Monday, 21 September 2015

Equation 161 : In a Dream

In a dream,
Even if I sealed my eyes,
From the apparition of what was to see,
The greatest gift,
As I was able to witness,
The thought of love that was given,
To embraced me,
Again reappeared in the vision,
With less boundaries
The smile that you have given,
The eyes that was gazing to me,
The sweetest smile I could never forget.

In a dream,
I would see you right here once again,
Even though as it was today,
As the brightest light of our love,
Through the stream of river that once concealed,
Promises that were made for me to kept hold,
Shaded in despair through the falling tears,
The blood that sheds as forgiveness once pleaded,
In death I call for you,
You still answered,
In a life with no more entity of your silhouette,
There isn’t any more bound in between the love,
That once were there for me.

(c) §carlet Storm 2015 ♥♥♥

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