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Beast with a true Love : Chapter 13


            “Akiyama!”  her voice was too high and was trapped in her lust and desire. How can she even deny what was doing on inside her head was a lie any longer? How much she feared with the existence of the man she don’t even know who, but her heart wants him more each time she tries to run away from him.
            She tries to open her eyes, but how could she?

            It was a quiet night. How beautiful the world was at that time, at it’s peaceful sight, there’s no more human walking around and making sound at that hour, but he slowly made his way through the gate he was passing by.
            His footsteps were heard, but who was there to bother?
            It seemed like the weather outside was unbearably cold, but he still felt sweats slowly dripped down from behind his back. He ran his finger through his hair,
            “What am I doing here?” he questioned himself.
            As if he was the creature of the night, he wanted to know what was going on. Not to the world, but he let out a short sigh when he turned his gaze towards the two storey house on his left.
            He closed his eyes for a few second, feeling how his heart was palpitating, he wanted to know what was going on inside that place. Was she still up and awake? Or perhaps always sleep through the beauty of the night.
            He looked at the grazing moon that was glowing bright on the sky there. Sadly, he was on his own. The star light didn’t seemed to appear anywhere, how he felt it’s sorrow because he was there alone himself.
            Accidently, he stepped on a fallen twig on the ground, he looked around.
            “Damn it,” he said alone.
            He surely doesn’t want anyone to know that he was there, he looked up at the room that has the small light turned on, of course it was her, who else would be living there, apart from her.
            He turned around and decided to go, but suddenly, without any warn given, he heard her screamed in terror,
            “NO! LET ME GO!”
            He heard her voice,
            the only sound he heard of her shrieking, he made his way up through the tree both of them always climb together.
            he heard her screamed again.
            He felt his heart began to race, when the sound of her voice beamed through the opened window from her room. He ran towards the Sakura tree next to her bedroom window at the second level. He pushed himself up on tree where both of them frequently use to quietly meet each other since the past years even before anything happened to her family,
            He heard her shrieked frightfully,
            “Yuki,” he said, pushing himself to get there as soon as he possibly can, the wind gust rapidly towards his direction. He gripped his fist tighter at the branch in front of his face,
            I’m almost there, I’m almost there….
            he repeated the same thing over and over again; looking at where he was standing, any incident might possibly happened if the wind had its rampage moment again.
            He closed his eyes, It’s for her…he told himself as he grabbed at the end of the roof, and made his first steps right in front of her bed room balcony. He rushed towards the door but, Damn it! He cursed on his own when it was locked. He let out a sigh, wondering what actually is happening to her, he twisted the door knob for a few times, even tried to break the door opened, he struggled with all his might for it to break, but it was just a useless anticipating try.
            He turned around, rest his back against the thick oak door, and slowly slide down in disappointment that he didn’t manage to save his friend even though he was just a distance away from him. |           Why does it have to be like this, he shrugged alone, when suddenly, the wind blew again, he noticed something he didn’t even expected.
            The curtains from her room flew a little outside, flipping from side by side, he felt his heart stopped,
            “The window!” he said, when he stood up as swiftly as he possibly can and ran towards the window that was opened, the light of the glimmering moon shines when he moved the curtains to the side to get inside, he saw her struggling with her own nightmare.
            Yuki, he called for her name, and felt his sweats dropped in the cold night, oh how he was worried about her, he climbed up the window and ran towards her,
            “AKIYA,” she was about to scream again when he leaned down to protect her from anything that was disturbing her in her dream, she gripped the side of the bed sheet, she screamed once again,
            “NO!!!” when Matsuda leaned down and held her close,
            “No, Yuki. Don’t be afraid, I’m here. I’m here for you,” he whispered to her, caressing her soft gently, he hold her hand that was trying to push something away from her fantasy, he looked at her,
            “Wake up, Yuki,” he said to her, shaking her shoulder a little, he sat down up and looked away for a while, when he heard her taking a deep breath, she suddenly pulled him close in her arms.
            Jun opened his eyes wide as he felt her strong arms holding him close.
            he felt a damp spot on his chest, he looked at her,
            “Jun,” she called for his name.
            He caresses her messed up hair.
            “I’m scared, J” she whimpers. He felt her arms releasing him slowly.
            “I see him again,” she told him.
            The vision of the man that she saw still haunts her even though she was awake, she was still afraid if he…

            “I’ll be watching you,” he said,

            She closed her eyes. She didn’t really see his face, but she would still remember the flame that flare in his eyes, how rapid his heart was being against her cold skin, his breath somehow made it worse with the complexion, how she wishes that he would disappear, but even if it seemed like he’s no longer there, but she knows, he’s everywhere, she reminded herself.
            Matsuda took a deep breath before he could even think of what he should be doing or even say to her.  He held her closer in his arms as closed his eyes for some time, he caress her back gently,
            “It’s okay, Yuki, I’m here with you now,” he said, to make sure that she knows that she was safe with him there, beside her.
            He felt her heart beat decreased little by little, I just hope that you’re okay, girl, he wishes, “He isn’t here anymore. I’m with you now,” he told her, he caress her hair and slid it behind her ear, he looked at her eyes, as he wiped away the tears that was still falling down.
            He smiled to her, she looked at him, still wasn’t sure what she was thinking, she bit the end of her lips and looked away,
            “I’m really sorry for troubling you, J,” she said, when he gave her a little grin,
            “Does it even matter?” he asked her.
            She only shakes her head,
            “No…” she answered him, but didn’t really open her mouth to speak, he messed up her hair again, she looked at him with a frowned face,
            “What are you doing that for?!” she said, strictly unsatisfied with what he just did to her, he just shakes his head, he felt her pinching his cheek,
            “Oww,” he grumbles a little, but somehow was smiling in his heart that she has forgotten what has happened to her.
            This is her. Even though how hard her life leads the way, she was still tries to stands up and move forwards. She isn’t afraid for anything she will face. Even if she cries, how long will her tears last?
            He smiled to her,
            “You ugly creature,” he said.
            “You’re the ugliest,” she replied, sticking her tongue out, trying to covers up her own sorrow, he nodded his head.
            “Yeah,” he replied her.
            He took a deep breath, when he felt his heart started to palpitates worse than it was before.
            He looked at her,
            “Yuki, I think I should go now,” he said, standing up from her bed, he walked towards the window that he came inside from just now, but Miyuki fell silent for a moment.
            Jun had a small laugh,
            “It won’t be polite if I stay here too long you know,” he told her. She still tries not to looked at him directly into his soft brown eyes, she took a short breath to relief herself, to unsure herself that she was okay, even though deep down inside, she was still afraid to be left on her own.
            She heard his footsteps moving away to the side of her room,
            Why am I feeling like this?
            she asked herself, but she heard his footsteps stopped for a while,
            “I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?” he told her,
            she nodded her head, but wasn’t even sure if she would accept her own answer,
            “Take care, and don’t forget to clean yourself up before you go to bed. Then sure it would come and get you again,” Jun told her with a smile across his lips, but before he stepped out from her room, he felt her grabbing his damp palm.
            he turned around,
            “Huh?” when he felt her suddenly leaned down on his chest,
            “I don’t want to be alone, J,” she told him.
            He looked at her,
            What should I do…
He turned back to her, she only looked at him innocently. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes when he felt both of her arms wrapped around his waist. He touched her cold hand,
            “Yuki,” he whispers as he turned around, looking at her,
            “Please,” pleading him to stay there with her, he felt that she was still shivering from whatever that happened a moment ago, he caresses her hair gently,
            “Okay…” he said, but his voice barely even came out, she pulled him back inside, she closed the balcony door,
            Matsuda inhales a deep breath,
            I’ll be with you, Yuki… I really do…
            love you…

( c ) Kytty Sakuraiba 2014

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