asked, with a very sad face, when Kaede just laughed, “I love you too papa,” he hugged Sho.
                Both of them looked at each other, holding Kaede in their arms, they shared a short kiss, “We love you too, Kaede,” both of them told him and kissed his cheek on both sides.

                Oh, what happened to her shop? It seemed like Takeda is dealing with it nicely, since he has been promoted the manager of the shop, but he still can’t resist mixing the drinks. So everyone in this story lived happily with each other, loving one another.

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