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Beast with a true Love : Chapter 11


            7th September 2012
            Dear diary,
            Wow, why suddenly am I feeling awkward with my own life?|
            It seemed like everything is happening but even  I didn’t even realize anything that was going on. I thought everyone said that I always plan everything before it actually going to happen, but now I don’t even know whatever that was going to happen.
            What am I talking about?
             8th of September…
            Oh my Gosh.
            Why isn’t my head is thinking straight anymore?
            The Romeo and Juliet’s play.
            And why like thousands of WHY I wish that I’m a part of the audience watching the theater, but not being one of the cast who is acting on the stage?
            Maybe I just want to see this relationship between two heart that isn’t in the way it supposed to be.
            Not be one of the person who hear him say to me,

            “By heaven, I love thee better than myself;
            For I come hither arm'd against myself:
            Stay not, be gone; live, and hereafter say,
            A madman's mercy bade thee run away.,”
            Ha ha ha.
            What on earth am I doing?.
            Strangely, why do I keep on thinking about if the play is done, there won’t ever be another love that will exist in our heart?      
            What about us?
            No, no, no.
            That is wrong. That is wrong.
            He wouldn’t even want to waste his time to look at me anyway!
             Oh my, Yuki, get a grip. He wouldn’t even like you! It’s impossible. What am I saying? He is every girl’s dream guy, and I’m only one of the girls who went head over heal for him as well.
            Then again, think on the clear side of everything, they do say nothing is impossible. If human can go to the outer space, and climb the mount Everest, why not me beside him even only for one time?
            Why is it you.

            She closed her diary, and looked at the empty sky at the nearest window next to her. She took a deep breath, tend to shine, but didn’t manage to, she leaned her chin against her palm, in hoping that the time would fades away, as another day appear, shades out the cold dark gray astray,  she bit the end of her finger nail, with her other palm touching the script she should be rehalsing instead of dreaming, she had a long sigh and closed her eyes,
            “Tomorrow is the day,” she whispers alone.


            The mist rose up on his feet as he was walking from the Sakura tree outside the house towards the big grand looking mansion that already live too long enough, he wondered why their parents decided to gave this old junk to both him and Sunohara Sho anyway.
            He had a small laugh,
            “Sunohara’s Residence,” he looked at the sign on his left, tapping his palm against it, he smirked when he saw another side at the other side of the mansion.
            As he, Akiyama Masaki, a man who never bothers about anything else in his mind apart from just to satisfied himself, he walked closer to the house, the man paused his thought for a little while. He felt its dullness living in a house like this”, He recalled back his emotionless eyes glance being there. He shrugged,
            “I wonder why you still believe in family prophecy,” he asked, he reached for the door knob when suddenly something else came across his head,
            he grumbled when he thought about his pass, how could he ever forget everything that happened in his life at his past time.
            He took a deep breath, trying to calm himself away, he bit the end of lips and squinted his eyes tighter though how it burns behind those manifestation of past he was thinking of.,

            “You do know that it’s unpleasant to come into someone’s house without any permit,” Masaki said before one of them decided to move a little closer to him, but he just smiled to him who was just doing nothing, but one of his friend grabbed his hand, pulling him behind, he turned around and looked at the man standing in front of him, as his breathing tone went in a mischievous way,
             “Hiroto,” his friend called for his name, but he pulled his hand away, eager enough to face Masaki on his own, he walked closer to him,
             “And why would I care even if I would want to kill her while she was suffering,” he said in a sudden mode, but somehow, Masaki just smiled to him,
             “Is that so?” he asked that stranger in front of his eyes, when that person grabs his crumpled shirt. The man looked at him viciously, he tries to set Masaki’s hand’s off from his shirt, “Let me off!” he squealed, but Masaki only looked at him without any emotion came across his face. He gripped his fist tighter, how he feel like strangling that man who was still alive in front of his eyes, how he want to make him feel the suffer they had put on his only beloved one, how he was them to die. How he want to kill them in his hand.
            The man was struggling to be set off, Masaki looked at him,
            “And I don’t like what you’ve done to Tamiko,” he said.
            Hiroto looked at him, his heart was palpitating worse than someone who just ran five hundred miles within two minutes, he felt the sweat started to falls down behind his back, Masaki set his grip free, but as he tries to break away, Masaki grabbed his throat from the back and threw him across the living room hall. His other two friends ran towards him who was groaning in pain, Masaki who was a distance away suddenly appear in front of their faces.
            The three of them sit close together, but Hiroto wasn’t able to move, since he had freqtured his left femur, Masaki flig his hand across the other two’s face, as they fall down on each side, Masaki grabbed Hiroto’s arm, forcing him to stand up even though it was impossible, but he wouldn’t bother even if that man was in a dreadful pain, he pulled him close to his face,
            “Do you know that you didn’t only kill a beautiful woman there?” he asked Hiroto. He looked at his friends, but both of them tries to escape from whatever that was going on, Masaki looked at both of them when suddenly a gush of strong wind blew against the two of them, making them both  fly across the living room hall.
            “Do you know who else you kill when you take her life away?” Masaki asked Hiroto when he pressed down against his broken leg. Hiroto groaned in an awful pain, he gritted his teeth together,
            “ARGH!!!” he tried to pushed Masaki’s hands away but he was too weak to even move his muscle, somehow it got cramped up, he didn’t manage to even move his hand, “STOP IT!”  he ordered him. Masaki looked at him, nodding his head understanding what was going on a while ago, he turned his sight to Tamiko’s lifeless body,
            “She sure is the nicest thing isn’t it?” he asked him, but he didn’t manage to answer him since the pain over rule any other thing than that.
            Masaki looked at him, somehow his eyes began to burned up in a hot red sight each time the light relefts against it,
            “She sure is isn’t she?” he asked him, sharply as he pressed the wound harder. Hiroto screamed, but one of his friend tried to escape once again, Masaki turned his sight towards him, when he twisted his head within a distance. He falls down on the ground without anymore air breathing in his cold lung. Hiroto widen his eyes.
            If Masaki was capable to do that from far, what will happen to him that was actually in front of his eyes?
            Hiroto looked at him with fear rushing through his veins, he still tries to escape but then he thought if he would struggle much he would cause him more pain than, but will he even let him go?
            Masaki tend to smile at him at the end. Even though it was slightly meaningless, but he still smile.
            “How terrible you are to kill a hopeless woman like her,”
            “You do know that she doesn’t have anyone else apart from herself to be living with,” Masaki said, running his fingers through his sweating collar, he looked away,
            Hiroto tries to move, but Masaki grabbed him by his jaw, pressing his finger hard on his face, he turned his gaze towards Tamiko’s dead body,
            “She’s beautiful isn’t she?”
            “Yes, she is!” he tries to speak, but seemed everything sounded like he was grumbling. Masaki left his grip off when he stood up and walked towards her. Hiroto pushed himself back, wasn’t capable to omove further, he rest his head against the hard wall behind his back when Masaki caress her soft brown hair, he leaned closer to her and kissed her cold lips,
            He let out s short sigh,
            “You know what’s a real pity?” he asked Hiroto when he only looked at him helplessly.
            He had a gulp closing his eyes and took a deep breath, he looked back at Masaki once he had releaed his breath relentlessly,
            “What?” he answered. Masaki leaned closer to Tamiko’s body, gently pressing his cheek against hers, he bit the end of his lips,
            “Pity that you didn’t actually kill one person here,” he said.
            Hirota widen his eyes, didn’t actually understand what Akiyama Masaki just told him. Withining second, everything seemed to be really quiet, as suddenly thee light turned out. Nothing else can be seen. He felt like he can’t really breathe, thinking about what was happening, he blinked his eyes for a couple of times, hoping that the light would turned back on, sadly, nothing did happen. He felt his heart didn’t even beat any longer even though he was still breathing,
            “Hey!” he shouted,  feeling that his heart was not at its peace any longer, he slides himself forward towards the door at the other side of the hall, but suddenly a surge of wind blew against his face at the same time the front door.
            He tries to move towards the open door, but with his wounded leg, his actual speed decrease lower than its actual limit. He closed his eyes,
            I got to get out from here…
            As he was pushing himself faster, something blocked him from front, when he suddenly he saw a blistering pair of red colored eyes looking at him sharply,
            “You killed her,”
            Hiroto looked at him,
            “And my baby in her belly,” he told Hirota and made him speechless,
            “What?!” he was shocked, when he saw the man in front of him was licking his sharp pair of fangs, he widen his eyes.
             It is true, he felt himself starting to suffocates with his hand gripping his throat tight, he grabbed his hand trying to pull it away, he struggle himself to break free,
            Vampires do,
            but he didn’t manage to finish his sentence, Masaki leaned closer to his neck, he felt the anger in his heart began to burns deeper inside,
            He gripped his throat tigher,
            “Yeah,” he heard him whispers,
            Hiroto looked at him,
            “What?” he tries to speak, when Masaki just smiled, viciously.
            “Vampires do exist,” he said. Hiroto widen his eyes as he felt those two sharp teeth bit through his neck,
            “NO!!!” he yelp out, but Masaki didn’t bother about anything else any longer, he drained that man’s blood within second passed.
            He closed his eyes, feeling the pleasure for the first time to kill another human, and how he knows that now, there’s no more human in this world that he could trust or even put any high belief any longer. All of them are mostly,
            “Useless,” he said, as he pushed the dead body to the side, he stood up and walked out from that house.

            He sigh,
            “And why should I even bother about you anyway, Sunohara,” he said, as he walked closer towards the house, he opened the front door open, when he fel a gush of wind blew passed him in a short distance.
            He lifted his eyebrow and looked around.
            “Nothing here,” he said as he stepped inside and close the red oak door behind him, walking towards the bar in the living room hall, he smirked when he saw a small hiding place net to the counter, he opened the fridge in front of him and took out a bottle of Tequila, and sat on the stool.
            “Golden Tequila, 1916,” he said, when he took a glass in front of him and pour the drink inside it.  He tapped his feet on the ground, and kicked the empty space.
            He took a one shot from it, as he smiled with please across his face,
            “And how you love hiding behind there, Sunohara,: he said, putting the glass down, and pouring in for another round.
            He had another shot of Tequila that rushed down his throat; he felt the satisfaction after he drank it. He felt his head was already up his ecstasy above, when he poured again in his glass for perhaps, another shot.
            “Sunohara,” he grumbled, putting the glass on the counter.
            “SUNOHARA!” he shouted, calling for someone who didn’t response to him, he grabbed the glass in front of him and knock on the table for several of times,
            “SUNOHARA!!” he shouted again, he took the tequila bottle bottle by his side, pouring it inside the glass he was holding,
            he had another shot.
            He turned his gaze towards the clock that is still living since the year 1860 in its living room hall. He looked at it without any single contemplation came across his mind, he tapped his fingers on the table, he pushed the glass off the edge of the counter, it smashed unswervingly against the cold ground.
            He opened his eyes wide when he heard the sound of it crash down.
            He gripped his fingers,
            when suddenly his empty, glum face reaction, changed in a slightly. The sound of wind blowing tickles the tip of his ear, he walked towards Sunohara Sho’s room, banging on the door for a couple of times,
            “SUNOHARA!!” he shouted for his name again, demanding an answer from his friend, he wasn’t sure if he was satisfied with the silent treatment he was having, he frowned a little, though he was still a little high at the hangover, he gripped his fist tighter,
            “I’m alone,” he whispers, he bit the end of his lips with a small smile across his lips, and without anymore doubt, he grabbed his door knob and opened it, when a gush of wind from the open window at the other side of that cool green shaded bed room blew pass by him, a paper flew by right in front of his face.
            He grabs it within second.
            “Romeo and Juliet,” he said, looking at the cast’s faces, he had his biggest laugh when he saw a picture that tickled himself to the bone,
            “Sunohara Sho,” he mention but somehow, his eyes widen up when he saw a person that somehow grazed through his cold heart.
            He looked away as he felt  his pulse rose up,
            “Miyuki Takeda,”
            he mention her name.


            Moments later, Miyuki closed the script she was reading, she pushed herself up from where she was sitting, and walked toward the balcony of her room, opening the door, and felt the mid night breeze gently blew against her fair skin. She felt the chill goes down her spine.
            But somehow, the scenary was still a beautiful melody of night.  Though there was nothing much to be seen, seemed like everything still shine through the darkest night.
            This is the greatest place I ever live.
             Where she was staying in Saitama prefecture, you can still see almost everywhere there is from where she was standing, she touched the railing at the side of it. A smile crosses over her soft, pink lips. She looked at the small river line close to her house. Even if the night as fallen to its darkest time, but the glimmer of the stars and moon light still make it visible to her eyes.
            How she wishes that that day would pass within second time flies by, but it was never possible for her to move any further, but only pray that days would skip minutes as seconds goes away. She manage to calm her own anxious about the play that was going to happen the other day. She kept on reminding herself that none of it would ever be real even though how she hope that she would look at his eyes without a role in hand, only herself to begin everything with, she gripped her fingers a little on the railing. She whimpers,
            "Mom… Dad…," she said, but her voice cracked somehow, she didn’t even hear herself spoken, calling for him.
            Her  life living on her own was never been a terrible decision after both of her parents terrible accident before when she decide not to go with them on a 'family' vacation they had planned. She looked at the empty haze,
            “I should have been there with you that night,” she whispered her regret, but she will always remember what her father keep on telling her,
            Never give up with whatever you will face in life.
            “Move on, enjoy your life,” she whispers, slowly releasing her grip, she turns around and walked slowly towards her room, feeling a sudden gruesome breeze that flown against her skin, she turns around and locks the balcony door of her room, she pulled the soft pink curtain closed,
            but within second, a man who was wearing a navy blue t-shirt, and a faded dark blue jeans walked closer to her door, he looked at the reflection her pulling her soft blanket up to cover her body before she closed the small light by her side, he would still her as clear as it was during the day light behind the thick wooden door. He touched the pendant of the necklace he was wearing,
            “You’ll be doing fine,” the voice echoes words by words he said, he ran his fingers against the door, somehow still felt the soft brown hair of hers, a gush of rush wind blew against the Sakura tree next to the house, as the shadow disappear from where it actually was a moments ago.

(C) 2013 Kytty Sakuraiba

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