Friday, 29 November 2013


Well, hello...
Ah, I don't know how I should start today...
But sure, everyone do say that blog is where you write how you actually feel.
If you don't have anyone you can tell in the world..
I guess this is where you express everything that you feel in your heart isn't it?

Hmm, It has been almost 6 years I've been facing this on my own.
It's not that my family didn't help me through, but how can I live like this long enough alone?
I'm already 24.
I didn't manage to do anything at all.
I got a job, but sadly they wanted to fire me because of this disease, what other thing should I do?
Sure, where would there be a place for people like me in this world.
Maybe today I still can see the earth where I;m standing.
But what happen if I no longer able to see anything else anymore?
Who would be there for me??

Sorry. I'm just worried about myself.
I'm afraid to live in the world anymore.
I'm afraid to look anywhere anymore.

God, please give me strength to move on...


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