Thursday, 16 May 2013

Equation 46 : Answers?

Answer, why does it even

There without any
Question asked, or given,
Though how a shadow,
Still remain, dim within tears
Of sorrow, with no
Conclusion, or even
Hesitation, but still
Answers were given,
With no denial, how a heart
Refusing to obey, somehow portrays
Admitting what was there,
Truth? For life infinity
Lies won't ever  survive,
Within destiny, how I forever know
Understanding, what was fear
Our love won't ever fade, within
Answers were still there,
But still couldn't be seen, 
How a heart breaks, shattered away,
Thousands of tears or emotion
With no endless question,
Ddeep inside my heart restrain,
A love for you, won't ever
Fades even if,
It will forever remain,
You and I,  though we
Would never be,
As one, for another second
As time passed by,
My heart for you still
Remain in a darkest sight
Without any light,
We won't fight for whats' right.

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