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Beast with a true Love : Chapter 15


            The clock strikes nine in the morning. It was Friday, and still a working day, but why does it seem like it wasn’t a busy day at all?
            A tall figure walked across the garden outside of an enormous house for a person to be living on his own, he looked at the shadow that was hidden behind the large maple tree outside the house. He sighed.
            Why he wasn’t surprises that shadow that was unseen in a blind eye standing there anyway?
            He ran his fingers on the silver necklace around his neck, touching the pendant at the end; he stopped before he could reach any closer.
            He gripped his fist,
            “Why are you here,”
            he asked, but didn’t hear any reply.
            How he felt his heart was throbbing hard, how he wishes he could just eliminate this person from the world, but what makes any different. They were the only two left in this place anyway.
            He took a deep breath, and took a step ahead,
            “Why the hell are you here,”
            he took a deep breath and bit the end of his lower lips,
            “...I know it’s you,”
            He heard echoes of a person clapping behind the tree,
            “You are good,” the person said, as the man at the other side heard footsteps walking out from hiding behind his own division of life. He sighed, how many separation of life does he even have anyway apart from being himself.
            The man stopped in front of him, and gave him a sarcastic smile,
            “Sunohara,” he bow down his head, for a respect as a friend,
            he looked at him blankly,
            “Akiyama,” he raised his eyebrow.
            Even though how long he have known the man standing there in front of him, but oh how he was even terrified with what he feel like doing to him. He wasn’t sure himself weather they both were meant to be call a friend or perhaps much better foe?
            Akiyama Masaki, a man who respect anyone these past years. Being a loyal man, the best friend, no one else could replace his kindness in the town back in the year 1860ies, but he remembered after the incident that happened to the people that he really love, he don’t even know who should he trust anymore.
            Perhaps at that time it was the year that men was still men, women was still respected, hormones can still be control, cruelty can still be tame, but just one incident, it washed away all the goods this man used to have. This man used to be one.
            Who is he actually now?
            Sunohara wondered.
            “What are you doing here, Akiyama,” he asked him, when was just replied with a laughter, he looked at him with his deep brown eyes, he still gave him the most sarcastic smile anyone has ever gave to him, but oh why would he care about it anyway?
            “I’m just visiting an old friend,”
            His heart jerked, when he heard the man walked closer to him,
            “Since when,” he asked, coldly,
            Akiyama stands beside him,
            “I thought we are mates,”
            “Were,” he replied him without even thinking twice.
            Akiyama looked at him pitifully,
            “Still is,”
            “Not anymore,”
            “Why would you say that?”
            “You know the answer,”
            he looked at the man standing in front of him coldly,
            Akiyama smiled to Sunohara who was tensed up in his own tangled sentiment, he nodded his head as if he even bother to understand him,
            “I don’t actually,” he replied, rubbing his thumb against the tip of his chin.
            Sunohara looked away,
            “Just get out from here, Akiyama,”
            He raised his eyebrow in disbelieve,
            “You want me to go?” he asked, pleading for a little sympathy, but hell like Sunohara would even care,
            “But...” he sounded like he was trembled with sadness and tears, Sunohara stands up straight, as if he was winning the game,
            “There’s no but Akiyama. Just go,”
            Akiyama looked away,
            “If you say so,”
            He heard footsteps of him walking away.
            The wind blew gently for sometimes,
            Sunohara closed his eyes when he knew that Akiyama has left, he was relief that that one of a kind decided not to stay and somehow respect his personal life. He doesn’t want anybody to be messing up with his life; he certainly doesn’t want anyone to disturb his peacefulness of being alone. Being on his own.
            He let out a sigh,
            “I’m really sorry, Akiyama. It’s not that I don’t care for you, but I...”
            before he could finish his sentence, a strong wind blew against him from the back, when somebody grabbed his shoulder from behind, Sunohara was pushed against the tree in front of him at the other side where he was standing a while ago,
            “Argh!” he groaned, with his right arm twisted behind his back, he felt somebody breathing ruthlessly behind his back. He closed his eyes,
            What the hell,
            “I thought the show was about to start tonight,” Akiyama said, standing behind his back,
            “You’re not going there,” Sunohara replied, trying hard to fight back,
            “It’s not easy to see you performing as the hottest love,” he replied, while licking his lips, as Sunohara tries to fight him again, Akiyama turned him around, and make him face his eyes, one on one,
            “That’s not going to happen, Akiyama,” Sunohara tries to spit at his face, but his anger and fear for him got tangled up, and can’t seemed to find the way to escape,
            Akiyama laughed at him,
            “Don’t your father ever tell you not to spit to people, Sunohara?” he asked, wiping the tiny spit that manage to go at the side of his cheek, he raised his eyebrow,
            “You are not going   there, Akiyama,”
            “And who are you to tell me what to do?”
            Sunohara gapped when he wanted to reply him,
            A humen? I’m no longer one...
            “You’re nothing but just like me, Sunohara,” he said, when he pushed the man he was holding to the ground, Sunohara looked at him,
            He is stronger than me...
“I’m not going to miss this play of you...” he said as he walked away from him,
            Akiyama turned around with a smile across his cheek,
            “With the beautiful leading lady,”
            he winked his eyes, and disappear,
            Sunohara widen his eyes,
            He sighed when he knows that it’s impossible for him to fight back against Akiyama but he would do anything to protect anyone that he love...
            The only one in his heart...
            Miyuki Takeda.
            he whispers alone.


            Miyuki walked a little faster than she usually does, but froze for a while when she saw the clock at the side of the entrance of the backstage hall,
            She blinked her eyes a couple of times,
            “Oh! It’s already  three fifteen!!” she shrieked alone, rushing inside, she couldn’t believe on the day she had been waiting for these while has finally here, and she over slept until it was pretty late! She was supposed to be at the last rehersal at two, but here she is. At three o’clock.
            While she was walking ahead, she felt her pulse increased, she couldn’t even manage to count it anymore. Hell, how nervous she was at that moment. The feeling of her going to be up on stage, facing thousands of people, people from her collage and some other people, she wasn’t sure if any of this make any senses anymore.,
            She closed her eyes,
            Why am i feeling nervous, why, why, why, why!!
            She tries to erase everything that was running in her thought so perhaps she can be a lttle calm to face the whole night, even if she has missed half of the rehearsal, like she even bother, she pulled the sling back on her shoulder that was falling down back on it’s position, she looked at her watch, when suddenly something came crawling in her head,
            she felt a little sweat drops down on the side of her cheek.
            She took a deep breath, maybe he was the reason why she is freaking out suddenly? Where is that guy came from anyway? Why is he the only one that is driving her crazy! None other cast before ever does that to her. 
            Miyuki sigh,
            Your beautiful smile, his sparking eyes. Oh, how can I ever resist that!!
            She was thinking on her own, feeling her cheek heat up within second, she smiled on her own,
            “Sunohara...” she whispers, when accidently she ran against somebody at the side.
            Everything that he was holding fell down on the ground.
            She widen her eyes and fell silent,
            Oh no!
            “I’m really sorry,” she said, without looking at who she had ran against to, she was sure it was one of the crew for the stage setting, she kneel down, helping the man to collect everything that has fell down, she heard him giving a little laugh,
            “It’s alright. It’s nothing serious anyway. It’s just some piles of papers,” he replied her. She had a sigh. She felt ridiculous at herself, How can i be so caress! She whines alone, after she collects some that she has in hand, she stood back up,
            “Here you go,” she handed those papers back to him, she fell silent when he turned his gaze towards her with a decent smile across his lips,
            “Thank you,” he replied her.
            She felt her mouth dropped down,
            “Sunohara...” she said, dumb folded with whatever that was going on.
            “Hi, Yuki,” he greet her,
            She stood still there. Looking at the man that never ever wiped away from her fantasy, or even reality, she closed her eyes for a while,
            “Thou I, Romeo, shall I go if you no longer want me near,”
            “Juliet, no,”
            he caress the side of her cheek, as he pulled her closer to his arms,
            “I would not let you go,”
            as he leaned closer, pressing his lips against her,

            Miyuki smiled on her own,
            “Yes? Is there any problem?”
            She openes her eyes wide,
            Oh no! That thought of him kissing her crawls back in her head! How could this be possible! Especially when he is there in front of her!
            “Nothing!” she said,  adjusting the sling bag on her shoulder as if it was about to fall down but it was actually just there,
            “I am alright,” she had a gulp,
            “You know it’s not polite to see the bride before the wedding,” she told him, he just looked at strangely but still with a small smile across his face,
            She felt her heart jolted,
            “No! I mean,” she looked at the ground, with her eyes looking at everywhere, she took a deep breath,
            Just get out from here, Yuki!!
            she told herself,
            She looked at him,
            “I see you later,” she said with a smile, he nodded his head,
            “Okay then,” he told her,
            “I’ll see you later on stage,” he winked his eyes, and made her heart jolted again,
            “Yeah. I see you later on stage, Romeo,” she said to him,
            He bit the end of his lips,
            “Juliet,” he smiled and walked away from there.
            Miyuki looked at him from behind,
            Oh my, Sunohara... You are driving me crazy!!!
            She perhaps should be going to the changing room and get ready for the play or anything, make up isn’t really a short time. Momoko would kill me if I’m late again! She turned around and walked ahead, when she ran against somebody again, as both of them trembled down on the ground,
            “Ahh!” she whimpers, as she falls flat on his build up chest, she closed her eyes, as she felt his arms was holding her close to his,
            What is going on with me!!! She scolded herself. She did ran against on Sunohara and who is it now!
            “Are you ok?” he asked her,  as he changes his position to the side before he helped her up, he offers her his hand, Miyuki just grabbed it, feeling unsatisfied with her silly self that day, he pulled her up, she sighed, straightening her crumpled up clothes, she sigh,
            “I’m terribly sorry,” she told him, “Everything doesn’t seem right for me today,” she whined a little when he looked at her misfortune face,  he smiled to her,
            “What’s wrong?”
            “It seemed like the play today is driving me insane,” she said to him, when she felt his fingers gelt touched her lower chin, and pushed it up gently for her to see his face,
            She fell silent again,
            Who is this guy, why does he look familiar... why does it like i’ve seen him before,    
“We never met before,” she told him,
            He nodded his head,
            “I’m new in town,” he told her,
            She took a deep breath,
            Is it him? I swear he looked just like him,
            She shakes her head. That guy is only someone in her dream. That guy is not real. He is never real. Not real.
            The reflection of his eyes someone is telling her that... He was... No... It was impossible. It couldn’t be him.
            “I’m Miyuki,” she said, introducing herself to him, while at the same time offering her hand to him for a friendly shake, he smiled and accept it,
            Akiyama,” he introduced himself.
            Miyuki fell silent,
            “Akiyama...” she repeated his name,
            He nodded his head,
            “Yeah, Akiyama. Akiyama Masaki,” he said to her.

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