Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Equation 190 : Twilight

In the Twilight,
As the sun was setting down,
Giving a chance for another life to reappear.
Sooner or later,
As the light that shines throughout the world,
Faded away as night falls.
In a rigid time,
Was it even another way to escape,
The path that was written to convey.
Time kept on ticking away,
Each second had passed,
As it was for another day to be awaken again.
In a dreadful time,
Being left alone only accompanied by a shadow,
How a heart kept on longing to let go.
For another day tomorrow,
Will a life be given another chance to breathe,
Without your existence in a life that should be left alone.

Will there even be a chance for a life,
To be facing another day,
Until another twilight arise once more...

(c) Scarlet Boundaries 2016

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