Thursday, 24 September 2015

Equation 164 : Behind the Shadow

Through the blizzard in life,
As the ground has fallen before,
It has stood still for so long,
Until it was one night in the dim light of,
Shadows of the existence of your love,
Overcoming fears of losing the only one,
An unbending soul,
A heart that foresworn grief,
The terror that sheds thousands of tears,
The momentum that of your presence,
It still increase in the deepest and darkest core,
Though through the grim hollow,
In silent of nothing else anymore,
The existence of your love,
The impurity of your smile,
In the wake of the shadow of your love,
Still subsist in lies,
An urge that is still trying to improvise,
Right behind your deep, dark brown eyes...

(c) Scarlet Storm ♥ 2015

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