Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Equation 87 : A Dedication for U.

Even though when the first time I met you,

We were stranger in each other's life.
Even if I want to know you,
You were still a mystery in my life.

But after times changes,

The more I get to know you,
The more I felt in my heart that I know,
Sometimes fate has been design for two,
Hearts to be united through destiny has passed.

How I am grateful,

How I am glad that,
God has introduced me to you,
Though sometimes I know how my heart were..

It was torn apart,

How it is still crying for me to be,
For me to always do,
Fall in love with you.

I would still cherish you,

I still love you,
But I know that there are still,
Limits between us two.

I am always thanking you,

For always being by my side.
For at least letting me call you my friend,
The special person in my life.
The bound of our friendship,
The bound of my love for you,
With each other's heart,
I always pray it won't ever depart.

Even if we can't be together,

Be close with each other,
Deep in my heart,
I know my love for you,
Would still be there,
It won't ever fades away,
No, It won't ever shattered on the earth
That shades to grey.

Sweet love,

Kytty Sakuraiba.

Happy birthday 2 u, my dearest love, Nia. <3 :)

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