Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Equation 162 : Why is Fate.

Why is fate,
Until it is today,
Been searching for path,
Been searching for a way,
That doesn’t seem to appear,
It actually never was there,
In a life that was given,
A soul that was forsaken,
The boundaries of fate,
Somehow at the end,
From the introduction of the first time,
Destiny has brought us together,
Concealed a wounded heart,
As it bleeds once again

Why is fate,
Until it was yesterday,
The soreful heart that at the end,
Decay from the indeed intention of,
Trustworthy has forsaken once again,
Does the need of your existence in my life,
Was a   thing that should be escape,
Was the whispers that frequently heard,
A reason for you to still be here to,
Listen to the false integrity,
Please just go away,
As I never needed you anymore near,
I never need you anymore here.

(c) Scarlet Storm 2015

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