Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Equation 101 : Every time I...

Every time I thought of walking away,
From you in my life,
Would it be a sin for me if I ever,
Leaving you astray even if I have to disobey,
If I go without even turning back
Forgive me if I won’t bare to even,
Even wish you my last goodbye.

Every time I thought if forgetting,
Forgetting everything that has happened in my life,
The bound of love between us,
The happiness that you still portrays,
An emotion that was unrequited,
Parish from the truth that lies within,
The integrity wasn’t so clear to be seen.

Every time I thought of leaving,
The past memories of us, Of you and I,
The reflection of your smiles,
The tears hidden from the glimpse of your eyes,
The lost of your love,
Shattered away in the water that once were still,

In my cold shuddered life.

(c) Kytty Sakuraiba / Scarlet Storm 2015

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