Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Equation 184 : Black Rose

In the desolation hour
The last sensation was left triggers
As a heart was pounding much harder,
Harder than it was before,
The solemn sorrow left dying,
The purity of heart left abandon,
Hidden behind the Frozen tomorrow that in the end,
Was quivered and wasn't breathing no more,
Past mistake was still bleeding with too much sins to be forgiven,
The dying rose that once before as red as a heart that was still beating slow,
Has fallen down on the earth that has been drain of life,
In the rigid hollow,
The sin that was still bleeding kept on drowning a life that wasn't breathing anymore,
Would the forgiveness ever be there in a time that was only left just,
The judgement of what was done before,
Or just left wittered in the unforgiving heart,
Where regret won't be any use no more,
Along side the rose so black,
It wasn’t alive anymore?

(C) Scarlet Storm 2016

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