Thursday, 26 March 2015

Shattered Dreams - A Beginning of Another Story...


          At a new era of the year 2030, the world at that time was developing rapidly. Everything was only used by the technology to proceed with a life that was exchanging every day time passed. No one ever used anymore pen and paper to write a note in their life anymore, but there was still a man who is trapped in his dark and emotionless cruel life of his own…
            Shoichi Oshiro is a man in his previous life that was well respected, full of integrity, have faith in his life or any other human that was living along side of him, but there was a mystery that lies within his sorrow life that no one else would see. He was a property seller at his own  real estate company, Oshiro Industry, in Tokyo, Japan. He lived his life well as he had predicted it to be until one day, his dream was shattered into only repulsive dreams.
            He opened his eyes when he heard somebody knocked on the still caged inside the prison he was living right now. He looked at the man who was wearing his daily suit that put the food that he got no more interest to be eating at the side of the door that was closed a while ago. “Eat your meal!” that person said to him as he locked the prison he was held inside. Shoichi groaned as he tried to ignored what the person said to him, “Fine.” he replied that man as he changes his gesture on the piece of thin mattress he was laying on.
            Shoichi took a deep breath as he sealed his eyes once again, ‘This is life…’ he grumbled in his heart. He was held inside there before a few more weeks. No. Days for him to be stance to his death for the guilt that he had done. There were regrets felt in his own heart, with the vengeance that he had previously was still left hidden some part of his emotion. How he wished that he still weren’t caught with the act that he seemed to be enjoying indulged in his life. He inhaled a deep breath as he still could remember the fragrance of those women he had previously in his life even if it was only for a short time. It was only a while in his file.
            He cherishes all their living in his life, but as for what they had done to his trust and integrity to them, it had somehow grimace his heart to believe in any of them anymore. Shoichi snorted slightly when a shallow smiled came across his lips, “Women…” he grumbled as he balled his fist to let his anger perish through thin air as he can no longer do anything anymore. Perhaps it was a right decision to be done against them.
            Somebody knocked on the steel that was capturing him once again as he turned his glance towards them, grimly.
            “Eat your food! We won’t waste our time to wait for you!” the same man previously said to him arrogantly. Shoichi gritted his teeth together and how he felt in his heart to take that man’s life away.
            Reluctantly, he pushed himself up and narrowed his eyebrow when he see the same ‘dish’ that he had almost every day was given to him again. He groaned as he felt how his stomach was grumbling, but he can no more eat them. “I’m full,” he said to that man and pushed the meal with his hand to the steel door once again. Shoichi cracked those bones on his fingers as he took a deep breath before he lay back down on the mattress and sealed his eyes once again.
            Nothing in his life anymore was surprising him. As before the justice against his fate, life and destiny be undeniable tied up together, he just want to remember everything that happened previously once again. He felt his heart palpitates slowly as the dull surrounding of his dimmed into night fall as his imagination came back floating in his mind.
            “Let’s just enjoy living life before it ends…” he said alone before everything falls back down upon him once again as the smile of a woman he once love appeared in front of his sight.
            Shoichi sighed, “Asami Mori…” he said her name…

- the story just came to my mind.. IDK if I should finish it or not.. :) 

(c) Kytty Sakuraiba / Scarlet Storm 2015

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