Sunday, 22 November 2015

Equation 172 : Tomorrow II

At the end of times,
How a heart was concluding it’s rigid hours,
Forgetting about what has happened before,
Shielding the eyes,
As the dreams began to come for grown,
Pushing the thoughts to the side,
That somehow a heart can feel what might happen,
Happen before it actually does,
Cascading shadows that only thing that could be seen,
Everything in its solid occasion,
The darkness hours as the time was still ticking,
Obliging the echoes of tempos,
I could only see you right there,
With your soft brown eyes,
Clearer than the morning haze,
That will arise in a few hours to go,
A smile that was seducing a heart,
A touch that felt so cold on a warm skin,
How your whispers was overpowering the night,
How the touch of your lips against mine,
With your tongue that was fighting for what was right,
Pushing gently to win a delicate fight,
Your fingers gently lingering across,
The thin line of life,
That can no longer endure the long lost lust of love,
How I don’t want all of this to end,
Even though you are no longer there right by my side,
Let the echoes shield my life to still be held close,
Even only it was only at night,
Wrapped me right in your arms once more,
No, Don’t ever to let go,
Let this dream endure all the pain and sorrow,
Before another day would start again,

(c) Scarlet Storm 2015

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