Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Equation 185: The Mystery of You

In the night of autumn,
The wind so cold,
Only left a few more hours,
Before the winter strike and hoping for the second to stop,
But somehow,
As those pulse kept on beating each second fades,
But the time it was still ticking away,
As days exchanges from today,
Until a new tomorrow begin,
A heart that was still left behind alone,
in the Frozen night,
Enduring the pain of an endless sorrow,
The mystery from Thou eyes that kept on glittering even though,
Nothing else was breathing anymore,
Provoking a heart,
That was torn apart,
Bleeding even though it was still breathing,
Gasping for air to be held so close,
In Thou arms that only can be given the warmth,
On the remaining hours before a life,
Left unbearable breathing anymore,
The mystery of your existence in a life that long to know,
The answer from the last sweetest smile,
An endless touch,
With words whispered so slow,
Would remain unknown,
The mystery of you,
That was still left folded behind,
The existence of tomorrow
That was there no more...

(C) Scarlet Storm 2016

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