Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Equation 63 : Dear Love.

Dear love,
Why am I still here,
When I saw you,
You standing there,
I am here,
Only left on my own.

Dear love,
Why do I wonder,
Still wondering why,
Perplexed confusion,
My heart was questioning,
Asking why,
And again why.

Dear love,
Why am I still here,
When you know how I,
Lie to myself,
Lying to you,
I know you know it’s true,
You know I love him,
but I still do.

Dear love,
Why am I still hiding,
Hiding my desire to,
Concealing a temptation to have you
Behind his smile,
I still want you,
You know that,
How much I am needing you.

Dear love,
Why would this still be,
Be a question to me,
When all I need is just,
Just an answer from,
Tell me how much you want me too,
Is it as much as I want you.

( c ) Kytty Sakuraiba 2014

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