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Beast with a true Love : Chapter 10

  Her breathing changes a little, without noticing anything,
            even though she was sure that this wasn’t real,
            she knows her heart belongs to someone else,
            but she still wrapped both of her arms around his neck, she replies back the kiss that he was giving to her,
            But suddenly,
            her heart pulse stop within second time passed
            She opens her eyes, as she felt him caressing his fingers gently behind her back, but she pulled herself away from him, as she release herself from him.
            Hr looked deep into her eyes, he reached for her, but she avoids him. She turns away.
            She blinked her eyes, twice.
            She holds herself together,
            What is happening…
            she questioned herself.
            “Why?” she mumbled gently, as she felt him caressing her cheek from behind,
            she looked away towards the opposite side,
            “Why are you even here?…” she asked, but he only give her a smile,
            “I know you want me here,”
            She shook her head, “Do I?”
            She felt his fingers gently move towards the other side of her face. She struggled herself to breathe, feeling his warm breath slight rushed by against her neck, she shivers but still tries so hard to stand up straight,
            He is not real…
She manage to gasp for some air, she gripped her first tighter,
She recall back the time, with her fingers gently rose up, she touched the end of her lips,
            Did we…
            She sighed, when the image of him with his lips pressed against her reflects back to herself.
            Whatever her heart was feeling then, she was not sure if she could understand what was going on. He’s always here with her when the night has fallen down, when the earth was dark, only with the beam of the gazing stars and moon light flying across the midnight sky,
            she kept on wondering why.
             She closed her eyes, commanding her heart to refuse every possible thing he was trying to gave her, she turns around to looked at him, but he was still smiling to her even though she wasn’t feeling happy at all.
            He leaned a little closer to her, as his fingers slides through hers,
            “I’m always with you,” he whispers, stepping behind from where she was standing, she felt a little puzzled, she felt her heart palpitates harder,
            “No, wait,” she called for him, but he only gave her a smile, still continuing stepping away from her, he let the hand he was holding go.
            He smiled to her,
            “No!” she called for him, but somehow, his shadows shades away slightly…
            She tries to move forward, but the gravity was holding her close. She felt her muscles tighten up rigidly, she struggled herself, when he was still smiling to her though he was already far from her sight,  she reached out for him, but she fell down on the ground, kneeling alone, she tries to look at him, but he was not there any longer.
            She took a deep breath,
            “AKIYAMA!!” she screamed out for his name, but at the end, she felt like she was chocking on her own, she tries to breathe, but she couldn’t, she closed her eyes shut, trying hard to detain the pain she was feeling inside, her surrounding suddenly turns black.

            She opens her eyes.
            “What was…” she said, when she looked at what was in front of her face, she felt a little strange, pushing herself up gently, she raised her eyes for a moment, and thought about whatever she was feeling just now, when she realize that she only had fallen asleep in her room.
            She wasn’t at wherever she was dreaming of.
            She had a small laughter,
            “And I thought that man was real,” she said.
            She heard a heard a knock on the bedroom door in a sudden.
            “Eh?” she said, as she slow pushing herself up from the desk she had fallen asleep on, she looked at the window at the end of her room.
            “What is that?”
            She stood up, it was silent for a few second, but somehow.
            The knocking continues.
            She gritted her teeth together, she walks towards the window. The wind from the fan inside her room blew againts her, when the curtains of the window move a little, she scratches her head when she saw a shadow behind it.
            She raised her eyebrow,
            Isn’t that only a dream?
            Suddenly the thought of Akiyama came across her head.
            “No,” she said.
            She took a deep breath, when she saw the shadow outside knocks on her window again.
            Is it possible? Wasn’t it only a dream?
            She thought on her own, as she moved one step closer towards the window, she closed her eyes shut before she decided what she should do,
            Oh! I got to do it! It’s better than just wonder!! Do it Yuki, do it!
She closed her eyes for a few moment and nodded her head, commanding herself to be brave and embrace with whatever she have to do,
            “Who is it?” she finally says what she wanted to say, she heard someone outside coughed for several of times,
            “It’s me,” he answered in a mellow tone.
            Strange. It seemed like she have heard that voice before, but she couldn’t figure out who it was. It’s impossible to be him, but she was not sure.
            She looked away,
            “No,” she said with her teeth biting the lower part of her lips, even she can’t hear her own voice. She shuddered herself, shaking her head, denying it.
            It couldn’t be him,
            she told herself, she ran her fingers through her hand as she clears her throat when the knocking goes again.
            She had a short gulp, she closed her eyes,
            It’s nothing, Yuki,
            “Open the window. Help me,” he calls for her, as she approached the window. Even though how her heart was throbbing at that second, but she got to know who was it. Who was there, outside.She touched the curtains,
            “Why should I help you?” she question whoever that was outside.
            She saw the shadows somehow trembled down, when she opened her eyes wide, andgets closer to the window.
            She closed her eyes again,
            Just do it, she told herself, as she opens the curtain wth thousands of question going on her head. She bit her lips and closed her eyes.
            She slides open the curtain that was hanging inside her room.
            She took a deep breath when the moon light outside gaze inside her room. She covers her face with both of her palm, but she felt him grabbing her fist.
            She turned her gaze and looked at him,
            Her lips fell down a bit when she saw who he was. Her heart somehow race harder, but she didn’t speak any words.
            She bit her lips a little, when a small frown cross over her lips. She pointed her fingers up towards his direction,
            “You,” she said, in disbelieved..


            Masaki crossed over to the other side of the living room hall, he stopped at the side of Sho, who was still reciting back on the issues that the three of them were talking about. Masaki put his hand on his fellow friend’s shoulder, he looked at Takuya who was sitting in front of his sight,
            “And how can I even live without this man,” he said, gripping his build up shoulder slightly, he smiled constantly.
            Sho look at him mischievously, when he hold him a little tighter,
            “He’s a good friend,” he nodded his head.
            Sho looked away.
            He remembers back after the incident that happened to Masaki at his previous life, they don’t really ever speak any word. Perhaps his tenacity in thing that he was doing, he always want it to be right. No. he always wants it to be like how he wanted it to be.
            Akiyama Masaki might be a – type of man, but who knows his actual character really is?. A man who think he’s full of superiority, condescending,  greedy, he only cares for what he wants. He only bothers about his desire in life. He never care about anything else apart for himself.
            Sho let out a short sigh, when he nodded his head, and gave a smile that seemed to be real, but never was,
            “Yeah,” he replied, patting Masaki’s hand that was still resting on his shoulder, “Thanks,man,
 he replied him.
            Masaki smiled mildly, he turned his gaze towards Takuya, who was wearing a white t-shirt and a navy blue jeans, he bit the tip of his lips without anyone noticing, he took a short breath, when he looked at him a little precisely,
            “So, what brings you here?” he asked him.
            Sho widen his eyes a little,
            Who do you think you are?
            he thought  right after he asked that man such a peevish, just rough enough to someone who came over for visiting an old friend, Takuya looked at him, feeling not at cam, he ran his fingers through his hair, Masaki just looked at him persistently,
            “Well, I was just,” but before he could finished his sentence, Masaki looked at his empty glass on the table, he took the bottle of vodka, and pour some in it,” Oh, please have a drink,” he said, with a mocking smile carved on his lips,
            Takuya looked at him, startled,
            “Oh, thanks,” he said, taking the glass, and had a sip.
            Masaki sit next to him,
            “I mean, it has been such a long time since I last saw you and wow, finally you’re here again. It’s so great to see some old friend without any plan, isn’t it?” Masaki said.
            Takuya looked at him,
            “Well, I was just on my way to Tokyo, and I think if I continue my journey I might have doze off somewhere, so, maybe I should pay a friend a little visit before I continue with where I’m heading too,” he said, looking at Sho, who lifted his glass up before he took his sip.
            The other man had a laughter when both f them turned their glance towards him,
.           “Oh I see. So ou drove from Kanagawa to Tokyo huh?” Masaki said, when he ran his fingers around the top of the glass in front of him. Takuya nodded his head, “Yeah,” he said, making what he was clear.
            Masaki Akiyama just smiled to him, when Takuya was left hanging, blank.
            “So, you change your direction hundred and eighty degree from Kanagawa to Tokyo, just to stop by here?” he asked. Takuya just looked at him,
            “Like I told you, I want to meet him,” he pointed to Sho, when Masaki raised his eyebrow,
            “Just that?”
            “Oh,” he growled a little, Sho looked at Masaki,
            What the hell?
            he thought on his own.
            Masaki gave him a smile that means a thousand things,
            “I hope you’d enjoy your stay here,” he said, with his thumbs up.

            She looked at the person standing in front of her. He was wearing only a gray sweat shirt, with a hood behind its back, faded jeans short; brown colors sandals, she saw him holding himself together with both of his arms cross over his chest.
            . She looked at the dark solemn night behind his back with the wind blowing blustery against her warm skins, the weather seemed to be at a low temperature tonight. The man who's standing in front of her, shivers with his teeth greeted together.
            She sighed,
            And someone got to save the day, like usual,
            she thought with a little slight smile across her face, she reached out for his hand. He looked at her, feeling her warm fingers jolted through his skin. He took a deep breath,
            "Yuki," he called for her name, looking deep into her eyes, she blinks it twice.
            “Yes?” she replied him. He was standing straight there, he wasn't sure if he was able to move any longer. He felt his chest tighten up, he closed his eyes for a while,
            If only
           But before he could come to an end with his thoughts, he felt her gripping his fist slightly, he looked at her, “Oh, honey,” she said, and gave him s slight smile across her face, she pressed her palm on his farehead and it seemed like his temperature was quite high, she patted his cheek a little,
             “Come on, J. Let's go inside,” she said to him, holding her palm tighter against his, she pulled him with her, she bend her body lower as she get inside her room through the open window.
            She looked at him from inside,
            “Careful,” she said.
            He nodded his head, "Okay," he said, as he followed her.

            Masaki and Sho stood beside each other outside the house, looking at Takuya who was taking his leave, he walked towards his car that was parked at the other side of the road. The road was really quite at that time of the hour. Sho looked at his watch,
            Two fifteen…
            he bit the end of his lips, when Takuya opened his car door,
            “It’s really nice to see you two,” he said, looking at them at the other side of his car, Sho lifted his hands up,
            “Hope to see you again later,” he said, greeting his fellow friend a last goodbye before he’d know when he will see him again, Takuya smiled,
            “Yeah, me too,” he said, somehow, Masaki stepped closer to him, he offers his hand for another handshake, he looked straight into his eyes, his eyes glows up a little in a red reflection as the dim light  falls down from the sky, he smiled as Takuya accepted his handshake,
            “Hope you’ll have a good time in hell,” he wishes him sarcastically.
            Takuya nodded his head,
            “Thanks. I hope I’ll have a good time,” he said, with a small laughter, Sho joined in as he walked closer towards those two, Masaki smiled deviously, as he felt him gripped his fist tighter,
            “Yeah, a hell of a good time,” he said, when he nodded his head, “Yeah, I hope so,” He said, when Masaki felt him trying to release his hand from his grip, Sho looked from the side, curious with what he was trying to do, he rest his arms on Takuya’s shoulder, he stared at Masaki with a black eyes, though somehow Masaki Akyama notice his fear, Sho Sunohara’s hostile image reflection hidden behind those brown eyes, those deplorable smile.
            Masaki smirked a little,
            Takuya gets inside his car, turning its engine on, he closed the door, he looked to the side with one side of his hand opening the window towards their direction,
            “Take care,” he wished them, when Sho just smiled to him,
            “See you,” he said, when Takuya smiled, “See you,” he replied and drove his white Mitsubishi sports away.
Masaki had a short laughter,
            “I can’t believe that he shows up here,” he said, with an irritating smile across his face, he turned around and looked at the other side of where both of them were standing at that time, he stepped forward back towards the house.
            Sho fixed his eyes statically towards him. His moving shadows somehow vacant his heart, if only he have a heart as cold as he was, how he desire to do what he has been doing for pleasure, he turned to the right side of where he was standing and saw the Sunohara’s Property sign stand there with a wooden stick that was sharp enough at the end, he gripped his fist tighter, he took his deepest breath holding back his anger that was bursting in flame inside his soul, if only he could just take that stick and stabbed it straight to his heart, he closed his eyes shut, when he felt his blood rushed off to another element, within second, he grabbed Masaki’s collar, glaring straight into his eyes.
            “What the hell, Akiyama,” he said, as he pushed him towards the Sakura tree outside the house, Masaki widen his eyes, his face expression changes with an instant time passed by. It seemed like he was frightened, slack-jawed with what Sho was doing to him, Sho felt like he was in the lead with whatever he was doing,
            You’re in my hand now, Akiyama, he thought,
             but somehow, Masaki grabbed  the arm that he was holding him, and pinned him down at where he was before, he had a smirk looking at him from the back.
            He could feel the ache that he was feeling, he could feel the sting that strike through his heart, Masaki smiled alone,
            And how can you even be stronger than I am,
            he made that statement to himself,
            His choleric ego stands taller than a tiger crawling across the dark cold night of life.
            “And you think that I’m scared of you?” he said sarcastically behind his ear, when Sho tried to pulled himself off from his grip, he hold his hand that was tighten close to him. He was sure if he was still breathing, he tries to break himself free,
            “Let me off, Akiyama!” he shouted when he just laugh to him,
            “Fine,” he said, when he pushed Sunohara Sho away, he fell down on the ground.
            He took a deep breath, with his fingers running on his throat he was chocked a while ago, he looked at Masaki who was standing with grace by his side,
            “What do you want from him?” he asked him.
            Masaki gave him a woeful smile,
            “I just want him gone,” he told him, as he turned around and walked back towards the house.
            Sho pushed himself up, as he walked at the speed limit to stand beside him. How he felt his heart was scowling for him to not being here, but he was curious why he was doing all of this. Why was he being a terrible pain of being there with him.
            “As much as I want you to get out from my life?” he said, with a devious glare towards him as both of them stopped in front of the front door, Masaki looked at him, as he ran his fingers through his lips, he nodded his head,
            “Exactly,” he said as he walked inside the house.

            She walked towards him who was sitting on her green sheeted bed, with two cups of hot chocolate in her hand,
            “Here,” she said, putting those cups on the side table in her room, she looked at him, when he took the cup from her,
            “Thanks,” he said, she smiled to him as she slides her fingers through his soft brown hair, she sat next to him. She looked at him, “So, what brings you here?” she asked him.
            He took a sip of the warm drink, he closed his eyes for a while, he lifted his shoulder up, “I don’t know, “ he took a eep breath and turned his sight to her.
            She looked at him with wide open eyes,
            “You don’t know?”
            He shakes his head, “I don’t actually,” he said, but then he gave her a friendly smile.he lifted the cup that he was still holding in his hand,
            “Maybe I miss your chocolate drink,” he said.
            Miyuki had a small laughter,
            “You’re funny, J,” she told him, when he pt the cup down on the table,
            “Seriously,” he said, when she had a tiny laugh, he looked at her,
            “So, I guess the play is on next Saturday, huh?” he said.
            She nodded her head, somehow she felt her cheek burns a little bit, she closed her eyes, taking a short breath.
            He had a small laugh,
            “What’s wrong with you?”
            She looked at him, feeling a little impansive,
            “Nothing,” she said in a sudden.
            He smirked a little,
            “Ahh,” he said, nodding his head,
            “What?” she asked, trying to deny what she was thinking, he leaned closer to her face, and smiled,
            “It’s that guy, isn’t it?” he asked her. She widen her eyes, “What are you talking about?”
            Jun grinned to her,
            “Romeo, O Romeo, thou I Romeo,” he imitate one of the line that Juliet spoken in the play, he winked his eyes.
            Her mouth dropped down,
            “Are you teasing me?” she asked him, when he shakes his head, “Why would I?” he raised his eyebrow. Miyuki leaned closer to his face, she looked at him without exchanging her sight,
            “Don’t lie,” she said, frowning her face, he winked his eyes,
            “Why would I lie to you anyway?” he asked her
            She lifted her fingers up,
            “Shh,” he whispers to her.
            She looked at him,
            “What?” she asked him, but he only smiled to her,
            “Good luck for your play,” he leaned closer to her, she felt a little startled with whatever he was doing to her then,
            “And I’ll keep your secret,” he whispers to her.
            She raised her eyebrow,
            He nodded his head,
            She raised her eyebrow,
            “What secret?
            “Sunohara Sho,” he whispers to her again.
            She felt her heart stopped beating instantly. He looked at her and winked his eyes.

(C) 2013 Kytty Sakuraiba

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