Thursday, 25 February 2016

Equation 179 : Reflection

When days had changed once again,
I was breathing a life,
That nobody could possibly known,
Nobody would precisely understand,
As the clock kept on ticking,
As the time was passing by,
At time,
I still could barely see a sign,
I look upon a mirror that once was said,
A promise that was made for perhaps one day,
You perished heart,
It would return to me,
Once again,
From the day of dawn,
To the light timidly shading away,
The dusk arise before the night befallen apart,
I was still standing close,
Close enough to the mirror that once was said,
Waiting for the return of whom,
I dearly wished to be parted away,
To be shield together once again,
But would there even be any chance of another day?
Would there still be a time for me to say,
Even though at the end of time,
I would be left not breathing anymore,
I would close my eyes and could on see,
A shadow of your smile being right there,
Next to me,
I would still be waiting,
For your love to,
Come back to me,
Through the darkest time,
Through the grim cold night,
I would still be standing strong,
To be held once more,
By thou love that had promised ,
Upon a reflection to return,
Once more.

(c) Scarlet Storm 2016

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