Friday, 23 October 2015

Equation 169 : Unsure

I am the warm flame
Reaching out to the white moon
Sadness breathing deep inside of me
Ghastly shadows hovering over me in my room
In the horror of what is coming tomorrow,
The heart that only I know,
Triggers in a dark dawn sorrow,
At times,
How quivered I felt my heart still waiting,
Pending for an answer,
Will the dusk of tomorrow shattered away,
The willow pain that shattered a heart,
Will it even be,
Evaded by the darkness of the silent hollow,
Will the next the blazing sun befallen upon my future time,
As another day come once again,
With the question that needed to be spoken,
As another breath was taken,
Holding the answer of my life that was still,

(c) Scarlet Storm / +CB Fall  2015

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