Sunday, 19 April 2015

Short Essay : My Life

           This story is about a little girl, Yuriko Natsuo, aged six years old, who seemed to be happy living her life close with her family and friends. Every day she wakes up with a smile on her face for another day to come. She lived inside a small house with her brother, Kenji Natsuo, aged twenty two, a Tokyo University student, who was working at a small diner close to their house to live their life together.
            It was on Wednesday, outside her kindergarten, in the beautiful evening breeze of Spring, Yuriko sat outside at the garden and waits for the return of her brother from the University. She looked at the clock on the wall and didn’t feel happy at all. It was already four fifteen in the evening. She felt her heart wasn’t at east at that time. She wondered what actually happened to her brother since he isn’t home yet. She narrowed her eyes when she saw her friends walking back home with their brothers and sisters and she was still left there on her own.
            Yuriko remembered the promise that her brother said to her before he sent her to the kindergarten earlier that he would come back and pick her up, and until right now he still wasn’t there. Her teacher came to her and asked her what was wrong since she didn’t really smile after all of the other students had left that place. She kept on denying to the teacher how sad she felt at heart, and told her that she was alright, but she was actually crying deep inside.
            The clock on the wall was already six in the evening and the kindergarten was about to close the gate already and Yuriko was still left there, waiting outside the door on her own. She looked at the sky that has fallen down and sealed her eyes at the end. She felt her tears fell down and she wiped it away from her eyes. She felt like she was left there on her own and there is nobody else to come and fetch her home. She sometimes before asked her brother why she doesn’t have any mother or father when her other friends does.
            Her brother take a lot of courage to take care of her on his own since both of them had lost their family when she was at a very young age. She remembered that her brother always tells her that their parents are now at somewhere very special, where they can watch other them all the time. Yuriko wiped away the tears that were still fallen down as she sun that was rising up already began to fall down. She felt the teacher touched her shoulder and asked if she wanted her to send her home, but Yuriko refuse because she believed that her brother would come and pick her up.
            After a while waiting, Yuriko covered her face close to her own legs and suddenly felt somebody touched on her shoulder. She shakes her head, refusing to listen to the teacher  but she heard someone calling for her name and how delighted she was when she saw it was her brother standing in front of her. She wrapped both of her arms around him as he lifted her up on his shoulder.
            Both of them went home together as her brother told her the reason why he was slightly late that day. It is true that almost all of her friends have the wealth in their life, perhaps she only eat twice a day, sleep underneath the same blanket but she knows that she have someone that no one else could replace in her life. It was her only brother.

(c) Scarlet Storm 2015

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