Friday, 17 April 2015

Dreams Comes True

On 9th April 2015, was the date that i didn't expect it to be. The novel that I have been written for over a year has finally been released. Even though there are still some part in the book that people asked if I write it because the imagination of them being too high in my head, or was it only just the inspiration that they had given me to write something that isn't really actually about them, but related to them somehow.

It sure is a hard to deny how much my love had been buried deep in my heart for them, but because of the character's existance in my fantasy, it somehow had created something else apart from who they really are.

 Aiba Masaki, Sakurai Sho, Matsumoto Jun. To whom these men were if none of us really know them in our real life. As time passed, I had woken up from the dream that I had been lying asleep before. They made me realize one thing that I should see before anything else that matters in my life. My desire? No.. It was only my dream to be the first one.

My life with multiple sclerosis isn't that easy, but I hope that not only with this, there would still be another story, hidden behind this history.

Get urself a copy!

(c) Scarlet Storm / Kytty Sakuraibamoto 2015

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