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Beast with a true Love : Chapter 16


“We never met before,” she told him,
            He nodded his head,
            “I’m new in town,” he told her,
            She took a deep breath,
            Is it him? I swear he looked just like him,
            She shakes her head. That guy is only someone in her dream. That guy is not real. He is never real. Not real.
            The reflection of his eyes someone is telling her that... He was... No... It was impossible. It couldn’t be him.
            “I’m Miyuki,” she said, introducing herself to him, while at the same time offering her hand to him for a friendly shake, he smiled and accept it,
            Akiyama,” he introduced himself.
            Miyuki fell silent,
            “Akiyama...” she repeated his name,
            He nodded his head,
            “Yeah, Akiyama. Akiyama Masaki,” he said to her.
She closed her eyes,
            His eyes, his figure, and gosh, how he smiles seriously recalls back everything that happened in her dream. Meeting a man who look just like him, and eventually with the same name, she wasn’t even sure if it was a coincidence, fate to be, or perhaps a fantasy waking up to meet its actual destiny?
            But bizarrely, the man in front of her doesn’t match the personality of the man that always creep her up, excite her compassion in her dreams almost every night.
            No, that’s not him... He can’t be that Akiyama... Im sure he isn’t him. I’m sure of that.
            She took a deep breath, slowly opens her eyes, she looked at the man who was smiling to her unfortunately,
            “Is everything alright with you?” he asked her, picking up the script she was holding that fell down on the ground with the two of them, he handed it back to her.
            She bow her head,
            “I’m terribly sorry about my unpleasant behaviour just now. It shouldn’t happen,” she told him, feeling slightly nervous, she gave him a smile, not so sure if it was honest enough, but she manage to gave him one,
            He smiled to her.
            Oh, how hr heart melt looking at him like that, how she hoped that she was still sanding straight, not kneeling down her knees. It was impossible to look at him looking at her like that.
            She had a gulp, shaking her head,
            Think of Sunohara, Sunohara. Not Akiyama, but   Sunnnohara,
            She groaned in her heart,
            She bows down her head,
            “Maybe I should be leaving now,” she told him, trying to avoid looking at him any longer, she gave him a last smile,
            “It was nice to meet you,”
            she had a pause before even mentioning his name in her sentence.
            She chuckled,
            “Akiyama,” she said his name again with a steady face, finally.
            I hope he didn’t notice anything...
            “Nice to meet you too, Miyu,” he smiles to her,
            her heart stopped for a while,
            “...ki,” he finished his line.
            She bows down and was about to make her leave when she heard footsteps walking from behind her back,
            Whoever that is, I got to go!!
            she groaned again.
            “I see you later. Take care,” she said to him, he gave her a smile.
            “See you,” he replied.
            She moved one step ahead, Akiyama walked towards the foodsteps that was heading towards the two of them,
            “Sunohara,” he greeted the fellow behind her back.
            She stopped, turning around when the two of them shake their hand,
            “Akiyama,” he called back for his name,
            “It has been a while, man,” he said to Sunohara. He took a deep breath, nodding his head, “I guess. What are you doing here?” he asked the man who was wearing heavy green shirt, and a navy blue jeans, it seemed like Sunohara isn’t that pleasant looking at that man there in front of him,
            Miyuki looked at those two,
            They know each other?!
            “I heard about the play, and was thinking of joining in. I heard the heroin of the play is not bad,” he smirked to him, Sunohara raised his eyebrow,
            “What does that even matter to you?” he asked him, when Akiyama patted his shoulder,
            “I’m sure the girl paired up with my cousin is the biggest deal,” he said, when he turned his gaze towards Miyuki who was perplexed with what was going on, Akiyama walked closer to her, feeling that Sunohara isn’t letting go of his hand, he doesn’t want him to get any closer to her, but Akiyama pulled it away from his grip by force, he looked at him, turning his gaze to her, giving her a smile that stole her heart away,
            “Are you the leading lady?” he asked her.
            She looked at him,
            What should I say. What should I say?!
            She took a deep breath before she even decides to answer him,
            “Are you?” he asked her again, with his mellow tone, she wasn’t sure if she was still standing on the ground any longer.
            Miyuki bit her lips a little before she nodded her head to Akiyama,
            “I guess I am?” she said, wasn;t sure to answer yes or no to him, Akiyama hold her hand, her heart pounded so hard, she wasn’t sure if she was still breathing t that time, he kissed her soft hand gently,
            “You certainly are beautiful,” he said, with a teasing smile to her, she was sure her life has end at that second.
            “No,” she replied, but wasn’t sure how to finish her sentence, he was still holding her hand there. She felt her palm started to sweat, she turned her gaze towards the other side, when she met her eyes with the man she has been dreaming to be with, Sunohara, he walked towards Akiyama, he touched his shoulder, “Maybe you should leave her alone?” he said,
            Miyuki jumped for a while,
            “No, it’s fine by me,” she said, holding the script closer to her chest. Sunohara looked at Akiyama,
            “He’s just y cousin from... Osaka,” he told her, she nodded her head,
            “I see,”
            “And he wll be leaving soon,” Sunohara said, pointing straight to Akiyama in front of her face, Miyuki looked at Akiyama,
            “Well, since it’s not really a short distance from Osaka, maybe he should stay for the show?”  she said, but Sunohara shakes his head,
            “I’m sure that he’s busy tonight,” he replies to Miyuki,  but Akiyama smiled to both of them,
            “I’m not doing anything tonight,” Akiyama said gracefully,
            “I’d love to stay,” he told her.
            Miyuki smiled,
            “That’s good to hear,” she replied him and caught the sight of the clock on the wall behind the two of them,
            “Oh! I should get going. I guess Romeo is already ready, and this Juliet isn’t even prepared for anything,” she said, with a little giggle, Akiyama smiled to her,
            “I see you later,” she said to the two of them, bowing down, taking her leave, she wasn’t even sure what she felt at that time anymore.
            A man look alike to the person she almost die for in her dream, Akiyama, and Sunohara are together, here, and what’s worse. They are related.
            She let out a long sigh,
            “Let’s just get things done, Yuki,” she said, pushing the door to the dressing room open, she smiled to Momoko inside.

            She was left alone in the dressing room and  looked at herself in the mirror,
            “Tonight is the night.” She whispers as she saw her own reflection as her naotherself in the mirror in front of her eyes.
            She only saw herself as, Juliet, a young lady who is obedient, sheltered, and naive as all of them said, only at the age of 14. She sighed, touching herself in the gaze she saw in front of her,
            “I’m no longer that age,”
            biting the end of her lips, she recall back one thing she noted down about the character she’s leading tonight.
            Though many girls her age—including her , Juliet’s, mother—get married, Juliet has not given the subject any thought. When Lady Capulet mentions Paris’s interest in marrying Juliet, Juliet dutifully responds that she will try to see if she can love him, a response that seems childish in its obedience and in its immature conception of love. Juliet seems to have no friends her own age, and she is not comfortable talking about sex, as seen in her discomfort when the Nurse goes on and on about a sexual joke at Juliet’s, Miyuki exchanged her gaze toward the other side?
            She winked one side of her eyes when she knows how she actually feel in her own heart.
            If she ever look at the man she has been dreaming of almost each time, she knows how much her heart wants to be with him, how her desire to hold him, if it ever possible, she wouldn’t evenw ant to let him go, but how can that even be,
            its just impossible,
            she sighed.
            But if it’s just for this time she can be with him,
            “Let it be the only night.”
            she whispered again, giving courage to herself for the show tonight.
            She heard someone knocking on the door,
            “What is it?”
            she asked, waking up from her dream, she looked at the door behind her back when a man she have known for the rest of her life, well almost the rest of her life, Jun Matsuda, walked inside with a gentle smile across his face,
            “It’s show time,” he said, walking towards her, he holds her hand softly, bending down and kissing it gently,
            “J,” she smiled when she saw him there..
            He stood back up at her side, he gave her a look,
            “Forgive me, my love, as tonight i wont be standing by your side for the whole time,” he said to her when she giggled a little,
            “Idiot,” she said to him, she winked her eye to him, he lead her the way out from the dressing room,
            :Your prince awaits at the other side,” he told her, as she stepped outside and saw him at the other end,
            she get a glimpse of him, felt her cheek heated up when he turned his gaze towards her with a smile across his lips.
            She looked at Matsude next to him,
            “Let’s go, let’s go,” she ordered him to pulled her away from there as she lead the way, pulling him wth her, she saw the man looked at her one more time, she closed her eyes a little,
            You’ll be with him tonight,


            “Now let the show begin,” he said as he took off his navy blue jacket and sat at the seat that he had chosen for the Romeo and Juliet play, he smirked for sometimes, thinking on how will both of them cold neck, slowly ran look acting like a lovable couple on the stage.
            He frowned a little for a while, but then he had a small laugh, he rolled his eyes,
            “She would look wonderful,” he said, when the grimace of her smile to him a while ago came back alive in front of his sight. He nodded his head a couple of time,
            “She surely would,” he said again, with his fingers gently touch his fingers touched his cold neck, lowering it down on his shoulder, he smiled again, thinking on how ridiculous would the other man look like acting as a person he never, ever will be.
            Romeo. A man that shows glimpses of his social persona. He is intelligent, quick-witted, fond of verbal jousting, particularly about sex, loyal, and unafraid of danger, and which part of Sunohara ever come close to that? He was sure that he was none of the list above. If the description of him added in pitiful, or even dense, if you may say, maybe he is listed in 15% of that so call Romeo.
            Sadly, he is none of the above.
            Akiyama sigh in disappointment,
            “But you are still my friend, Sunohara,” he said, when the light of the theather dimmed down, and the curtains slowly opens up, and lit up at one corner of the side of the stage where the narrator stands gracefully, narrating his story,

            “Two households, both alike in dignity,
In fair Verona, where we lay our scene,
From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,
Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.
From forth the fatal loins of these two foes
A pair of star-cross'd lovers take their life;
Whole misadventured piteous overthrows
Do with their death bury their parents' strife.
The fearful passage of their death-mark'd love,
And the continuance of their parents' rage,
Which, but their children's end, nought could remove,
Is now the two hours' traffic of our stage;
The which if you with patient ears attend,
What here shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend,”


            It was quite a cold night at the other side of Saitama prefecture, it was really quiet somehow when there’s not even anything anymore making any noise outside the house when it was only eight forty five at night.
            She touched the cold ground with her bare feet,
            “Akiyama? Is that you?” she asked when she heard somebody opened the front door a few second ago.
            She felt a little odd when she remembered before the man that she love left the house, he did mention to her that he won’t be home early that night because of some personal things to do. Usually when he said that, he did came back quite late every time, but why this time?
            She walked closer to her bedroom door as she heard someone tries to opened the locked room from outside,
            “I’m coming,” she said, hurriedly towards the door,, when she accidently ran against the side of her bed and fell down on the floor..
            She groans a little,
            “Oh, that hurts,” she whined, when the person outside from her door was still trying to opens the door,
            She looked up,
            “Just a second,” she said, pushing herself up, without realizing that her knee already started to bleeds, she opens the door,
            “I’m sorry dear, I’m a little,” she turns her sight towards the man who was standing in front of him and fell silent with her eyes wide open,
            “Who are...”

( c ) Kytty Sakuraiba 2014

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