Friday, 17 June 2016

Equation 189 : Persistent Dark Cloud

Hollow heart
Begging for an answer
To a question that it can't define
The glimpse of those eyes,
It was still looking through,
What was uncertain,
Searching for a life that was still unsure,
It’s pulse began to increased,
Even though what was seen ahead,
It was still hidden behind the darkness,
Somehow at the end of time,
Hollow heart
Wittered as it was still,
Searching for the answer for its life,
Prolong it’s life to see,
Perhaps another day to come,
Another night had gone away,
As the sun was rising up once again,
But the persistent of the dark cloud that was still
Shielding it’s heart to move on,
Hollow heart,
Was left broken,
Unsure with what will happen tomorrow,
The time had finally stop ticking,
It’s heart was no longer beating,
Hollow heart,
Gasping for his last breath to breathe,
The questions were left unanswered,
The dawn was perceive,
As another day had fallen,
But still hidden behind the persistent of the dark cloud.

Craig J. Burt / Scarlet B.

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