Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Equation 146 : Thorn of Roses

In a distance time,

The faith that was design,

Through the mist of darkest sorrow in life,
Dimmed under the moonlight,
That doesn’t shine anymore,
Heart that prolong to live,
Shadow that wanted to exist,
Perish in the darkest entity of sorrow,
The thorn of roses,
Tears apart a soul that was shattered,
The wittered decision of heart,
That previously was doubtful,
A conjunction of a deceitful core,
In lies that has no conclusion,
Truth was still left forbidden,
Hidden in life that wasn’t even quivered, 
Only pain that left in the eyes,
Of purity, somehow it still holds,
That unshed tears that wasn’t falling any longer,
The bloody stain, 
Of the past mistakes that was written,
Caused only by the pain,
That at the end of this mystic path,
The thorn of roses has broken apart,
Forsaken in fouls of love,
Exiling in the myth of your existence,
That was never written...

(c) Scarlet Storm 2015 

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