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Beast with a true Love : Chapter 8


Both of them had a laughter, as Sho smiled to the man in front of his eyes,
            “Seriously?” he asked Sho that was sitting back and relax on the couch he frequently sat at, he nodded,
            “Do I look like I’m kidding?” he asked Takuya, who is looking at him with a smirk across his lips, with his all time favorite, Mevius, cigarette slit in between two of his left hand fingers,
            “So,” he said, when Sho exchanged his glance from the other side towards his sight, Takuya gritted his teeth slightly, unbelieving with what he just heard, he smiled to Sho that was sitting beside him, he put the cigarette on the ash tray in front of him,
            “So, you’re telling me that now you’re in a university” Takuya said, trying to hold back his laughter, he only return Sho’s smile, with a glass of vodka that was served in his hand, he took a sip of it before they went any further.
            Sho nodded,
            “How am I supposed to be doing anything else?” he said.
            The other man lifted his shoulder up,
            “Stay forever fifteen?” he suggested, putting the glass down on the table, but Sho only had a small laughter,
            “Twenty seven,” he pointed it out.
            Takuya smiled to him,.
            “Twenty seven huh,” he repeated what Sho just told him, when he nodded his head again, “Yeah,” he replies him, when the man tapped his fingers on the couch that does not made any sound, he changed his vision towards the other side, “I’m pretty sure there’s a reason,” he said in a sudden, somehow, made Sho’s thought paused for a few second,
            “Reason?” he looked at Takuya, raising one side of his eyebrow, he took a deep breath as he looked at the woods that was already in flame at the fire place at the north side of the living room hall..
            His thought went somewhere else for a while, biting the end of his lips, as he took a deep breath before he gave the man an answer as he was looking at him anxiously.
            Even though how his personal life has been changing equally  through these pass years, it was possible for him to continue it perhaps with a career instead, but it seemed like his hunch to be in the university again got stronger when his scent told him about the one person he must me. The only one he should know, or at least has been waiting for to be seen.
            Miyuki Takeda.
            He closed his eyes for a moment, thinking back how that beautiful image, dazzling figure and how gentle she actually was.
            How he wasn’t sure if it was the right decision to be done for him to be close to her. Though they were not attached with each other, in a relationship closer to one another, but he felt that if he have her right next to him at least during the day light, he was sure enough that she was still in the right position, of a right man’s hand.
            He took a deep breath, as he slightly grasps his fist a little tense.
            I’ll keep you safe,
            he thought alone.
            But he was sure that his attendance to be  there with her was actually for another reason, apart from his desire to be with her, holding her close in his arms, though it was only just for a play, he know it was impossible for him to win her heart. Though he knows how much hers was crying out for his love,  what will happen if she really knows who he really was.
            he thought, shutting his eyes tighter, as he felt one of his nail perking in his own skin, but still he does not bother about that small matter.
            What he is still is.
            Maybe living his life with normal human being can be exhilarating most of the time, but also with the existence of his kind sometimes he thought it might not be the greatest thing in the world.
            He felt a glint of joy sheds on the blank sheet during that night.
            Though how the depression of being what he is, he was sure that the only thing that made him happy was only her smile.
            he whispers her name through his thought.
            At one point previously, it seemed like he knew that the moment when she gave him the first glance and thoughts that came across her mind was something that excite him.
            What was the exciting thing that happened in between them, perhaps maybe when they first time spoken to each other,


            She walked at the side of the bleachers that wasn’t that old to be more exact, but was not that new either, she looked towards the sun that was setting down at the west side of Fukaya, she smiled a little thinking of how her day would end along side with the most beautiful view of the day light. How the colors, the intensity of light was just enough to make a sorrowful heart carved with a smile. How much it calms her heart, how she wishes that she was here with someone special to share the beautiful view of the most romantic light at the end of the glowing light on the beautiful blue sky everyone share with the same meaningful sensation of love.
            As if it would be as if a powerful symphony, a sonata, somehow was shedding behind, becoming more emotional and beautiful as it dies down.
            She shrugged a little.
            Even though how the ray of light seemed to be friendly, peaceful at most of times, she walked to the bleachers below her, as she slumped herself on it with a broken down heart,
            ”But I’m still on my own,” she whispers in a very soft tone as she felt the breeze suddenly flew across her skin, she felt her tears dropped down in one action. She shifted her position, trying not to make it obvious to anyone that was walking pass by there, she looked at the empty ground that she was stepping on at that time.
            Suddenly, she heard footsteps heading lower towards her direction. She raises her eyebrow’s up,
            J? the only name that came across her mind, but she wasn’t sure if it was him anyway because he did told her that his little sister got some activities to ask for his little favor.she was pretty sure that he would not bailed on his little sister, she took a deep breath and desicded to turn her head around, but with a speed of light, the wind blew right passed by her in an instant, she was devastated when she saw nothing behind hewecept for the fact crows flowned away towards it’s headed direction.
            She caress he outside of her lips gently with the tip of her point fingers,
            “It’s only birds,” she mumbled, when suddenly, she felt someone touchingoneside of her houlder with his finger, somehow made her headt jolt in a sudden rush.
            She looked towards the side,
            What is that, what is that?” she kept on asking herself as she opened her eyes wide.
            The person who touched her gave her a friendly smile,
            “I’m really sorry if I’ve disturbed you,” he said, as how she was wishing that the ray of dawn was not glomming away,  the light somehow fades her vision a little bit in delay.
            She closed her eyes for a few second,
            I know that voice, she old herself, trying to recall back the words he jsu said, but she only shakes her head,
           she thought alone. Was not hoping it to be the person that came across her mind, it was impossible for him to even say Hello to her with no reason to be sure of, she gritted her teeth against each other,
            It couldn’t be him,
            the words played again in her mind.
            She jumped in after a while of thought when she felt him touching her shoulder once again,
            “Please don’t kill me!” she shrieked without any further notice, feeling a little scared, perhaps with the death she had heard from the killer beast, she wasn’t even boter if it was a human who was touching her shoulder once again, she grabbed her bag pack and was on her move to hit whoever that was at her side,  when she felt him touching both sde of her shoulder,
            “Miss Yuki,” she heard his voice, called for her name.
            Her heart stopped for a few second,
            How did he know my name!! it shrieked on its own again.
            “Yuki.” She heard him calling for her name again, and that’s when she decided,
            He knows me. She thought. And with that reason, perhaps whoever in front of her has no intention to kill her anyway. Who would this worry her so much in the first place?
            she took a deep breath,
            Just look at whoever in front of you then, Yuki she told herself, as finally she decided to open her eyes, as with the glimmer light that was stll shining a little fades a little, she saw his beautiful smile, and how his eyes that was gazing through her eyes. She wanted to say a word, but somehow her heart aused for a few moment. She breathe solemnly, as her eyes couldn not stop blinking for a few times, she couldn’t believe who she saw in front of her eyes.
            “Suno…”  she tries to speak but somehow her pulse that was in an inconsistence flow merged along side with her  semi anxious emotion, she only stood still.
            Why is he in front of my eyes. Why is he here? She thought on her own.
            He smiled to her,
            “Yeah, I’m Sunohara,” he said.
            She nodded.
            “Hi, Sho,” she finally said, when he just smiled to her. At that second, she was nt even sure where she was standing. Was she even breathing or was still floating on her own.illusion, but what other thing she could possibly do when the man she kept on thinking about was there in front of her eyes. Feeling a little frightful of him being there might has for a little while, but she tries to give herself courage to overcome her own, heart delusion.
            She tries to smile to him,
            “So,” she said, with a little paused, she still remained with the smile that didn’t really change even a little, he nodded his head,
            :Yeah?” he replied her, when he walked towards her side, he pointed dowat the bleacher she was sitting alone. She looked at him, when she gave him a little way,
            “Sure, have a seat,” she told him, when he returned her smile with his dazzling beam across his lips.
            She took a deep breath, and looked at the reflection of light that was setting away,
            “Beautiful huh?” he asked him, pointing towards the sky that was remarkably precious at that second, he nodded his head, agreeing with what she had said to him, he ran his fingers against the side of his lips, with a smile across his lips, “You’re right. Sun setting every day sure if one of the beautiful thing that happens every day in our life. It would be a pity if we don’t cherish every second as time passed by,” he told her, somehow made her heart beat slowly with whatever he said.
            She whimpers a little, “I guess you are right,” she replied. How amazing it was to be with a man who is as charming as a man would ever be, what’s better to see him as a person who cares, appreciate with everything that was going on in the world. It has been heard that how many are men as equal as it was too women, but it’s hard to find a man like him.
            She felt grateful to know a person like him. Journey of life might not be easy, but fate and destiny, who would know what it meant to be. Though somehow, it always meant what it was supposed to be.
            She smiled on her own for a while, and made him wonder,
            “So, what brings you here?” she asked him in a sudden, he took a deep breath, as he turned his gaze towards her, though somehow got her a little startled,
            Those eyes,
            that thought flicker through her head for a few times.
            She whispers for his name to herself, was still floating in her own dream, she looked at him without even exchanging any direction during that second.
            he had a small laughter that breaks whatever she was thinking a moment ago,
            “Earth to Yuki. Earth to Yuki,” he said for a few times, and somehow made her realize that she was actually dreaming.
            She looked at him,
            “What?” and that was the word that came out from her mouth.
            He smiled to her,
            “Wouldn’t it be just wonderful to spend this second with someone you care about?” he said, somehow those words made her lips paused worse that ever before.
            Wouldn’t it be nice if that someone is you, she said to herself, as her eye sight couldn’t every think of anything else anymore rather than just to be by his side, how him being there portrays how her life ahead would be like with him there, but how long with it last anyway? They never even said anything else other than, Hello, How do you do?
            She took a short breath,
            “Yeah…” she replied him, not confident with her own answer, but he smiled, knowing whatever she was thinking of, but he guess it wasn’t right if he’d ever approach her any further than what is actually happening.
            Ever since the past previous life he had been living with, he understands that women might be easy to get along with sometimes, but who would understand how complicated their heart actually is. He would never harm a precious heart; he would never compel a prized soul.
            He looked at her gracefully,  she raised her eyebrow,
            "What?” she asked him the same question again. He did not do anything apart than just smiled to her, he took a deep breath before he would continue with what he wanted to tell her. Thinking if it was the right one to say, but how could he ever disobey his own self. He turned his gaze towards the sun that already set down, setting his eyes on the once beautiful sight.
            “If only it would last forever,” he said as the sun set fades away little by little.
            Miyuki fell silent, feeling the semi cold breeze slowly brushed by against her skin, as the night time was about to fall, she know she couldn’t hold it any longer,
            I got to do this, she told herself, as she looked at him, but felt his fingers touched her soft cheek, he made her looked at him in his beautiful glowing eyes, he hold her hand with the other side of his. She felt his breath gently blew against her ear,
            Oh my God. What is going on? What is going on?!
            The same question kept on asked on her mind.
            How hard was it for her to look away, but it seemed like she was hypnotize by him. She gripped her fist tighter,
            Breathe, Yuki. Breathe,
            she told herself, but he still didn’t change his vision to anywhere else apart from looking straight into her eyes.
            He looked at her consistancely,
            “I know that you’re nervous about this. It is my first time ever do this myself, but I know that we can pull this through together,” he said.
            She wondered where her pulse sheds instantaneously.
            She questioned herself again, but…
            He smiled to her,
            “I know we can do this play together,” he told her.
            She let out a short sigh as she looked away,
            Oh, how am I hoping he would say that,
            she thought, but she hold his warm hand that was hold against hers, she smile to him, hiding away her failure depression,
            “We’ll do this together?” she asked.
            He nodded,
            “You and me,” he told her, when he felt her suddenly hold him closer in her arms, as if she doesn’t even want to let him go, she smiled with a little tears hidden behind her eyes,
            “Thank you, Sho,”
            “Thank you for always be by my side,” she said, as he felt one drop of her tears fell down on his gray t-shirt, he wrapped his arms around her. Maybe he knows that everything might be too early in between the two of them, but he got to give himself a chance to get to know her more instead of only reading what she have in mind.
            He smiled,
            “Thank you, Yuki, for letting me be your friend,” he said, when he felt her hold him much closer in her arms.
            He guess this is an actual world he’s living in now. He looked at the sky that doesn’t really show any more light, but he was happy to have the only light he wishes to have in his life.
            Miyuki Takeda is someone he need in his life.


            “Oi,” he heard someone called for him, when he shakes his head for a few times. He looked at the clock on the wall. It seemed like he took some of his time to actually dream about someone he care about. He looked at Takuya and smiled to him,
            “Sorry, man,” he said, when Takuya had a big laugh,
            “What are you doing?” he asked him. Sho only gave him a little smirk,  “Just thinking of a reason why I decided to go back to the University,” he said.
            Takuya had a laugh, “Anything thought of?” he asked him when Sho just lifted his shoulder up, “I’m not sure actually,” he said, but then he smiled a little,
            “Maybe because there’s a small particular reason why I went back there,” he said.
            Takuya nodded his head,
            “For sure,” he said.
            Suddenly, both of them heard the front door was open, and foot steps walking inside. Both of them exchange their look with each other, Takuya looked at Sho,
            “I thought you’re living here alone?” he asked, but Sho shakes his head, denying whatever he just said is true, but sadly it is not, Takuya raised his eyebrow,
            “Who are you living with?” he asked as the foot steps are getting closer.
            Sho closed his eyes.
            How grateful for him to think that he would be on his own for the whole night, but how can he ever forget that the other man has return in his life.
            He took a deep breath,
            “A…” but before he could finish his sentence, the whole house turns to dark.

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