Friday, 7 August 2015

Equation 144 : Unbound

The night has fallen,
As the earth that once were a beauty,
Has turned to the darkest mystery,
Will there be any more insanity,
In a life that has no more territory,
Only left an unbound contradictory,
In a life that was still chain with believe,
Left only misery,
A smile once before,
Somehow it is now only left,
Just a false modesty,
Unconscious sight,
Seeing in a life history,
Unchained in a memory,
That has nothing else,
Apart from only a sad story,
A kiss once before felt,
Against your lips that were warm,
As it was blood that was still boiling,
Those unforgiving tears were still falling,
Willowed apart,
At the end of your unspoken destiny,
The cold night breeze,
Wittered a heart that wasn’t anymore,
Alive in this unwritten melody.

(c) Scarlet Storm 2015

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