Wednesday, 3 July 2013

This is the actual world....

Hello guys. Woow.. It has been quite sometimes since i've written anything in this blog. I reeally hope that all of u are doing alright. As for me? Tired with the new work. Its really amazing that finally i got called in to bé apart of the Malaysia Airlines, the place i've been dreaming to work at since im a little girl, but finally i've realize that.... Previously i was only living in my own world..
it's true that living a life in a big city is full of sociallity, different styles of world and everything, but sometimes, no most of the time i just don't understand with whats going on with myself. It seems like i am still living on my own. I still love living ALONE.
i guess it's hard for people to understand u if u don't apprach them, but how can i even connect if it's really hard for them to even reply to a smile almost everytime? How bad is it anyway? It's true that i'm having multiple sclerosis, sure life isn't as easy living ALONE, but  i still have legs to walk, hands to touch, lips to speak. Even though if i'm paralize, we are still breathing the same air everyday. We share it every day. What's the point of BEING annoying most of the time? Do u even have to pay for each smile u give anyway?
Nope, i never ask u to sympattize me but how nice can you say u are if u don't even know how to return a smile?



  1. あなたの進む未来に心のjewelryがたくさん掴めますように・・・。心こそ大切

    1. うん..真..ほとんどの人は単に自分の自己権を考える?

  2. 蔵の財より身の財すぐれたり・身の財より心の財第一なり(日蓮大聖人)

  3. 一丈のほり(掘)を・こえぬもの十丈二十丈のほりを・こうべきか