Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Equation 176 : Awaken Asleep

How I am wishing to be asleep,
Never be awaken anymore,
As I will continue to find a way,
I will foresee what was left for me,
In the dim of light of nothing else,
In the darkest of the dungeon I was left all alone,
Held captivated with too much calculation,
Too much equation on my skin that was still torn,
Bleeding alive as I wasn't aware of,
Unsure that later through out the darkness,
One day still,
Forfeiting those questions that doesn't,
Doesn't have anymore solution,
The pain of the forbidden sorrow,
From thousands of love shattered that has shattered apart,
Hoping forever to still be asleep,
Buried me alive,
Let me be forever here,
Let me endure the pain that I could no longer restrain,
Not to,
Never will be,
Awaken anymore.
(c) Scarlet Storm 2016

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