Monday, 24 August 2015

Equation 153 : Another Tomorrow

In silent,
The rhapsody it still couldn’t,
The whispers that was still heard,
In a journey of life,
A destiny that has oblige,
The frequency that was still in,
A search for a relive that only can,
Cure a heart that wasn’t broken,
Only left hidden,
Never was in the shadow of your reflection,
The smile that was frequently given,
The purest story that has been,
Written through  an unexpected life,
In a journey that still has no end,
Laughter that obliterate the sorrow,
Through the gaze of your eyes that promise,
There will be another tomorrow,
The softest whispers that was still heard,
In a melody that doesn’t even make any echo,
But in the providence has given tempo,
Through destiny that wasn’t reluctantly sure,
An endless smile of love,
The gentle touch sweep away the sorrow
As the petals of love 
Through the sweet days of another tomorrow.

(c) Scarlet Storm 2015


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