Monday, 16 February 2015

Equation 103 : Sorrow

Sitting alone,
In a room that was dark and cold,
The anger that was raging inside through,
The shadows of fright and this sober heart,
As I would grow old.

Why does the tears,
That were hidden through my life,
Would one day the fear that was concealing,
Hiding away the faith that wasn’t breathing at all,
The purity of my heart trembled apart.

Kept on asking myself,
Why does it hard for me to confess,
The pain that I felt in my heart,
The shudder that trembled upon my life
But I just lied with a smile to obscure my sorrow.

The rigid pain couldn’t anymore,
Be hidden behind the unbending terror,
My broken heart has shattered,
Just leave me alone, and allow me to bleed in anguish,
There won’t be for me to be living cause there won’t,
Be no other days tomorrow.

(c) Scarlet Storm 2015

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