Monday, 3 August 2015

Behind a writer's eyes.

Hello there.
As I was going through with my daily life today, I feel like sharing you one thing that I didn't realize actually buried within my all these time.
What was there actually written silently behind a writers eyes.
No one can actually see how the figment of imagination that come alive in a writers mind.
Most of us keep on telling ourself at first that 'I will stop after this is done,' but where does all of that goes right, when actually, you can't live without even thinking of what will happen next in a life that no one really know.
Although, almost all writer tries to deny this, but there surely is a friend that exist in the thought of their head to be playing along with the stories that comes in mind.
I also think that it was foolish to do all of it before as i decided to quit and really start working my life.
But none of it doesn't really seem right, as the story I promised myself to end, still continues.
At times, even if a life isn't always like how it was plan to be came true, but only a smile remains in a heart that believe that the story still exist even though it will end after the last page was written.
Behind a writer's eyes, everything is never impossible, only will and guts to achieve it needed to proceed in this world.
Never give up if you are a writer.
Proceed your dreams and one day when you achieved what you wanted to be, you would laughed thinking that before you decided to quit a dream that is now a reality.
Writing is an art that not many can do, so cherish with what you have, think free and through the open air that still give you life to be breathing in, be who you are supposed to be...

- Scarlet Storm 2015

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