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Beast with a true Love : Chapter 17

            “Just get away from here, Akiyama. I, if possible, don’t want to see your face any longer in front of my eyes anymore...,” he said frantically, turning to the other side, he wondered why he was still breathing here, when he was sure that he should no longer be able to breathe on the world that he had left with nobody else anymore.
            Akiyama felt annoyed with his behaviour. He understands that his fellow friend was upset for the lost of everyone in his family, so was he, but he wondered why does this man doesn’t have any vengeance he wanted to pay, to whomever that did that to the one that he loved.
            .... to humans that he, Akiyama Masaki, no longer trusted anymore. Why would that man still have pity for those who doesn’t have any sense in their own dignity still.
            Akiyama turned away,
            “Don’t you ever want to pay...” but before he could finished what he wanted to say, Sunohara turned his face towards the man who is not even  looking at his direction, “Pay what, Akiyama? I thought you already did pay your revenge? They are just the same person that kill our family. You already did your part,” he inhaled a deep breath,
            “.... and I should be thanking you for all of your kindness,” he said, sadistically.
            The other man rolled his eyes,
            “You thanked me?” he asked, ignoring that Sunohara was trying to do, he bit the end of his lips and walked towards his direction, he looked at him full of despair, the man he trusted as a friend, could he even be afraid of him now?
            He touched his shoulder, but Sunohara moved away,
            “Akiyama, don’t,” he grabbed his shirt for him to looked at his face when he didn’t finish with what he wanted to say.  Sunohara widen his eyes when he saw Akiyama’s eyes slightly turned red.
            “Oi!” he shouted, trying to break free but without any notice, Akiyama glared at him deeply as he felt his body starting burned up, he felt his intensity barged in furiously,
            “Let me go, Akiyama!” he grabbed his hand, trying to pushed him away, but Akiyama grabbed his instead with the same hand and turned him the other way around.
            Sunohara closed his eyes when he felt Akiyama’s breath brushed against his neck, wrathfully.
            “What do you want from me,”
            “Nothing, Sunohara. I don’t want anything from you,”
            “Then why the hell are you doing this?!”
            “I do what?”
            “Killing everybody?!”
            “For my own satisfaction? I did it with my pride and dignity, Sunohara. I don’t run away. I don’t run away like you do,”
            “You got your revenge! That’s done with it! Why would still want to kill everyone else?!”
            Akiyama had his biggest laugh for some time,
            “Why, Sunohara? Why you are asking me?”
            Sunohara nodded his head, when he felt the pain that Akiyama was giving to him, he squinted his eyes shut,
            “Why Akiyama,” he was holding himself together, he do not want to fall down in front of him, Akiyama let him go, and with the thrust of his stretgh he turned around and punched Akiyama directly at his face, causing him to bleeds. He wiped away the blood that was dropping down on his lips,
            “I will go now,” he told him, licking the blood on his finger, but walking much closer to Sunohara that was fearing him now.
            “Even though you hated me so much, trust me, one day, I promise you, Sunohara, one day, you will be needing me,” he said, when he took something from inside his pocket, he grabbed Sunohara’s hand that was tensed up with fear and regret, in being his friend, perhaps, and gave him something.
            Sunohara looked at him blankly,
            he looked at the pendant with a black lined rope tied up on it, he looked at Akiyama,
            “What is this?”
            Akiyama smile slightly when he turned around, walking away,
            “Just keep wearing it. I don’t want to see any deep fried SUnohara anywhere in this place one day,”
            Sunohara snapped,
            “What the hell are you saying?” but Akiyama just lifted up his hand, he disappeared in a thiHer beautiful n air.

            He touched the pendant that was hanging on his neck as he remembered at that time. He did tried to throw it away, but he felt the warmth of sunlight began to burned himself up. He sighed,
            Why didn’t I just decide to die?
            he questioned himself, but he knew his destiny shouldn’t end then. He have a longer future ahead of his hundreds year of life. Right now, he was not sure when he decided to end his life.|
            He looked away when he heard somebody knocked on the door,
            “Sunohara... Yuuuhuuu... Sunohara...”  he heard a voice of a young lady outside the room,
            “Yeah?” he stood up and opened the door. Momoko was there. She smiled to him,
            “It’s your turn is up next, big guy,” she told him, he gave her a friendly smile as both of them walked away from his dressing room. She touched his build up arm,
            “Stop hiding yourself inside there,” she winked her eyes. Sunohara smirked to her,
            “My turn again huh?” he asked her. She just nodded her head,
            “Well, you re the leading man here. And the play just started like only twenty five minutes ago,” she inhaled a deep breath, she looked at him in his eyes, “And who else would you want to be on stage for you? Matsuda?” she asked him, sticking her tongue out teasing him playfully. He ran his fingers through his hair,
            “I don’t mind that, but...”
            Momoko had a small giggle,
            “They your girl there would be devastated,” she winked her eyes, pointing her fingers towards Miyuki who was acting on stage with her role as Juliet.
            He looked at her. He suddenly remembered the question he asked him a while ago before she knocked on his door.
            Why didn’t i decide to die at the old times.
            He exhaled a long breath, when he looked at her with a beautiful smile on the stage.
            Maybe she was the reason why he is still breathing until this time. How her eyes sparkle, how her everything always make him smile.
            Maybe it’s true what people said since the time long ago. Humans are just humans. Though he might like her, but who knows if she would like him back? Even if he has a gift of knowing what her heart actually felt, but doesn’t that consider as him cheating on knowing the actual truth from her. Whether she would accept him for who he is, or might just rejected him for anything else. Who would actually know?
            He smiled a little;
            I guess nobody does,
            he thought, when suddenly he felt somebody touched his shoulder.
            He looked to his side,
            “Stop day dreaming, man. Get up there. Your woman is waiting already,” Momoko said, when Sunohara nodded his head, he bowed down his head,
            “Alright, my lady,” he said, with a little wink, Momoko giggled again,
            “Oh, stop it, Sunohara. Just get up there and show them what you got,” she told him,pointing her finger up, as she winked her eyes.
            Sunohara returned it with a smile,
            “Okay, my lady” he replied her.
            Momoko stick her tongue out and walked away towards where she was place behind the stage.
            Sunohara took a deep breath,
            “Let’s bring it,” he said, convincing himself.


            Out in the crowd, Matsuda made his way towards the seat that he had sat earlier. He looked at the other people who was seating at the same row as he was, he smiled tot them,
            “I’m sorry,” he apologize as he made his way since it was at the middle of the row. Even though in this play he wasn’t selected as the lead actor, he doesn’t matter as he didn’t even participate in anything else for the play. He was only told by Mr. Tanaka for him to order enough drinks and something light for the crowd if they ever interested in buying anything to eat. He guess his work was done there,
            Why should I be at the back stage anyway?
            he pointed that out, when he reached his seat, he looked at the man who was wearing a black jacket, with a navy blue t-shirt inside, the man changed his gaze towards him, and he just returned it with a smile,
            “Hello,” the man greet him.
            He was a little blank for a while,
            Whoever this guy is,
            he just smiled back to him,
            “Yo,” he greet that fellow back, as he sat down on his seat,
            “Crazy crowd tonight, isn’t it?” the man said, wasn’t sure if it was a question or just a boring statement everyone else give even if the hall isn’t full, but Matsuda turned around to look at the whole hall.
            Sure hell it was a full place tonight.
            He took a deep breath,
            “I guess so,” he replied him, when he took a sip of his Coke, he took a glance at the man next to him for a few second. He raised his eyebrow. He was sure that he never seen this man around in his university before. Who would this guy be? It would be a little funny if a person from outside of Saitama, well Fukuya, would even be there. He exhaled a short breath,
            Maybe it’s someone’s family...
            But he was sure that that man was there all alone.
            Matsuda followed where his eyes were staring at...
            Ah... he thought.
            He’s looking at her,
            he notice that his eyes were only fix on the leading lady on stage. He sigh, And her so call leading man.
            Sunohara Sho.  Matsuda frowned for a while when he think about that guy. If he ever win the competition of winning her heart over him, it would be the silliest thing he could ever possibly think of. He meant that, what does he have that he, himself, doesn’t have? Matsuda bit his lips just a little bit. If they would refer him about their height, he was sure that he was a little taller than him. The body figure... Maybe he was a little thinner but what does make any difference? They are still men.
            Matsuda grimace him a little longer, when he heard the person next to him chuckled for a bit. He looked at him,
            “Oh, I’m sorry. I just received a text from my girl, telling me that I’m grounded for still not being at home at this time,” he told Matsuda who was a little puzzled, he just nodded his head, “Girlfriend?” he asked him, when the man just nodded his head, “Yeah. Chicks these days can be pretty jealous most of the time,” he told Matsuda when he just smiled,
            Jealousy, he thought. Maybe Miyuki like him too because he notice that she... he had a smirk across his lips,

            “Oh my Gaaa, J! You didn’t tell me that you went out with her!” Miyuki growls when she found out Matsuda was out with Reiko, a girl from her Science class, that she don’t really like, she turned her back around, not facing him and hope he would understand what she felt, but Matsuda only suck on the lollipop he had in his mouth and still doesn’t get what she was trying to tell him,
            “So, what if?” he asked her, when Miyuki turned her face towards him, she walked closer to him, with both of her hand crossed on her chest,
            “I just... I just... Urgh! Just forget about this, J,” she said, as she stomped out from the room both of them were at.

            Matsuda smiled alone. Maybe she does like me... he thought alone, but the person next to him exchanged his glance from the play to him,
            “Are you alright?” he asked him, eccentrically.
            He looked at him, when he wiped the sweat that began to develop a little on his forehead. He inhaled a little,
            “Yeah, I’m alright. Just remembered when both of them were practicing this scene on the stage yesterday,” he said, giving an excuse. Nothing funny actually happen, but he does not want to make it obvious.
            Matsuda looked at him with a gentle smile across his face, “So, where are you from?” he asked, really wanting to know since the beginning. The person smirked a little, “I’m from Tokyo,” he told him. Matsuda was a little surprise. Why would a man like him come from Tokyo just to watch this play? It’s not even international.
            “Ahh, no wonder I never see you around here,” he told him. The man just nodded his head, “Was just here because somebody invited me. I was actually on a vacation at the end of Tokyo, so why not a little drives here. I guess nothing would hurt anyway,” the man said. Matsuda nodded his head, “Invitation? By who?” he asked. Again, curious to know.
            The man next to him raised his eyebrow but with a smile on his red lips,
            “Sunohara,” he said, and made Matsuda chocked the air he was breathing in. He looked at that man,
            “Sunohara? Sunohara Sho?” he asked him, and yes, the man nodded his head,
            “I wonder if there’s any other Sunohara in the university,” he said, when Matsuda looked away for a few second, the man ran his finger at the side of his chin,
            “I didn’t recall when the last time i checked the list of students here,” he said.  Matuda fell silent. He was right actually, the only Sunohara the university have is only him, they may have Sunozawa, Sunomoko, Sunogawa, but there’s only one Sunohara, and he is the only one.
            Matsuda shakes his head,
            I should not care about that guy,
            and he pointed that out to himself,
            “So, he’s your brother? You’re a Sunohara too?” he asked that man, when he chuckled once again, shaking his head,
            “No, he’s not my brother. Only a close friend,” he told him. Matsuda nodded his head, “Oh, I see,” he replied, relied that both of them are not related, he looked at him,
             “Anyway, I’m Matsuda Jun,” he offered his hand for a handshake, when the man in front of him gave him a smile when he accepted his offer,
            “Me? I’m Akiyma Masaki,” he replied, and made Matsuda fell silent for sometimes,
            Akiyama... Yuki did mention about a Akiyama, but bleh, how many Akiyama we have anyway,
            he reminded himself not to think of but maybe also not forsaking of what she kept on telling him about the man in her dream, Matsuda smiled,
            “Nice to meet you, Akiyama,” he said.

            Miyuki turned her gaze towards the other side, when she heard him,Sunohara, her Romeo that night said,
            “If I profane with my unworthiest hand
This holy shrine, the gentle fine is this:
My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand
To smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss,”
            Miyuki felt her heart pumps a little hastily, It’s just a play, Yuki. Only a play, she bit the end of her lips, but with a smile she turned away, avoiding his eyes, she can no longer say,
            “Good pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much,
Which mannerly devotion shows in this;
For saints have hands that pilgrims' hands do touch,
And palm to palm is holy palmers' kiss,”
            she said, finished her line for him, when she heard him walking closer towards her direction
            “Have not saints lips, and holy palmers too?” he, her Romeo, said.
            She turned around, looking at him, a man she knew her heart had been crying for, she knows how much she wanted to be with him, even if this is the only night, she took a deep breath, let this be an only night where the earth ground and the beautiful night life still stick together, held so close with one another,
            “Ay, pilgrim, lips that they must use in prayer.” She walked closer towards his direction, but stopped at the point she was supposed to be standing but somehow, she felt her feet took another step closer,
            “O, then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do;,”
They pray, grant thou, lest faith turn to despair,”
            She looked at him. Him standing there, how she just wants to run to him, how she wants to hold him close in her arms, she gave him a slight smile, when she look away to herside, it’s just because of the play, or else she wasn’t even sure if she can ever stand this close to him. She took a deep breath in, how again she wishes she could just run away fast from him. Avoid him? Lying to her own feeling, what would make it more worse than denying everything else?
            What is my line. What is my line...
            she grumbled alone. She forgot what she wanted to say, she took a peek at the whole crowd who was looking at her, waiting for her to move on, she decided to move a little to the side, she closed her eyes for a few second,
            “Saints do not move, though grant for prayers' sake.,”
            she finally said what she was supposed to say, she heard him walking towards her direction, he stopped behind her back, she felt his breath bruised against her neck,
            “Then move not, while my prayer's effect I take.
Thus from my lips, by yours, my sin is purged,”
            he said, when she felt him holding her hand softly, but she pulled it away, severely, she looked towards the crowd, and how happy she was when she saw her dearest, Jun, was there. Though how far he was, he was still there,
            She gutted words when she saw the person who was sitting beside him. Her mouth opened slightly, when she felt Sunohara moved his hand a little,
            Akiyama looked at her, she turned her gaze towards the man who was standing beside her,
            “Then have my lips the sin that they have took,” she said, she gently touched his palm with her other hand. The warmth and coldness she felt from him soothe her heart little by little. He looked at her.
            Oh, how his eyes shines, how clear it was, how she wish she could see what’s hidden behind it, but with what human force she can possibly do that,
            “Sin from thy lips? O trespass sweetly urged!
Give me my sin again,”
            he mentions to her, she looked at him, she gently touched his cheek. Looking deeply into his eyes, if only she could understand what she felt inside her heart, she ran her fingers lower down his chin, both of them made an eye contact,
            “You kiss by the book,”
            The curtains slowly dropped down, as the light dimmed gradually.

            The whole crowd gave applause. Miyuki looked at the man stand in front of him, with her fingers still touched his chin, she opened her eyes wider,
            “Oh, I’m sorry,” she told him, when she let her hand go, but before she could move away, he grabbed her hand gently in his, “You did great tonight. I never knew you would be as good at them in the past year. You were really amazing,” he said to her.
            She has a giggle, hiding away her embarrassment, she pulled her hand away, and pushed his shoulder to the back a little,
            “Hey, you’re not bad yourself, Sunohara,” she said.
            He looked at her,
            “Well, there won’t be a better Romeo if he doesn’t have his beautiful Juliet,” he said to her.
            She looked at him when both of them walked towards the side, when other people were preparing for the next scene on ten minute break before the next act,
            “There won’t be me, if there is no you,” he said.

( c ) Kytty Sakuraiba 2014

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