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Sweetness Evil ( 11/02/2003 )

Sweetness Evil (-She maybe sweet,but She can be evil at the same time..-)

Scene 1 : Death Threatment of the Dark Gang Headquaters,UK

Rachel : Okie guys,I got a darn evil plan to do.
Strider : Like wat?
Rachel : Dumb head..How many times should i say?!?!
Strider : Eh,Milion times I guess.
Rachel : Shut up moron!I am on my move tomorrow.
Mark : Yes Boss!
Rachel : Now shuu shuu!I want to get some rest!
Jack         : Yes Boss!
Rachel : URGH!
Strider : Jerk.
Rachel : What did you say?
Strider : Nothing!I said..Sweet!
Rachel : Whatever!Get lost!
Strider : Alright.

Scene 2 : In YorkShere Collage,NYC

Cheryl : Joanne!!!You keep on doing that to me!!!!Hahahah!You're funny!
Joanne : They call me the lagend Joanne because I am!
Cheryl : Very funny Joanne!Hehehe!
Rich : What are you guys doing?
Cheryl : Joanne!She keep on pulling my hair!Hahaha!
Rich         : That sound cute!
Joanne : No way!You want me to pull your hair?
Rich         : Eh!Nahh!!I'll pass coz I got something better to do than playing around with girls!
Cheryl : Hey!Girls rock!
Joanne : Yeah! High5 girl!
Cheryl : Hmmpf!Hehehe
Rich : Oh whatever!See ya girls later!
Cheryl : See ya Rich!
Joanne : Tata!
Rich : Chao!
Cheryl : That was nuts!hehehe!
Joanne : Yeah!!!
Cheryl : Ya walking me to the dorm?
Joanne : Oh Cheryl!I really love to walk you to the dorm,but I got extra class!
Cheryl : Nahh!It's alright!I'll talk to you later okie?
Joanne : See you Cheryl!Have fun!
Cheryl : You too.

Scene 3 : On Madley's Road,NYC

Cheryl : Watching a butter fly..goes towards the sun....
Rachel : Hey Cheryl Johnson.
Cheryl : Yes?Oh my lord..Am I dreaming or do you really look like ME!?
Rachel : You ain't dreaming Cheryl.I really do look like you..And I got a very special plan..for you!
Cheryl : Huh?What are you talking about?
Rachel : It is secret coz..It is!Hahahaha!
Cheryl : What!?!
Rachel : Guards!Get her!
Cheryl : Hey!!!!
Rachel : I am gonna take over your place,Cheryl..Hahaha..HAHAHAHAHA!
Cheryl : You won't be hap..HEY!!...

Scene 4 : Behind the Blazing Gold Disco,UK

Guard 1 : She'll be fine here!
Guard 2 : She fainted.Let just consider she is dead!
Guard 1 : What did Rachel ask us to do?
Cheryl : > Time to listen quietly..... <
Guard 1 : Rachel ask us to go back to the headquaters.
Guard 2 : Which Headquaters?
Guard 1 : The main headquaters!
Guard 2 : Is master Strider there?
Guard 1 : Yeah..We better go now.
Cheryl : Oh no you don't!
Guards : Huh?
Cheryl : Hiak!
Guards : AhHH!!!!!!!
Cheryl : Time to go to the headquaters.

Scene 5 : Death Threatment of the Dark Gang Headquaters,UK

Strider : Where is Rachel anyway?
Mark : I have no idea!
Jack : Maybe she's dead!
Strider : Shut up boys!
Mark : Okie...

Behind the Death Threatment of the Dark Gang Headquaters,UK

Cheryl : Okie,My name is Rachel...Rachel..Not Cheryl..but Rachel..That guy whoever he is .. name..Strider..Right..

Inside the Death Threatment of the Dark Gang headquaters,UK

Strider : Rachel!There you are!I tought you are gone or something!
Cheryl : I ain't gone anywhere ermm...err...Strider!Right?
Strider : Strider is da name..Yeah!
Mark : Hrmmm....
Cheryl : Right!hehehe.
Strider : You are acting diffrent..
Cheryl : Oh yeah?How come?
Strider : Hrm..Let me check..You slang is diffrent..
Cheryl : > Oh no!I don't know british slang! <
Strider : The way you dress ain't that sexy like you used to..
Cheryl : > Right!Rachel's clothes look like she's almost naked! <
Strider : You never call me Strider..You always call me,dumb head.
Cheryl : Ehh...I started to change..Right?
Jack         : Changed?Yeah right!
Mark : Shhh!!
Cheryl : > glare <
Strider : Change from bad to good is cool.
Cheryl : Yeah!It is! >I think<
Strider : Your hair color changed to brunett from blonde..Then again,you are weird.DON'T HIT ME!
Cheryl : Strider Strider,I change my hair color,coz I want to!
Strider : So,you ain't gonna hit me?
Cheryl : No.
Strider : Okie......>She's weird<
Cheryl : Wanna drink?
Strider     : No thanks. >Okie,she IS weird<

Scene 6 : Bronx Theme Park,NYC

Rachel : Look at's soo dumb!
Joanne : Rachel,you love that thing.
Rachel : I do?Oh yeah!!It's fun!Let's ride it!
Rich : You don't ride it..You shoot it..
Scott : Have u lost your mind Cheryl?
Rachel : No I haven't!I am fine!!URGH! (Go away far from them)
Jinnie : Gee,What is wrong with her?
Joanne : I wish I know..
Scott : Forget about her girls!Let's have fun!
Joanne : Yeah!

Scene 7 :  Swimming Pool,Wimbley,UK

Cheryl : > Wow,He's hot..He's hot..Oh my god He is hot..<
Strider : Watcha lookin at girl?Never see guys in his short before?I tought you see it everynight.
Cheryl : Uhh..Err..
Strider : And I tought last night was a holiday!HAHAHA!
Cheryl : Yeah,Holiday..Sick of it..
Strider : You?Sick of it?Wow,I am surprise...Seriously..Haha..
Cheryl : Well,Seeing guys everynight is just..Boring..hehe.
Strider : Right..HAH!
Cheryl : Uh,Whatever Strider.Whatever you say.
Strider : Usually,The answer to my line is "Go to hell!!".
Cheryl : Um..Okie..
Strider : Whatever!

> After Swimming <

Cheryl : So,Strider..
Strider : Okie Rachel,I had enough of the sweet little you.You better tell me.
Cheryl : Tell you what?
Strider : What you are up to before I,Kiss you.Which you will hate!
Cheryl : I am not up to anything Strider!
Strider : Oh,so,you don't wanna tell ha?
Cheryl : No coz there's nothing to tell.
Strider : Okie then.You ask for it.
Cheryl : > Oh my GOD!He is kissing me!He's a great kisser!WOW!Oh my god!gags! <
Strider : So?Want to tell me yet?
Cheryl : Oh..uhh...Ermm..There's nothing to tell you!
Strider : Oh really...
Cheryl : > Oh shoot!He's kissing me again!!Should I reply??Oh..I should!! <
Strider : So,wanna tell now?
Cheryl : There's nothing to tell?
Strider : Urgh!
Cheryl : > There he goes again!Oh my lord! <

Scene 8 : Next Morning at the Swimming Pool

Cheryl : Strider...Strider?Strider!OH MY GOD!What have I done?
Strider : Yeahh..RACHEL!?!?!Goodness lord!I can't be sleeping with..did we?..Err?
Cheryl : I think we did.. > glare <
Strider : Oh man!I did it with my own boss!
Cheryl : Strider,It's now who you..ermm..
Strider : What?
Cheryl : I am not Rachel..
Strider : What the ... Whatcha say?
Cheryl : My name is...
Strider : What issit?
Cheryl : Cheryl Amanda Johnson...
Strider : What!?!You gotta be joking.
Cheryl : No,I am not joking and I wish I am.
Strider : Oh shit man!
Cheryl : I am sorry!
Strider : Just forget it alright?I don't wanna see your face ANYMORE!
Cheryl : Strider...
Strider : Leave me alone!!
Cheryl : But I..
Strider : Shut up!
Cheryl : Oh no..What have I done?

Scene 9 : In YorkShere Collage Female Dorm , NYC

Rachel : Oh man!This thing is soo stinky!I hate it!
Joanne : Cheryl,That is your favourite teddy bear...
Jinnie : Yeah!How could you hate it?
Rachel : URGH!I hate it now!Throw this thing out from the house!!
Jinnie : Okiee...
Rachel : I am going to shower now..If you'll excuse me!
Joanne : Gee,What is wrong with her..
Jinnie : I don't know..
Joanne : I think she is fake..
Jinnie : Yeah!!
Joanne : We need to plan this thing
Jinnie : To make her say yes to us?
Joanne : Yeah!Well,Not really..We got to make her admit!
Jinnie : Yeah!!High5 girl!
Joanne : High5!Now,Let's talk to the boys into it!
Jinnie : Okie!Let us do it!

Scene 10 : Blue Star Light Pub,UK

Cheryl : Strider..There you are..
Strider : I tought I asked you to leave me alone.
Cheryl : I can't and I couldn't...
Strider : Why?You don't get what you want from me?
Cheryl : No..not because of that..It's just..
Strider : Just want?You want....
Cheryl : > Oh my god!!I am kissing him!Looong! <
Jack : Wow!
Strider : What was that for?!
Cheryl : Strider,I love you..
Mark : Oh lord!
Cheryl : I love you since the first time I saw you..
Strider : What the..
Cheryl : Since the first time I saw you,I knew you aren't that bad..
Strider : I am in an underground dark gang..
Cheryl : I still don't care..I know there's goodness in you..
Mark : C'mon man!She's being nice to you!
Strider : Uh,well,I ermm..Like..I mean..Love you...too...
Cheryl : You do?
Jack         : Yeahh!!He keep on..
Strider : Shut up Jack > glare <
Cheryl : Hehehe..
Strider : C'mon!Let's get out from here!We better save YOUR life before she..
Cheryl : Take over my life?
Strider : Yeah!!You're good!
Cheryl : Thank you!Okie!Let us go now!
Strider : See ya later!
Jack         : Good luck!
Mark : Yeahh!!
Strider : Thanks guys!
Cheryl : See ya!

Scene 11 : YorkShere Collage Boys Dorm

Jinnie : Okie guys..Me and Joanne thinks that Cheryl is fake.
Rich : How could that be?There's only ONE Cheryl Amanda Johnson.
Scott : Yeah!
Joanne : We maybe think that it's a look a like girl tryin to be her.
Rich : Oh..That maybe true..
Scott : But how can we prove that..
Rich : She is fake..?
Jinnie : We thought about it and this is what we got..
Joanne : Come here.
Rich : Alright.

Scene 12 : YorkShere Collage

Rachel : Where the hell are my friends?
Jinnie : Yo Cheryl!Come here for a while!
Rachel : Okie whatever!
Joanne : Hey Cheryl!What do Jinnie usually call you?
Rich  : Yeah!!I misses you saying it!!
Scott : Yeah!It's cute!
Rachel : Cheryl?
Jinnie : Okiee...Where is your favourite hang out?
Rachel : My room?
Joanne : Alright..
Rachel : Heh.
Scott : So,when is your date of birth?
Rachel : 30th April?
Rich : Fake!!!
Cheryl : She's fake guys.
Rich        : Huh?!There's TWO Cheryl?What the..
Cheryl : I am Cheryl..
Joanne : Cheryl Pootay!!
Jinnie : Muchie Muchie Cheryl!!
Scott : Cheryl?
Strider : That is Rachel.She's the head of the most evil underground dark gang.
Rachel : Strider!You betray me!
Strider : I am sick of working with you Rachel.I am sorry.
Rachel : Yeah!You better be!Coz I am going to kill you when we got back in UK!
Strider : I don't think we are going back.
Rachel : What do you mean?
Cop 1 : Miss..You're arrested for being in the dak agent.
Rachel : What is this?
Cop 1 : We got an order from UK to arrest you because you are in the underground gang.
Rachel : Hey!I urgh!Let me go!!
Cop 2 : Sir,since you're one of her worker..You're coming with us.
Strider : Okie..I will..But give me 2 minutes okie?
Cop 1 : Just be quick.
Strider : Cheryl,Thank you for making me realize what I did was wrong.
Cheryl : I will try and set you free..I will try...I promise..
Strider : Thank you Cheryl.
Cheryl : > Oh my god!He's kissing me again!! <
Strider : See you Cheryl..
Cheryl : See you Strider..I love you..
Strider : I love you too..
Cop 1 : Sir,we can't wait any longer.
Strider : See you Cheryl..
Cheryl : Bye Bye..
Joanne : Awww..That is soo cute!!
Cheryl : See you later aligator!
Jinnie : Hehehehe!
Rich : Alright girl!You rock!
Cheryl : Thanks guys!!
Scott : Hey!Group hug!!!
Cheryl : Yeahh!!
Rich : Welcome back to Cheryl!
Joanne : Yeahh!!!!!!!!!!
Jinnie : Weeeeeee!!!!!!!
Scott : Hugz all!!

Scene 13 : London PD,UK

- 1 years later -

Cheryl : I am here to pick up Mr Mus Omer
Cop 3 : You are Miss Cheryl Amanda Johnson?
Cheryl : Yes!
Cop 3 : ID please.
Cheryl : There you go.
Cop 3 : Hrmm..Wait for a moment.
Cheryl : Alright!
Strider : Hey Cheryl.
Cheryl : Hey Strider!
Cop 3 : Alright,he's free now.
Strider : Thank you sir.
Cop 3 : Remember,No doing anything stupid anymore!
Strider : I won't!
Cop 3 : Better be!
Cheryl : Thanks!
Strider : Thanks!

Outside of the UKPD.

Cheryl : Oh Strider!I misses you!
Strider : I never thought you still remember me..
Cheryl : Of course I will remember you!
Strider : > Wow,she's kissing me <
Cheryl : Now..Let's get some niceee meal and some sleep!
Strider : Sure.
Cheryl : Hot tub!!
Strider : Oh,I misses that!
Cheryl : And tomorrow,We're going back to NYC!
Strider : But I don't have a job.
Cheryl : Don't worry!My dad has a job for you in his office!
Strider : Thank you Cheryl..Thank you very much..
Cheryl : > He's kissing me again! <

Inside the UKPD.

Rachel : THIS AIN'T OVER!!IT AIN'T OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cop 4 : Shut up girl!
Rachel : GRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

-The End-

( I was only 14...was trying to write.. muahahahaha XD )

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