Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Equation 58 : Dear Friends.

Dear friends,

How do you do?

It seemed like it has been a while

Since I last say Hello 2 you.

Dear friends,
How was your day?
I hope that everything is okay
Because I want you to have a brighter day.

Dear friends,
Don’t worry,
Even if the time goes away,
But our memories would never go ashtray.

Dear friends,
Even if where we live,
Time doesn’t seemed to be,
Exactly the same.

My dearest friends,
Even if day changed to another way,
Even if we didn’t manage to say “Hey”
You would still be in my heart,
Even if there’s no more another day.

This is dedicated to everyone of my friends. Even if we barely say Hello, but I will never forget you. :) Thank you so much for being a friend. :')

(C) 2014 Kytty Sakuraiba

Sweet Love,

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