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Beast with a true Love : Chapter 9


Takuya looked at Sho in an instant, but he only stood there straight without even bother with what was about to come ahead. He rose up his eyebrow, as he look through the darkest light, he lifted his shoulder up and sighed with no intention to bother with anything that is about to attack.
            His fellow mate turned his gaze towards the other side, wondering what is actually going on. He reached out for whatever part he was touching him,
            “What’s going on?” he asked Sho, but he only heard him flicking his fingers for a few times, and tapping his foot down the ground constantly.
            He looked at Sho, but does not know what he was actually doing.
            Sho took a deep breath,
            And why on earth would he here on Friday night,
            he thought, but he heard the footsteps once again walking much closer to them, he knows how much his fellow friend’s heart was trembling at that moment. Though how tough he can be, but he was sure that some issues can make a men’s heart restless. He looked through the darkness in front of his eyes sight.
            He was not surprise that that other man can even have a sly scheming to make another man falls back down; he knows that that person was possible to even make the whole world pay their obeisance towards him. They would kneel down on their knees to pledge for him.
            He tapped his feet once again, waiting for the light to flare on more time.


            29th August 2012
            Dear diary,
            How should I even start….
            Oh, I don’t know how to even express my own feeling. Regular days has always been the same. Days with J, out with Manami,, get to get in class…
            It seemed like everything is just as the way they are.
            It’ great that J and Keiko are finally back together. It petrified me when I heard them splitting up before.  Their relationship for the past years and how intimate both of them are together, but a sudden news of not together anymore surely was a big issue at that time.
            Ha ha ha.
            Sure. J might not be the quarter back of a football team, or the prom kind of 1780’s but he’s the greatest drama king I’ve ever known in my entire life.
            Tthe news really had delighted me up somehow. …
            Oh never mind....
            I’m just happy that he found his love once again.
            What else..
            Oh yeah. How can I even forget about this…
            Drama class…
            Ah, it is still like how it was supposed to be.. Mr Takeshi and his only statement,
            “I know what you have in mind”
            When he actually know nothing, but, I guess all of us are used to it.
            Other than that, I’m pretty satisfied that I manage to sort out my time to study and rehersaing for the play. Economic exam isn’t really fun, but bleh.
            But somehow, I don’t know why I’m feeling a little nervous, too anxious for another day to pass.. It’s only 10.45 at night, and how I wish the day would skip to another day already.
            why am I feeling like this?
            Why is … he making me feel like this?
            We’re already clear to each other that whatever that is going to happen are only for the play, but why this thing kept on repeating on my brain.
            Never mind. Why should I care about this anyway. I hope I can do it with my own heart…
            Good night…

            He smiled looking at the two of them through the darkness. If only it’s possible to keep those image in his musing sight, but let it be a reminiscence that he would never forget.
            He walked closer, still hearing the foot tapping of a man who he was sure of not satisfied with whatever he was doing, he flicks his fingers, when he heard one of the man took a deep breath,
            “What are you trying to do,” he said, satisfied he finally approached the person he thought it was, the other man smirked alone, as he heard the person beside him moved, holding the man who had spoken, he knew that the man was filled with horror,
            Takuya looked at Sho,
            “What is…?” he asked Sho.
            Not even sure with what he wanted to say, but he tried so speak up to break the lurid grim that was happening at that second.
            Sho closed his eyes shut and tries to remember whatever that happened in between him and the other person that still made him not at his ease to see him free with his own providence.
            Even if only it was in the darkest sight of night, the blind eyes would not see anything, how would human who can see day in a light of day able to survive at this kind of anxiety. He look straight at the empty hay, when the only thing he see was only a dark shadow standing there, stately, without any grace, nothing else would overcome its fear.
            His thin, six feet three inches height, his hair flows as the gentle wind softly touch the hair at its ease.
            That man’s lips carved into a smile, when in a short distance, he felt hi touching his shoulder and heard him whispers,
            “Having a good time?” he asked.
            Sho bit the end of his lips, he took a deep breath, gripping his fist tighter, he closed his eyes for a few second,
            “What do you really want,” he answered him back, with the same tone and tempo, the person beside him had a short smirk, he had a small laughter, when Takuya’s heart stopped beating for a few moment, the light suddenly came back to how it was before, Sho turned his gaze towards the side, but bizarrely, he was only standing there on his own with his only fellow friend by his sde.
            Takuya looked at him,
            “What was…”
            but before he could finish his words, both of them heard the footsteps walking down from the stairs .
            Sho turns around towards the staircase behind his back, and why was he not surprise to see him walking there inside the house once again after sometimes he had been missing one more time.
            He raised his brow. Why would this man still exist in this? Sho had a small sigh, and he don’t know how many times he have to repeat that question. He really hope that this man would faded away from this world,
            He was only wearing his black semi faded jeans, his iron shirt that is half unbutton at the upper level, his casual sneakers, Sho recalled back the previous time. How much those ladies would fall on their feet just looking at him, it would be worse if they see him like this.
z          “Sunohara,” he greeted him, with a dreadful look across his face, how the other man thinks that it was a joke looking at him with the most deceiving deadpan expression.
            He only raises his brow again and nodded his head,
            “You,” he called out, didn’t even bother to look at whoever it was in front of him, but that man gave him a smile but was replied with a fixed, glazed slant that didn’t change whatever thing that was going on at that time.
            He looks to the side for a moment, knowing that the man wasn’’t please with his present there at that time, but in his dictionary of life, why should he even bother about all of that anyway? He never have anything to lose.
            Sho looked at him as at the same time the other man changed his gaze towards him, their eyes collide against one another.
            He took a deep breath,
            And I thought you won’t come back here,
            he thought alone, but the other person chuckled with a short laughter, he walked passed by him, patting his shoulder, Sho looked at him that didn’t even turned his vision towards him, that man smiled to the side that no one was looking,
            “I’m glad to be here again,” he said, replying to whatever he thought about a moment ago.
            Sho glared towards that man, he turns around, look at him with a ot too flattered smile across his circumvention reflection. Oh, how he wishes that he could just strangle that man in front of him, but what would that do to him anyway.
            He took a deep breath, gritting his teeth against one another, he knows how much he wanted to terminate him, but he knows that it was impossible.
            He only feeds on animal that wasn’t enough to make him stronger, only to keep him still alive and breathing these air with others who’s living together in this wide whole world, 
            he knew he would not even have a heart to think of doing what that man commonly do.
            He does kill to survive.
            Sho stepped forward to let him know that he was there,
            Takuya looked at those two whose eyes didn’t exchange away even though a little second from one another. He wasn't sure if it was a good time to say something or it might be the worse idea he could even think of doing, but someone has to say something!
            He turned his glance towards the man that was standing close enough to him and thought for a few while,
            Isn’t that him?
            Questions started to play around his head once again, as he looked at that man closely, he fell silent for a second,
            That is him…
            He told himself, gripping his fist tighter, he knew he had been wanting to see this person for a very long time. He had heard stories and rumors; he really wanted to know if it was real.
            If he is really one of them…
            If he is really a…
            “Akiyama,” his thought faded when Sho spoke, to call out for the other man’s name.
            He turned around,
            “Sunohara,” he greeted him once again,
            "It has been a while since I last saw your face," he said, unpleasantly, Takuya looked at him with an intention to smirk; he offers his hand for a handshake,
            "Hi..." but before he could finish his sentence, that man in front of him frowned with an infuriating face expression, as he lifted his shoulder up with a miniature frown stamped across his face,
            "God,” he grumbled, running his fingers against his neck gently, he slides it slowly down his unbutton part of his black shirt and continuing his walk to the other side of the living room hall, he turned his gaze towards the empty space at the other side of where he was looking at, he let out a long sigh, “I never thought that this room could be so hot!” he said, acting as if like he wasn’t satisfied, but actually, inside his heart, who would ever know what he had plan in mind,
            “And I thought the weather outside was pretty cold since it looks like it is going to rain,” he said,  turning away to the other side of the hall, he saw the portrait that Sho was looking at on the table a moment ago,
            Ahh, that picture,
            he said when he saw it still there inside this old mansion. He would never thought that Sunohara Sho would still be living in a place like this. This house age is even older than how both of their ages are.
            One hundred seventy plus he guess?
            He had a small grin when he recalled back those old time together with this guy. He always tries to act beyond cool, but he’s only an intelligent guy in other hand.
            Masak Akiyama shakes his head for a few times, getting back on track with what was happening, he tries not to let old history overcome himself, he tries to keep off everything that comes to mind, and as for everything that he just thought of?
            Who would even care?
            He rolled his eyes to make everything seemed to be okay, but really, who would care?
             "It is seriously scorching in here," he said, scratching his shoulder a little as he turns around and look at the man who could be clean enough to be standing in front of his face, but act like he didn't see anything for a few while, Sho gripped his fist tighter, wishing if only he could just smack this person at that second, but he looked at the side and saw Takuya who already fell silent looking at that man standing in front of his eyes, with too much pride and full of disgrace eventually.
            Masaki look at the person in front of him,
            "Oh, now who do we have here," he said, as if was at his revelation to see another man apart from Sho was there in front of him, but how would he even bother about anything else anyway, apart from other thing he had in mind.
            Takuya gave him a smile. At the end, he finally notices him standing there.
            "Hi. I'm Takuya," he greeted him, as he introduce himself as Masaki, instantly closed his eyes and tries to remember something back, acting like he somehow bother to recall back a memory but he was sure that this fellow wasn’t even on top of his priority, but eventually, he still have to behave nicely. He wouldn’t want anyone that was not in any of his list to know how beastly he could be that soon.
            He finally smiled to him,
            "Akiyama," he introduce himself to that man with an infuriating smile across his lips, he offers his hand, when he nodded his head, remembering what he should, he raised his eyebrow up,
            “Takuya...” he said, still trying to recall back everything that he should, he looked at him in an instant glance one more time,
            “Hmm...” he mumbled, making the man in front of him questioned himself what’s on the other person’s head, but Masaki smiled to him with a thousands of  hints to wondered and answers to be revealed,
             “Takuya…” he had a short pause, but as he turned his glance towards him, his answer surprise that man in front of him,
            “Hiroshi Takuya?” he asked him, when he knows deep inside this men's heart he was volatile enough to jump in joy because it was him, Masaki Akiyama, still remember who he was. He smiled, lifting the other side of his hand and that semi warm but yet still a cold hand.
            “Yeah, that’s me,” he told him.
            Masaki just smiled looking at him without any other words.
            And what brings you back here…
            he nodded his head.

            Miyuki flips the pages through the notes that she had been doing, and sighed for a little bit. It's great that even though how packed her schedule was at the University, she still managde to arrange time for everything to be done, but she looked at the blank page that she just flipped, she covers her face with both of her hands, and grumbled to released herself from thousands of errors,  she leaned lower on the desk in front of her, resting her head against her own arms, she exchanged her gaze towards the purple clock on the wall, she frowned looking at the time that seemed to fades away.
            It was already eleven fifty five at night, she touched the note that was laying there beside her,          And I still haven't finished the notes...
            She mumbled on her own, pushing herself up slowly, she looked at the blank page in front of her sight, as she rolled her eyes for a little time.
            “Uhhh!!” she frowned a little as she pushes all of the notes to the side, she took a deep breath, clenching her teeth against another, she bit the lower part of her lips slightly, while tapping her fingers on the empty space of her own table,
            I still have a few more days before the due dates anyway...
            she told herself, but somehow, something do brought her spirit back up alive,
            "Miss Haneda," she whispers, thinking about the person who had been with her during every minute she was there in the class. She is the greatest person who had ever thought her the meaning of life and how to achieved success even though life isn’t always at the greatest light of sight.
            Ayumi Haneda. Sure, it's true, most girls thinks that she would give everyone a chance to speak up their mind on the subject she's teaching, even though it’s not one hundred percents right, but she would still give her best time to be there for them.
            Life matters? She would still try to understand each and everything that was happening in her student’s issues. Even though she wouldn’t have the power to resolve every problem there was, but she always manage to handle them with full of care and concern.
            And as for the boys, who wouldn't say a woman her age is still as gorgeous and beautiful as a flower that just bloomed down on the earth given. Even though her age is almost thirty three, but with her stunning appearance, and a gentle touch up on her fine-looking skin reflection, people wouldn't even believe if she told them her real age.
            Though some of us kept on asking why is still living her life alone. Heard some stories that she's not into men, but why would Miyuki believe that story is true anyway. She smiled a little bit and took a short breath and closed her own eyes,
            Perhaps, she's in the same condition as I am feeling?? Ha ha.. Who am I kidding.. She's an attractive woman. She is so not like me. I’m sure that every men would kneel down on their knees to be with her.
            But she lifted up her shoulder,|
            "she would still kill me if I couldn’t manage to finish five more pages on the due date," she told herself.
            She looked at the table calendar on her desk, she took a red pen that she always used to marked up on the important things, she circle on the date, noted down so she wouldn’t forget, but somehow, then she had a short glimpse on a date a little earlier that gave her a blood rush all by a sudden reflection. She opens her eyes a little wider,
            "The play..." she said, trying to gasp for some air, she blinks her eyes for a couple of times.
            How would she even forget about this? She couldn’t hear herself breathing any longer. She wonders if her pulse was still beating, she releases the pen she was holding on the table slowly, as she tries to pants for some air to breathe.
            Summer’s Magical Reflection, presents,
             Romeo and Juliet.
A play that tells a story of a gorgeous boy, Romeo and a beautiful girl, Juliet, from a warring families who meet and fall in love within a strike of reflection. Fate is not on their side, however, and they eventually choose to kill themselves rather than live without each other.
            She took a deep breath, as her eyes were reading on with whatever thing she saw on it,
            “Starring, Miyuki Takeda as Juliet and...,"
            She widen her eyes a little and left her heart stopped for a short time,
            "And...." she started to shiver before she could even finish her own sentence, she looked up at the empty wall in front of her eyes,
            bare with it Yuki. You signed up for this...
            She told herself, trying to increase her own courage, she tries to smile, but she knows how fake it actually was, she let out a short sigh,
            "and Sho Sunohara as,” she said, as she bit her lips again, she looked at the phamplet she was holding,
            “Romeo...: she whispers, as she lays her palm on a piece of unused paper and crumpled it a little bit.
            Maybe with all the rehearsal did help her manage her sudden stage fright momentum, which was never an issue except for her first play back in her high school year, but she kept on asking herself why would she felt like this only for this upcoming play.
            She never had a problem when she was acting with Matsuda Jun previously.
            Matsuda Jun.
            She changed her gaze towards the side and looked at the picture of herself standing beside Jun at the side of his car, with Manami taking the picture for them, she gently caress that picture, with a small smile came across her lips,
            "Maybe because you're my closest friend, J," she said, but at the same time exchanging her glance towards the main cast acts on the pamphlet, she looked at the image that seemed like won't be able to fades away from sight, worse, her own imagination.
            "Sunohara Sho..." and that was the last thing she mention before she leaned down on the table once again, with her eyes closed, dozing away to somewhere else she doesn't call, home.

            After time passed, even though the night seemed to be calm at sight, how birds were twitching lightly before escaping the darkness cold of light, she felt semi hard malignant of air rushed by without any hesitation of coming back another time.
            She holds her heart, as she tries to search for a little beam of light that wasn’t there, was not even meant to be found. She grabbed the end of the shirt she was wearing to see if she was actually alive, was she evens still breathing the cold air that was hard enough for her to gasp for some air.
            She felt her chest suddenly frozen up, she widen her eyes without any empathy on what might have come next, an extraction that told her somehow she has fallen lower down on the ground, but still floating on the fog that has no other way to look out
            The gravity seemed to pulls her closer to the centre of cosmos, where no human could ever breathe, might just die without any second to live. Even how her appalling fear has overcome almost everything else, she still tries to open her eyes and see where she was still standing then at that time.
            She felt her heart palpitates harder than a thousand of lightning thunder that was occurring outside of her house.
            What is going on?
            She tries to speak, but somehow, her voice fades away within a single second that was flipping away, she hold herself together as she felt the wind rushed against her once again.
            She heard the footsteps coming closer to her; she took a deep breath and closed her eyes,
            What is that? Who would that be? Could it be him?
            She asked herself the same questions a gazzilion of times, hoping that the prince that always came to her dream, saving her from a vicious night mare would come to greet her for another time, but how can an illusion be arrange towards her own desire? She knows that even how her heart wanted him to be there, but it’s impossible for her to plan things that she doesn’t even know, or not even sure how it will happen for another minutes passed?
            Somehow, she felt a gentle breeze brushed by against her cold skin, when the light surrounds her dimmed a little as if the cloud sheds away the glowing moon that was shining on the star gazing light of sky at night.
            The footsteps that was closer somehow stopped right behind her back, as she decided to turn around to see what was there, but her muscle somehow cramps up within sudden. She felt somebody wrapped one side of his arms around her bare waist, she closed her eyes and wished if it’s him to be there again even if only for a short time, she would still cherish to be there with him, a man heighted around five foot seven, a broad up shoulder, elegantly narrow hips plus a nicely fit muscular legs and abs, it always seemed obvious with whatever he was wearing each time he was there in front of her sight.
            How attractive was his lips each time he smiles to her, and how glooming the eyes shines ever time he gaze straight into her eyes, how she wishes that if only it was possible for her just to live in her dreams, escaping from the reality that somehow shirked her every second time sheds away, she knew that his high level of confidence, belief, she wanted him to always be there.
            She always felt the indemnity that ensue each time he held her close in his arms, she felt his body warmth goes through her veins each time he was there.
            She felt his soft breath breathing against her neck, when she turns to the side.
            He looked at her,
            “Hello, Yuki,” he said in a dreary tone, somehow surprises her very much.
            She looked at him blankly,
            Am I dreaming, or he is just not pleased with me?
            she wondered, when she looked at the person she had been waiting for, but it seemed like he wasn’t happy to see her this time.
            She had a small gulp, as she felt her heart began to palpitate in an edgy tempo. She took a deep breath as she looked away from his sight, feeling ashamed with what she had done, she wasn’t sure if she’s able to see him right there.
            “Hi,” she greeted him, without a smile on her face, but she felt his chin gently brushed against her neck, she felt her heart wasn’t at it steady state, she tries to pushed him away, but how can she disobey what was already written to portrays whatever feeling or fear she felt in her heart that somehow won’t ever decay.
            “Why worry?” he asked her, she frowned her face a little,
            You asked me that?
            she thought, feeling unsatisfied with the question he just asked her,  she looked away without saying a word, she heard him let out a small laughter, that made her heart felt more furious, she wanted to ger mad, she wanted to be angry,
            “A..,” but before she could do anything, he holds her palm as he turns her around to face him. He looked at her, alluringly, she grab his shoulder with one side of her arms, avoiding herself from falling down, he ran his finger through her soft hair,
            “Yuki,” he whispers her name, when she looked at his refection without even thinking of gazing away towards another side, she was drowned in the person that was standing right in front of her sight.
            He slides his hand lower down her back, she looked at him with her eyes not understanding anything that was going on.
            She took a deep breath,
            “What brings you here?”
            He slightly caressing her cheek, touching against her fragile skin, he looked straight into her soft brown eyes, he finally gave her a decent smile,
            “I know you want me here,”
            she gripped a little his black, half buttoned shirt she was holding on to, she felt her heart that was at its slack-jawed second, splits to questions that even herself couldn’t be able to answer.
            She let out a short sigh,
            “And what makes you think that?”
            “Because I know you need me,”
            “What makes you think like that??
            He had a short laughter,
            “And so you think I can’t read your mind?”
            he asked her, but she frowned in disbelieved, when he held her much closer in his arms,
            “I know you want me, Yuki,” he said, but she blinks her eyes for a couple of times,
            “Why should I even miss you?”
            she felt his gentle touch against her body, that made her life crazy, uneven at a time like that.
            he touched his lips a little,
            “I know you do. I just know you  do,”
            She widen her eyes,
            “No, I do,” but before she could finished her sentence, he pulled her much closer in his arms,
            “What are you doing?” she asked him,
            “You want me,” he said in a cheeky tone, she opened her eyes wider,
            “I don’t,”
            “You do,”
            “I do not need you!”
            “Don’t lie,” he said.
            Her heart was really angry at that time,
            “No! I DON’T!”she raised her tempo a little, but before she finished whatever she wants to say, he wrapped his arms so close to behind her back, when his lips gently touched against hers.
            She fell silent, as she tries to pushed him away.
            She knows how much she wants him to stay but he is only a person that was there in her illusion. She knew she needed a better man other than a person who isn’t real.
            She knew the only person in her heart was only Sunohara Sho, not…
            she tries to call for his name, but how can she do when her voice can’t even came out from her throat.

            Her breathing changes a little, without noticing anything,
            even though she was sure that this wasn’t real,
            she knows her heart belongs to someone else,
            but she still wrapped both of her arms around his neck, she replies back the kiss that he was giving to her,

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