Friday, 5 June 2015

Bound : History Autograph copy!

 One of the great lessons any young person learns at university is that life is never as simple as it may seem on the surface. For Miyuki, a carefree young lady, and her creative friend Matsuda, life has a few more lessons in store. When Miyuki was orphaned at a young age, Matsuda’s family took her in. As they grow into adults, their special bond has intensified. Now that love is in the air, he has made a promise to keep her safe at his side for the rest of his life.

But that pledge is tested with the arrival of Sunohara Sho, who believes Miyuki to be the woman of his dreams. The two men share a complicated history, and the violent pull of vengeance and honor they both feel endangers everything and everyone they love, including Miyuki. Sunohara has seen his future with her, and he has already dueled with his former friend and mentor, Akiyama, in a bold attempt to win her love. When Sunohara learns that Akiyama has been terrorizing Miyuki in her dreams, he pledges to make things right any way he can.

Will Miyuki ever be free from Akiyama’s nightmares?
Will Matsuda find his courage and win her heart?
Can Sunohara manage to keep Akiyama away from Miyuki’s dreams?
Who will Miyuki ultimately choose?

Bound: HIStory is a story of a love and redemption for even the darkest of hearts.


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