Friday, 31 October 2014

Equation 76 : Why...

At this time,

I am not sure how could i even,
Explain to time how am i feeling,
How a heart that was thorned apart,
How a smile shades away
Was there even anymore reason to hope
Was there even anymore reason for me to breathe
How I still try to convey my love to you
But tears that were cascading through time
I still couldn’t manage to explain why.
Sometimes a heart kept on wonder
Will there even be another day tomorrow
Will I still have a chance to be living and see
How beautiful you smile
How I kept on wishing even if it was only once
I want to see you there in my life
A promise i never manage to keep,
 A love I couldn’t manage to held in my hand
It doesn’t matter if I would go away today
But promise me I will see you there
Once again in an eternal lifetime.

( c ) Scarlette Storm 2014

 Bleh I was crying when i was writing this sorry. I was upset when the bid for the ticket I won got canceled because it took more than 3 days to reach in their hand... Maybe Arashi is never meant for me.. Maybe I should just walk away from heaven to hell.


  1. I'm crying so hard reading this. It's so beautiful. Remember we all love you and care deeply for you. Kiss kiss

    1. Awww, thank u mama.. *hugs* i love u too... I'm sorry i'm just broken hearted.. thank GOD my hero came and save me..