Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Equation 107 : a Life to Obtain.

As the time has passed,
Right at this hour,
Each second has dismissed,
Everyone in this world,
Had fallen asleep,
Living their life through lies,
Through those pain,
And misery that has happened previously,
How they all wished it would vanish,
Perish or perhaps might not happen again.

As all the humanity had fallen to sleep,
Easing away their life that occurred too much,
Evenly hateful tragedies,
Sweet loving memories,
I am still here breathing,
Even if I can’t pass through your life, fate or destiny,
I am still here living my life,
It was nevertheless full of contradict,
A life as equal as you,
With the love you has never given to me,
Only left a ruthless heart that were meant to give.

Hoping and wishing that there would be,
Another chance for me to be living again,
In a life with no misery,
Was it even as contra as it could be,
In a life that weren’t meant to be,
Faith that were never predict anything,
It is only in a matter of life,
The trust we have put in this world,
The impurity raking through trust,
Dividing our unity that we stand,
Can our world unite together again,
Through a life that has no respect and no more dignity,
We shall not complain, just only to obtain.

(c) Kytty Sakuraiba / Scarlet Storm 2015

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