Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Equation 167 : Another Life

Equation 167 : Another Life

Through the fallen star,
A dawn of a day,
As the earth were still twirling,
In an endless motion,
Until it was the end of time,
For it to be called to,
An another life,
Will there even be another chance,
To be living and breathing as equal as it was today,
On the earth that has given life,
As another day changes again,
Will all the sin ever be forgiven,
In an illusion of what another day might come,
What will be as another tomorrow has passed,
As the time kept on tickling away,
And there isn’t any more way to turned it around,
As at that minutes,
How a heart kept on wishing that,
Only left an endless love,
For a heart to repelled it’s strength to be moving forward,
Longing for a life as soul has fades away,
Only left body fell on the ground,
As to be awaken again,
In another life,
To be floating above and somehow lived once more,
In another world that nobody could see,
It actually exist. 

(c) Scarlet Storm 2015

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