Thursday, 27 August 2015

Equation 154 : Everlasting Love

An everlasting love,
As the eyes were seal,
The imagination of your shadow,
That wasn't actually there,
It has finally came alive,
The strength for a life to survive,
The power for a faith to comply against,
All those living with false integrity,
All those buried within lies of modesty,
Somehow, your existence in a cold heart,
Giving warmth to a witted sorrow,
The reflection of your eyes,
That was seen in a still water,
It oblige the faint lies of contiguity,
This pure sanity of truth,
The heart and soul combined,
Shading sorrow for those endless possession,
Through the power of love,
The shadow still consist the a stain of blood,
That sheds on sheet so white,
Even though the reality conjunctive,
That your reflection never actually exist,
Only alive in a fantasy that still,
An everlasting love,
With a smile to pump a heart,
That once before shallow apart.

(c) Scarlet Storm 2015

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