Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Equation 70 : Life

Though the melody was,
Still heard,
Even if period lighten,
Second passed by, 
Cascading every single hours,
Those flying buds,
Was once floated,
Has fallen down as the season,
To another time.
An empty pages was written,
Well excellent nor nothing,
Comes to mind,
Living creatures was walking by,
No longer seen,
In sight,
Through life, 
Wasn’t able to,
Standing still through,
Earth quakes nor even a,
Blizzard path.
Through journey that wasn’t at,
An any end,
Life has no faith,
Crumbled with anxiety,
Life full of tragedies,
Bleeds continuously,
 Living life with your smile and happiness,
Bringing bliss to our memories,
Only love can lift up the remedy,
Won’t ever wracked,
Written again in a melody,
With only rhythm of a beautiful reminiscence.

- ( c ) Kytty Sakuraiba 2014

Thank you for being with me through my life. Even if one day I won't be able to see you any longer, your smile and your happiness would still be in my memories, Arashi.
2000 - present.

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